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Scrivener is a writing tool for organizing and drafting long creative projects.It uses a “binder” metaphor to let you store your work in separate documents, chapters, or scenes. It also includes a number of features to help you plan, outline, and revise your work.

  • Customizable setup and interfaces
  • Pre-set templates
  • Write offline
  • Includes tutorials
  • Rich stock media library
  • Has a learning curve

Scrivener Key Features

  • Embrace Creative Composition: Scrivener is designed to cater to the creativity of various writing forms. It is a tool that offers a versatile platform for authors of different backgrounds and styles to compose their works, be it novels, essays, screenplays, or research papers.
  • Organized Writing Environment: Scrivener provides an organized writing environment that allows users to break down their writing projects into manageable sections. Users can create folders, documents, and notes, helping them keep track of their ideas, research, and different parts of their work.
  • Freeform Note-Taking with Scapple: Literature & Latte also offers Scapple, a companion tool to Scrivener, which is designed for freeform note-taking. This feature enables writers to brainstorm, plan, and organize their ideas visually before diving into the writing process.
  • Dialogue Focus for Fiction Writing: Scrivener offers specialized features for different aspects of writing, such as Dialogue Focus. This tool assists fiction writers in crafting engaging and realistic dialogue by providing a dedicated focus mode to work on dialogues within the context of their stories.
  • Customizable Themes Including Dark Mode: Scrivener offers a customizable writing environment with themes. Users can choose themes that suit their preferences, and even utilize Dark Mode for a more comfortable writing experience in low-light conditions. This feature is available on both Windows and macOS versions.

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Scrivener Use Cases

  • Novel Writing and Organization: Aspiring novelists can use Scrivener to organize their novel-writing process effectively. With its ability to create folders, documents, and notes, writers can break down their novels into chapters, scenes, and character notes, ensuring a structured approach to storytelling.
  • Academic Research and Writing: Researchers and academics can utilize Scrivener to manage complex research projects. The software allows users to collect and organize research materials, notes, and references within the same project, making it easier to compile comprehensive research papers and theses.
  • Screenplay and Scriptwriting: Screenwriters can take advantage of Scrivener's organization features to outline and write screenplays. The software's folder and document structure is perfect for managing scenes, characters, and plot points, helping screenwriters keep track of the various elements of their script.
  • Non-Fiction Writing and Organization: Authors working on non-fiction books, essays, or articles can benefit from Scrivener's flexibility. They can create sections for different chapters, compile research notes, and even use the freeform note-taking tool Scapple to brainstorm and structure their ideas before diving into the writing process.
  • Collaborative Writing and Editing: Scrivener supports collaborative writing projects by allowing multiple writers to work on the same project simultaneously. Writers can easily share their work with editors or co-authors, and the software's features like comments and annotations make it convenient for collaboration and revisions.

Scrivener Pricing Plans

Scrivener Pricing

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Scrivener Alternatives

  • Final Draft: First Draft is a free screenwriting software that is a stripped-down version of Final Draft, the industry-standard screenwriting software.
  • Pages: Pages is a word processing software that is part of the iWork productivity suite from Apple.
  • WriterDuet: WriterDuet is a cloud-based screenwriting software that is both affordable and powerful.

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