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SEO Writing AI

What is SEO Writing AI?

SEO Writing AI is a flexible tool designed to assist content writers and affiliate marketers in content creation for different online platforms. It creates high-quality SEO content using artificial intelligence, supports writing in 48 languages to help connect with global audiences, and can automatically post content to WordPress sites with AI-generated images. It is not limited to an article or blog post creation, but users can also create detailed product listings, reviews, and how-to guides. It has the ability to optimize content for Search Engines and guides users to use the right keywords to help them improve their search engine rankings.

Key Features at Glance

  • SEO-Optimized Content: SEO Writing AI is an AI-powered writing tool that promotes the one-click generation of SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, and affiliate content. With its built-in SEO Checker, it is easier to do content optimization and improve search engine rankings.
  • Generate Product Listings: With SEO Writing AI, one can easily generate detailed product listings 10X faster by simply adding up the product URLs. It also helps in creating informative and complete listings within a few clicks.
  • Pre-Trained Models: With access to 20+ pre-trained models for creating compelling affiliate content. It effortlessly generates effective titles, descriptions, outlines, pros, and cons, and whatnot.
  • Bulk Article Generation: Use the Bulk Article Generation tool to accelerate your content creation process. Helps generate 1000+ articles in hours to streamline your content marketing efforts.

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Who should use SEO Writing AI?

SEO Writing AI is a tool made for anyone who wants to create online content easily within minutes. If you're a blogger, a business owner, or someone who works with affiliate marketing, this tool can be a big help. It can write articles and blog posts in 48 different languages, and it even adds AI-generates images automatically to your content.

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SEO Writing AI Use Cases

  • Streamline Content Generation Process: SEO Writing AI provides a user-friendly platform for efficiently generating content. With its intuitive interface and AI-powered tools, users can quickly create unique and high-converting articles, blog posts, and affiliate content. This use case is ideal for marketers and business owners who want to streamline their content creation process and save time.
  • Enhance SEO Performance: SEO Writing AI empowers users to create SEO-optimized long-form content, including product roundups, product reviews, and how-to guides. By leveraging AI's capabilities, users can generate high-quality content that is strategically optimized for search engine rankings. This use case is valuable for content creators who aim to improve their website's organic visibility and attract more targeted traffic.
  • Create Comprehensive Product Listings: SEO Writing AI enables users to effortlessly generate detailed and informative product listings. By simply entering the URLs of the products, users can produce complete listings with pros and cons, descriptions, and specifications. This use case is particularly useful for affiliate marketers who want to create compelling and accurate product listings to promote products effectively.
  • Optimize Content for SEO: SEO Writing AI offers a checker tool that assists users in optimizing their content for valuable keywords and improving their search engine rankings. By inputting a brief and specifying keywords, users receive guidance from the AI on optimizing their articles accordingly. This use case benefits content creators and website owners who want to ensure their content is fully optimized for search engines and maximizes their online visibility.
  • Generate Engaging Affiliate Content: SEO Writing AI provides over 20 pre-trained models specifically designed for generating affiliate content. Users can leverage these models to generate attention-grabbing titles, compelling descriptions, informative outlines, and even condensed product specifications. This use case is valuable for affiliate marketers who seek assistance in creating engaging and persuasive content to promote affiliate products effectively.

How to use SEO Writing AI? A Detailed Guide

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help users understand how to use this tool efficiently.

Step 1: Visit the Website

Go to the official SEO Writing AI website and click on “Get Started – It’s Free”.

SEO Writing AI homepage

Step 2: Account Setup

Fill in the necessary details including your “Name”, “Email ID”, and “Password” and hit on the “Sign UP” button. If you already have an account with SEO Writing AI, simply click on Sign In and Log In by adding your “Email ID”, and “Password”, and click on “Sign In” to receive an email on your Gmail account with the confirmation link to activate your account. Log in using your credentials.

SEO Writing AI Sign up page

Step 3: Explore the Dashboard

Take a quick dashboard tour to understand the text editor, suggestions panel, and settings. Also, check out the tools available to help you create “1-Click Blog Post”, “Bulk Article Generation” and more. Choose the desired tool for content creation or optimization.

The tool settings will open up; here, you can quickly add initial data such as the main keyword, language, article size, and tone of voice, and enable Image Generation.

Optionally, turn on NLP keyword generation and choose the directory to save the documents.

SEO Writing AI Dashboard

Step 4: Create and Generate Content

Create your article by entering a title and generating the content.

Click on the “Run” button to initiate the article generation process.

The AI will quickly process the data and generate a structured article with a high SEO rating.

Generate content with SEO Writing AI

Step 5: Publish and Schedule

After the content generation, the AI tool will present the option to publish or schedule your blog posts on your connected website.

Choose an immediate publication or set a specific date and time for scheduled posting.

Leverage the Auto Posting feature for a fully automatic content publishing process, saving time and effort.

Step 6: Review and Optimize

Review the generated content and SEO suggestions provided by the tool.

Implement the suggested changes to optimize your content for better SEO performance.

SEO Writing AI Pricing Plans

SEO Writing AI Pricing Plans

SEO Writing AI offers a range of pricing options keeping in mind the need of both individual bloggers as well as professional content creators. The pricing plans are as follows –

Free Plan: Available for free providing users with amazing options including – unlimited blog post generation, up to 5 article generations, use of 5,000 words per month, WordPress auto-posting, and more.

Pro Plan: This plan is available at $12/ month or you can go for a yearly plan that will cost you $144/ year, offering up to 100,000 words per month, 50 article generations, bulk generation, AI-powered SEO mode, WordPress auto-posting, high-quality AI image generations, and many more.

As per our evaluation after trying each and every plan, we would like to recommend you the free plan. As it provides most features so you can try and know how to use the tool efficiently before you spend any penny for purchasing the Tools Pro Plan. Do not forget to take a free trial before making the purchase

Both the plans support GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, ensuring you get quality content created to increase the SEO Ranking of the website.

Upgrade Plan: The “Upgrade Plan on SEO Writing AI” lets you easily boost your subscription whenever you want, and you can save up to 35% on costs. The process is simple: if you switch from a monthly to an annual plan, your billing cycle will change to start on the day of the upgrade. You'll be charged a prorated amount for the annual plan, which takes into account the days left in your monthly plan. This helps you get better features and save money as your needs grow.

Downgrade Plan: The SEO Writing AI platform doesn't offer a downgrade option. However, you can still cancel your subscription from the Billing section and purchase a monthly plan once your current period ends. Even if you choose to cancel an annual subscription, you'll continue to enjoy all the SEO Writing AI benefits until your subscription ends. It's important to note that the platform keeps your documents for up to 30 days after the subscription period's end.SEO Writing AI Pricing!

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SEO Writing AI Alternatives

SEO Writing AI Vs CopySmith

CopySmith is well known for its collaboration and extensive language support of 60+ languages. It is best suited to fulfill the needs of businesses that acquires help with marketing, whereas, the SEO Writing AI specializes in long-form content production including articles, product round-ups, affiliate review, and a lot more.

The key features of CopySmith include teamwork facilitation, integration with other platforms like Google Docs, 90+ copy commands, plagiarism detection, and a lot more, whereas, SEO Writing AI provides with its unique features including using 20+ trained models for affiliate content, SEO content optimization to help it rank in search results, creating detailed product listings in just a few clicks, and many more.

Pricing: CopySmith pricing starts from $19/ month for Starter Plan, $49/ month for Pro Plan, and get the Enterprise plan by scheduling a demo, and get a customized plan that suits your needs.

SEO Writing AI Vs is an AI-generated content automation tool that anchorages advanced machine learning algorithms to create unique and high-quality content. Its main focus is on streamlining the content creation process for bloggers, marketers, and SEO professionals, whereas, SEO Writing AI aims to generate original, high-quality content in just a few clicks. It is designed to create detailed product listings 10 times faster and optimize all the content to help the website rank higher in search results. works well for creating blog posts, product descriptions, and other forms of content easily, whereas, SEO Writing AI is ideal for creating long-form content including product roundups, reviews, how-to guides, etc.

At, it uses progressive language models to generate human-like content, whereas, the SEO Writing AI uses the checker to rank content for the most valuable keywords available in the search results.

Pricing: offer different pricing models to suit the needs of different users. It includes a Prepaid Plan starting at $1/ 1000 words, Starter Plan for $19/ month, Premium Plan for $59/ month, and Premium+ Plan for $99/ month.

Well, both and SEO Writing AI offer AI-driven content automation, but they are working to fulfill the different needs of the users. focuses on a streamlined content creation process with various guides and templates, while SEO Writing AI points out the speed and SEO optimization, particularly for long-form blog content and affiliate marketing.

SEO Writing AI Vs Jasper

Jasper has unique language processing capabilities and uses the ChatGPT-3 architecture powered by OpenAI. It can produce more logical and accurate text, making it suitable for various applications such as content creation, and customer support, and understands different formats, tones, and languages, whereas, SEO Writing AI focuses on SEO-friendly content and content marketing for creating Search Engine Optimized Content.

Jasper requires cask information and a knowledge base for generating high-quality content. Its user-friendly interface helps in seamless interactions, and multilingual support helps in adapting the writing styles, assisting with creative content creation, answering queries, and providing contextual information.

Jasper offers flexible pricing plans to meet different users’ needs. The “Business Plan” provides personalized AI features with additional control, security, and tech support. The “Teams Plan” (starting at $99/month) enables content creation for multiple brands with collaboration features. The “Creator Plan” (starting at $39/month) empowers individuals to improve content across various platforms. All plans come with a 7-day free trial, and users can save 20% with yearly billing. No contracts are required, and users can cancel anytime.

SEO Writing AI Affiliate Program

SEO Writing AI offers Affiliate Program where individuals can register themselves with the affiliate program and earn up to 30% lifetime commission on becoming an affiliate. The program is designed to provide exciting lifetime rewards to those who promote the official SEO Writing AI services and provide a continuous income stream for affiliates on each successful referral they make to new customers.

SEO Writing AI Affiliate Program

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SEO Writing AI Customer Support

SEO Writing AI offers various options for customer support systems to help users with their content creation journey. You can send your queries to their official email – [email protected]. Users can reach out for help or get any queries solved. Additionally, the platform also provides a live chat option, ensuring immediate assistance for any problem you are facing.

  • Easy to use
  • Can create content in bulk for products
  • High Quality results
  • Lacks human touch

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