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Scribe is a powerful tool that automates the creation of visual step-by-step guides for digital processes, revolutionizing documentation and knowledge sharing. With AI-generated process documents, sensitive data redaction, and seamless sharing options, Scribe is the ultimate solution for boosting team productivity and enhancing onboarding experiences.


What is a Scribe?

Scribe is a user-friendly tool designed for content creators to simplify the process of creating visual step-by-step guides. It offers a smooth blend of screen recording and slide presentation features.

It allows users to capture software workflows and automatically generate documentation process documents. Users can efficiently customize each guide by adding text, editing screenshots, outlining sensitive information, and incorporating it with the company's brand.

Users can share guides with teammates or clients via a link. It can also be embedded into company wikis and knowledge bases, or exported to PDFs.

Scribe Key Features at a Glance

Web & Desktop Process Capture

Web & Desktop Process Capture

Scribe smoothly integrates with both web-based and desktop applications. It lets users easily create document workflows, irrespective of the platforms your business relies on.

Automatic Step Instructions

Automatic Step Instructions

This feature helps in performing the whole process by automatically creating a step-by-step guide. It saves a lot of time and also reduces the tedious task of manual documentation resulting in boosting productivity.

AI-Generated Process Documents

AI-Generated Process Documents

It uses artificial intelligence to create detailed process documents as per the specific needs of a user. It ensures that documentation is not only accurate but also aligns perfectly with the business processes by eliminating the guesswork that can often plague manual documentation.

Multiple Workspaces

It offers multiple workspaces to ensure smooth collaboration and organization of work. It ensures that each team has its own dedicated space for documentation, preventing clutter and confusion.

Smart Embed

It is an easier way to integrate your Scribe guides and pages into knowledge bases, wikis, and other platforms. This facilitates easy access and reference making sure that your valuable documentation is always within reach of team members.

Scribe Integrations

Scribe Integrations

It helps users to efficiently embed Scribes into hundreds of tools such as knowledge bases, wikis, LMS platforms, and more. Some of the featured integrations include 360learning, Airtable, Articulate 360, Bigtincan, ClickUp, Coassemble, Coda, and more. It's easier for teams to save time, stay focused, and help others by automatically generating how-to guides and serving them when needed the most.

Scribe Gallery 

Scribe Gallery 

The Scribe Gallery showcases a multiple collection of step-by-step guides created by the Scribehow community, highlighting the versatility and usefulness of the platform.

The Gallery serves as a testament to the platform's ability to transform any process into a visually appealing and easy-to-follow guide, making it an invaluable resource for individuals and teams looking to improve their documentation and knowledge-sharing capabilities.

It's evident that the Scribehow Gallery feature not only demonstrates the platform's potential but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among its users.

Scribe Product demo

Scribe Use Cases

  • Creating Visual Step-by-Step Guides: Scribe enables content creators to develop engaging step-by-step guides for software tutorials, product demonstrations, or instructional content.
  • Onboarding and Training Materials: It can create detailed onboarding materials for new employees or clients ensuring a smooth transition and reducing hours of time spent on training sessions.
  • Social Media Content: Social media managers use Scribe to create visually appealing informative content for their platforms by enhancing engagement and driving traffic to websites.
  • SEO Documentation: SEO professionals can utilize Scribe to document their processes and strategies ensuring consistency and accuracy boosting their team efforts.
  • Knowledge-based Articles: Content creators can use Scribe to develop detailed knowledge-based articles, combining multiple user guides, training manuals, images, and videos to provide in-depth information on a specific topic or product.

How Scribe Works?

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started with Scribe.

Step 1: Sign Up and Install Browser Extension

Scribe browser extension

Visit the official website of Scribe and download and install the “Scribe browser extension” for your preferred browser. This will help you to capture processes on web applications.

Step 2: Download the Desktop App

Click on “Download the Desktop App” and download the application to start with the capturing process.

Step 3: Start Capturing

Click on the Scribehow browser extension or open the desktop app, and select “Start Capture”. Perform the process you want to document as you normally would and Scribehow will automatically create a step-by-step guide.

Step 4: Customize the Guide

After the whole process is captured you can customize the guide by adding text, editing screenshots, redacting sensitive information, and incorporating your company's branding.

Step 5: Share the Guide

Once you're satisfied with your guide, share it with teammates or clients via a link, embed it in company wikis and knowledge bases, or export it to PDF.

  • Offers free Plan
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up.
  • Offers a lot of integration
  • No desktop app.

Scribe Pricing Subscription

BasicFreeWorks with any web app, Quick customization, Shareable with link, PDF & embed
Pro Personal$23 per SeatEverything from Basic, plus… Works with any web, desktop & mobile app, Branded guides, Edit & redact screenshots, Export to Confluence, HTML & Markdown
Pro Team$12 per Seat
EnterpriseCustomEverything from Pro, plus… Auto-redaction of PII & PHI, Enterprise grade data governance, SSO for provisioning & authentication, Central user and document management, Creator, Viewer and Admin license types

Scribe Alternatives


Tango is a web browser extension that automatically creates how-to guides.


PlansPrice per Month


Trainual is a software platform that helps businesses build playbooks to train and grow their team.


PlansPrice per Month
Small Business$250
Growth Business$600
UnlimitedContact Sales

Process Street

Process Street is a no-code workflow automation platform that helps teams document, track, and automate their processes.


PlansPrice per Month

Is Scribe Worth it?

Absolutely, Scribe is a user-friendly AI-powered documentation tool uses the standard operating procedure to help content creators, business owners, and entrepreneurs create visual step-by-step guides using sceen capture with ease. Its features include web and desktop process capture, automatic step instructions, AI-generated process documents, sensitive data redaction, customization, shareable links, and PDF export, among others.

About the Founders

Scribe was founded by Jennifer Smith, a former McKinsey & Company and Greylock Partners employee, and Aaron Podolny, a former Google engineer. The duo created the platform to help users automatically capture and share their know-how, streamlining documentation processes and enhancing collaboration.

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