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Shiken is an all-in-one learning app that combines AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design to create a personalized and engaging learning experience for users. The platform offers a wide range of features, including gamified learning, mindfulness techniques, goal-setting, note-taking, and a learning marketplace with expert-verified question sets, exams, and courses. Designed for creators, tutors, teachers, schools, and businesses, Shiken is committed to making learning fun and engaging, whether you’re playing solo or with friends, live or at your own pace, with progress saved to the cloud.



  • Shiken is an all-in-one learning app that uses AI to help users learn 2x faster and achieve higher grades in a shorter amount of time.
  • The platform offers live quizzes, courses, flashcards, and multiplayer challenges to create an engaging learning environment.
  • Shiken includes mindfulness exercises to help learners stay focused and calm during their study sessions.
  • Users can create smart notes, access over 40,000 questions, and utilize various study tools to enhance their learning experience.
  • Shiken allows users to set their own learning goals and tracks their progress, offering personalized support.

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Shiken Pricing Plans

  • Shiken offers a variety of pricing plans based on the user. Shiken offers pricing plans for learners, for schools, for creators and for workplaces. Users can check out the details of these plans by visiting the official website.

Shiken Alternatives

  • Digiexam: A secure and reliable exam platform that streamlines the entire exam workflow, ensuring academic integrity and providing an easy-to-use interface for both on-campus and remote assessments.
  • Test Invite: An online examination software that enables users to create, schedule, and manage customizable exams, offering a variety of question types and advanced settings for a tailored assessment experience.
  • QuestBase: A web-based, cross-platform application that allows trainers and instructors to create and manage assessments, tests, quizzes, and exams, with a focus on quality questions and immediate results.

Final Verdict

Shiken is a comprehensive learning app that combines AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design to create an engaging and effective learning experience. With its personalized learning paths, extensive features, and competitive pricing, Shiken is an excellent choice for learners and educators looking to enhance their learning experiences.

9.5Expert Score
Shiken Review: Reshaping Learning with AI-Powered Personalization
By combining AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness, and game design, Shiken aims to help learners retain information for longer and improve engagement. The platform offers a wide range of features
User Experience
Price Affordability
Ease of Use
Features and Functionality
  • Personalized learning experience.
  • Gamified learning.
  • Wide range of features.
  • Limited information on effectiveness.

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