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Unlock the power of research with SciSpace, your AI-powered copilot for decoding complex papers. Discover related research effortlessly and get real-time answers to your questions. Join the SciSpace community and revolutionize your research workflow today!


Key Features of SciSpace

  • Users can highlight confusing text, math, and tables in research papers to get simple explanations.
  • SciSpace allows users to ask follow-up questions and receive instant answers while reading research papers.
  • SciSpace offers a new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords, making it easier to discover related research.
  • SciSpace provides an AI-powered literature review workspace, allowing users to compare and contrast various papers, identify gaps in the current literature, and base their own studies on a solid evidence foundation.
  • The SciSpace Copilot is a Chrome extension that provides real-time answers to articles, no matter where users read them online.

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SciSpace Use Cases

  • Research Simplification: Quickly understand complex research papers with AI-generated explanations.
  • Literature Discovery: Efficiently find relevant research papers using AI search capabilities.
  • Real-time Assistance: Use the SciSpace Copilot Chrome extension to get instant answers while reading articles online.
  • SciSpace helps users understand complex research papers by providing simple explanations for highlighted text, math, and tables.
  • The platform offers an AI search feature that makes it easier to discover related research without specifying keywords.
  • The SciSpace Copilot Chrome extension provides real-time answers to articles, allowing users to get instant assistance while reading articles online.
  • SciSpace Copilot is not available for use on mobile devices.

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SciSpace Alternatives

  • Consensus: A platform that helps users understand complex research papers by providing AI-generated explanations and summaries.
  • genei beta: An AI-powered research tool that helps users find, read, and annotate research papers more efficiently.
  • Zotero: It is a free, open-source reference management software that helps users collect, organize, cite, and share research sources.

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Write a research paper with your own AI research assistant!
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