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Curious about SamCart?

Unveil the secret to increasing online sales with SamCart!

SamCart offers an all-in-one suite of tools to help content creators and e-commerce sellers by creating stunning, high-converting checkout pages and managing digital products and customers with ease.

With SamCart's advanced analytics ability sellers can easily understand their customer's preferences and improve their sales strategy.

Who should use SamCart?

SamCart is the go-to solution for entrepreneurs, online course creators, authors, online coaches, consultants, and small businesses looking to sell their physical products with a small catalog. It's a user-friendly e-commerce platform that simplifies the process of setting up an online store and accepting payments, making it ideal for those with little to no technical experience to maximize their revenue potential.

SamCart Use Cases

  • Online course creators: SamCart makes it easy for course creators to sell their courses, manage student access, and offer different pricing packages.
  • Authors: The platform simplifies the process of selling books and ebooks online, with pre-designed book sales page templates and multiple payment options.
  • Coaches and consultants: SamCart enables coaches and consultants to reach new clients, automate billing, and offer various pricing structures, including subscriptions and payment plans.
  • Physical product sellers: Online businesses selling physical products can benefit from SamCart's pre-designed templates, multiple payment options, and conversion-boosting features.
  • Agencies: SamCart allows agencies to sell their services, manage client billing, and offer different pricing packages.
  • Amazon and Etsy sellers: The platform provides a dedicated space for sellers to showcase their products, accept payments, and manage orders without the fees and restrictions associated with marketplace platforms

SamCart Key Features at a Glance

SamCart Sales Page 

SamCart Sales Page 

This feature utilizes the power of AI and helps online sellers create high-converting sales pages with ease. With access to over 50 templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, this tool enables users to design unique, visually appealing sales pages that efficiently showcase their products and services.

Business owners can optimize their sales process and boost conversions making it a necessary element to run a successful online selling strategy. It also offers a library of over 50 conversion-optimized templates, ensuring that the sales page looks good on any device by adding sales funnels without coding experience.

The drag-and-drop content builder allows users to customize their sales pages according to their unique business selling points resulting in a smooth purchasing experience for customers.

Express Checkout

Express Checkout

It comes with a lightning-fast and smooth checkout experience for e-commerce and online sellers. It enables customers to make quick purchases from the current page.

It eliminates redirects and confusing buying experiences, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates. Whether embedding the checkout within an existing page or linking to a sleek, full-page Express Checkout, this feature ensures a lightweight and efficient process that keeps customers engaged and satisfied.

Embedded Checkout

Embedded Checkout

It helps users with a smooth and effortless buying experience. Users access custom checkout fields directly on any page of the website.

Customers can easily complete their purchase without leaving the site, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales. It's responsive and visually appealing on any device, perfect for businesses looking for customizable mobile checkout templates.

Affiliate Centers

Affiliate Centers

Affiliate Centers is another feature offered by Samcart. It helps the private sales team to promote their own online products. It helps businesses attract affiliates who can support their products, share recommendations with their community, and grow sales rapidly.

It promotes access to high-converting assets including videos, banners, images, and email copy designed to maximize commissions for affiliates. With this affiliate commission plan feature, sellers can create custom commission structures to attract more affiliates and reduce their workloads by reducing errors in calculating manual payouts.

SamCart Integration with Other Platforms

SamCart Integration with Other Platforms

It simplifies operations by linking online stores with multiple email marketing tools. SamCart efficiently integrates with platforms like

Zapier automates tasks and workflows across numerous apps; HubSpot enables automatic customer contact management; offers connectivity for online course creators; and Mailchimp, streamlines email list segmentation.

SamCart also integrates smoothly with popular email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and Drip. These integrations empower users to automate tasks, saving time and enhancing their focus on business growth. It effortlessly connects SamCart with their preferred tools, so users can ensure a seamless customer experience and optimize their workflows.

SamCart Product Demo

SamCart Pricing Plans

PlansPrice per MonthFeatures
Launch$79Checkout Anywhere, One-Click Checkout, Digital Payment Options, No-Code Sales Pages, Pre-Built Templates, 1 Admin User
Grow$159Checkout Automations, One-Click Upsells, Add-Ons and Order Bumps, Subscription Management, Cart Abandonment, 3 Admin Users
Scale$319Access to SamCart's API, Subscription Saver, A/B Testing, Affiliate Center, CRM Integrations, 10 Admin Users

SamCart Alternatives


ThriveCart is a checkout platform that helps businesses sell digital and physical products.


LifeTime$495 (One-Time Payment)


Sellfy is an all-in-one e-commerce platform for creators to sell digital and/or physical products, digital subscriptions, or Print-on-demand merchandise online in a simple way.


PlansPrice per MonthPrice per YearTwo-Year Price


Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses build, launch, and manage their online businesses.


PlansPrice per Month


Is SamCart a Website Builder?

No, SamCart is not a website builder. It's a shopping cart builder that focuses on optimizing the checkout process for online businesses. It lets its users create a one-page funnel that showcases products and guides visitors through the checkout process efficiently.

Is SamCart Courses Legit?

SamCart Courses is indeed a legit platform designed to help content creators sell and market their courses online with ease. It's a go-to option for anyone looking to monetize their knowledge and expertise. 
Its standout features offer the ability to run an affiliate program and allow content creators to utilize the power of affiliates to promote and sell courses online. You can sell and create unlimited courses for unlimited students resulting in increased scalability for those who are looking to grow their businesses online.

How does SamCart Work?

SamCart works to simplify the online sales process for those who are selling digital products. The tool is capable of handling multiple payment options and offers different payment options such as one-time payment, and installment options, created to fulfill customer preferences. With Cross-selling, users can easily create customized bump offers and showcase them during the checkout process by encouraging customers to add more items to their cart resulting in gradually increasing the average order value.

SamCart offers Solutions for?

SamCart is a versatile e-commerce solution designed for various sectors including Health and fitness, Business and Finance, Self-Help and wellness, and Arts and creative industries. It comes with some advanced features, customization options, and detailed analytics helping businesses to grow their business by reaching out to more customers. The primary target audience for SamCart includes course creators, authors, coaches, consultants, agencies, and more. 

About SamCart Founders

The founders of SamCart are Brian Moran and Scott Moran. With their extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, they have played important roles in the development and success of SamCart.

Brian Moran, the CEO of SamCart, is a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert. With over a decade of experience running his own successful online businesses. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to SamCart.

Scott Moran, the COO of SamCart, is a skilled software developer and e-commerce strategist. With a background in technology and a deep understanding of the online shopping experience,

Together, Brian and Scott have utilized their backgrounds and expertise to create SamCart, providing a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for online entrepreneurs looking to convert visitors into customers.

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