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What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is an effective email management software. It uses artificial intelligence to filter down all the unimportant emails into a separate folder and allow users to focus on other important stuff. It allows users to teach the SaneBox system by dragging emails into the appropriate folders to ensure the work is done efficiently.

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Who should use SaneBox?

SaneBox’s potential users who should consider SaneBox for their email management needs include busy professionals who receive bulk messages and engage in daily email communications. Small business owners who are seeking to reduce the time spent sorting out unwanted messages will also find value in this tool. Teams aim to enhance productivity and communicate smoothly within their work environment. Additionally, individuals who use emails to organize tasks and receive regular follow-ups.

SaneBox Key Features at a Glance

  • Intelligent Email Sorting: SaneBox automatically analyzes incoming emails and sort them into different folders and moves them to different folders based on their importance. For example, It moves important messages to your inbox and unwanted messages into the “Spam” folder.
  • Customizable Folders: With SaneBox users can easily create custom folders including SaneNews, SaneCC, and SaneBlackHole, to organize all their emails based on the criteria of each email.
  • Compatibility: SaneBox works with any email providers, clients, or devices making it a go-to solution for various users across the globe.
  • Do Not Disturb: The @SaneDoNotDisturb feature allows its users to pause all incoming emails for a specific time period making it easier for the users to stay focused on more important tasks.
  • Effortless Inbox Cleanup: Clear out all the old emails that are not useful and just take space easily and quickly. This feature allows users to reduce email clutters and improve productivity by letting users clean their inboxes in lesser time as compared to those manual processes that took forever to clean email

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SaneBox Use Cases

  • Inbox Organization and Prioritization: SaneBox's A.I. helps users automatically sort and prioritize their emails. It identifies important emails and moves them to the Inbox, while less important emails are placed in designated folders such as “SaneLater” or “SaneBulk.” This use case ensures users can quickly focus on essential messages without being overwhelmed by clutter.
  • Email Overload Management: Many users struggle with an overflowing inbox and find it challenging to keep up with important messages. SaneBox addresses this by sending daily updates on sorted emails, making it easy to catch up on vital information while not missing anything important.
  • Clearing Out Old Emails: SaneBox allows users to effortlessly clear out old and unimportant emails that have accumulated over the years. By using its filtering capabilities, users can archive or delete emails that are no longer relevant, creating a clean and organized inbox.
  • Customizable Filters for Personalization: With SaneBox's special filters and contact training features, users can customize the email sorting process according to their preferences. They can train SaneBox to recognize specific senders or subjects as important or unimportant, tailoring the email management system to their unique needs.
  • Seamless Cross-Platform Compatibility: SaneBox works with various email providers, including Google, Office365, and iCloud. This use case allows users to maintain a consistent email management experience across different platforms and email accounts, ensuring productivity regardless of the device used.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use SaneBox?

Step 1: Visit Website and Sign Up

Visit the official SaneBox website and click on Sign Up. Add details like email id and password to get started or you can also click on the “Sign Up with Google” option. If you already have an account prefer to “Log In” using your details.

Sanebox Free Trial

Step 2: Allow SaneBox to Access Gmail

Once you are registered with SaneBox, you will receive a notification. Click on “Allow” to give SaneBox access to your Gmail or any other email inbox that you are using

Login Sanebox using Gmail

Step 3: Navigate SaneLater Folder

Go to the SaneLater folder (label) that is created on your SaneBox account. This folder lets you move emails that are less important.

SaneLater Folder

Step 4: Train SaneBox

In order to improve the SaneBox’s email filtering accuracy you will need to train SaneBox by moving emails between inbox and other Sane folders. You can do this by using simple “drag and drop”.

Step 5: Customize SaneBox Settings

You can customize the SaneBox account by clicking on “settings”. Customize your SaneBox by creating additional Sane folders and adjusting filtering preferences.

Step 6: Review SaneBox Digest

SaneBox sends a daily digest by summarizing all the emails stored in SaneLater and other folders. You can review the digest to ensure no important messages are missed.

Step 7: Monitor and Adjust

Monitor SaneBox performance regularly and make adjustments to setting and training as and when needed. SaneBox learns from your actions and results in improving filter accuracy over time.

SaneBox Pricing Plans

PlanPrice per MonthPrice per Year (get 3 months free)Price BiYearly (get 9 months free)Email AccountsFeatures
Lunch$5.99$49$8426 each
SaneBox Pricing

After analyzing each plan, we would recommend you go for the lunch plan as this is budget friendly and provides better options as compared to the snack plan. If you are finding for something in your budget and more features available then you must definitely check out SaneBox’s Lunch Plan.

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SaneBox Coupon

SaneBox offers you can use many using exclusive coupon options available to help users get the best deal while purchasing the subscription. You can avail of these coupons by simply Signing Up with the official SaneBox website, and get these exclusive discounts.

Coupon CodeDiscount Offered
AFF25$25 off on SaneBox subscription
AFF15$15 off on SaneBox subscription
AFF10$10 off on SaneBox subscription

Visit the coupon website and click on “Activate Deal” and get a discount as per the subscription you take.

SaneBox Alternatives

SaneBox: It uses artificial intelligence helping users to manage inboxes efficiently. It is an email management software that focuses on filtering and organizing emails as per their importance.

SpamTitan: This is an email security solution used to protect your emails against spam, phishing, viruses, malware, day-zero attacks, and ransomware. It works well to help users control mail flow and ensure the security of email communication. To know the pricing of SpamTitan you will need to get in touch with the customer support team by using the live chat option available on their pricing page and get a quote.

spamtitan logo


SpamTitan is a cloud-based email security solution that protects businesses from spam, phishing, and malware.

LeanMail: This is a smart email management solution that offers a module for its users called the Inbox480 which is used to separate important emails from spam ones by allowing users to focus on the most important and urgent messages. LeanMail pricing starts from $5 per module per month. The website also offers a 30-day free trial to let you try each module before purchasing.

LeanMail logo


LeanMail is a productivity add-in for Outlook that helps you to organize your email, prioritize your tasks, and work more efficiently.

Mailbutler: This is a detailed email management tool offering various features including email tracking, scheduling, and email templates. It is specially designed to help professionals and team to manage their emails in a better way and improve customer relations.

Mailbutler offers different pricing plans made to serve different users’ needs. The “Tracking Plan” costs $4.95/ user/ month, the “Professional Plan” starts at $8.95/ user/ month, the “Smart Plan” can be availed at the price of $14.95/ user/ month, and the “Business Plan” can be availed at the cost of $32.95/ user/ month. To know the features available with each plan refer to the Mailbuttller’s website.

Mailbutler logo


Mailbutler is an email productivity extension that helps professionals and teams manage their emails better and improve their customer relationship

SaneBox Affiliate Program

SaneBox provides its customers with an affiliate program by the name of “Partner Program”. This program rewards you with a recurring commission of 20% on every sale you make. You will get a unique referral link to share with your network and each time someone clicks on your referral link and become a paying customer after using the 14-day trial. You will receive a commission.

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SaneBox Customer Review

After using and reading the reviews of other users, we find SaneBox as an effective email management solution. Its artificial intelligence-driven system filters and organizes emails making it a go-to solution for busy professionals and small business owners. It integrates well with all email providers and devices making it a number 1 choice among users. Below is a glimpse of the rating that users have made after using this software. In case, you need a more detailed review and see how other people feel using SaneBox. Consider checking out the reviews posted on the official website of Trustpilot.

SaneBox Pricing

SaneBox Customer Support

SaneBox prioritizes its customer support to ensure that users get answered to all their queries as soon as possible. It uses multiple options to serve its customers including –

Email Support that can be used for general inquiries. The Live Chat is available for those who have subscribed to the Lunch plan. Users can use the live chat support between Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM (EST). The Dinner Plan subscribers can schedule a 30-minute call with the customer support agents and get all their queries cleared instantly. Apart from these, SaneBox’s online help center is filled with a bunch of articles and guides that users can refer to troubleshoot various aspects instantly.

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