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Boost your productivity and writing efficiency with – the AI-powered writing assistant that takes your content creation to new heights! With its advanced language models and intuitive interface, helps you generate high-quality, concise writing in a fraction of the time.

Shortly AI

What is Shortly AI?

ShortlyAI is an advanced AI-powered writing tool that eliminates writer's block and enhances your writing abilities. With a simple click, our AI becomes your writing partner, seamlessly continuing your writing, helping you express your thoughts on paper, and more.

Say goodbye to the frustrating blinking cursor. Just click the button, and your AI partner will take over, continuing to write in your own voice.

No matter if you're working on a best-selling novel or a blog post, ShortlyAI's state-of-the-art AI technology helps you transform your thoughts into well-written paragraphs. It serves as your creative brainstorming partner, assisting you in expanding and developing your ideas.

Enjoy a clean, distraction-free interface that allows you to focus solely on your writing. No clutter, just a blank canvas to unleash your creativity.

Refine your writing with powerful commands. Use /commands to instantly rewrite, shorten, and expand your sentences, enabling you to create perfect compositions effortlessly.

Join the community of media companies that have embraced ShortlyAI and experience the magic for yourself. Sign up now for a free trial and discover the unlimited potential of your writing.

Try ShortlyAI for free and witness the transformation in your writing.

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Shortly AI Use Cases

  • Overcome Writer's Block: Shortly AI can help writers overcome writer's block by serving as an AI writing partner. By simply clicking a button, the AI can continue writing for the user, helping them get their thoughts on paper and providing inspiration to move forward with their writing projects.
  • Effortless Email Writing: With Shortly AI, users can effortlessly write emails without struggling with a blank screen. By clicking the button, the AI partner will continue writing in the user's own voice, ensuring that emails are composed smoothly and efficiently.
  • Transform Thoughts into Polished Prose: Whether it's writing a novel or a blog post, Shortly AI empowers users to transform their thoughts into well-written paragraphs. The advanced AI technology assists in turning ideas into fully-fleshed prose, providing assistance in the writing process and enhancing the overall quality of the written content.
  • Creative Brainstorming and Idea Expansion: Shortly AI serves as a reliable partner for creative brainstorming and expanding thoughts. Users can rely on AI to assist in generating new ideas, developing existing thoughts, and expanding on concepts. This feature enables users to tap into the AI's capabilities and enhance their creative output
  • Enhanced Writing Refinement with Commands: With Shortly AI's powerful commands feature, users can refine their writing instantly. By using commands, such as rewriting, shortening, or expanding sentences, users can perfect their sentences and achieve their desired writing style effortlessly. The commands feature helps users create polished and well-crafted sentences tailored to their specific needs.

Shortly AI Pricing Plans

Shortly AI Pricing Plans

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Shortly AI Alternatives

  • QuillBot: QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write better, faster, and smarter.
  • Textcortex: TextCortex is an AI copywriting tool that helps you create fast, effective, and engaging content for your business.
  • is an AI writing assistant that can help you write better marketing copy that resonates with your target audience.
  • Simple interface
  • Can create multiple forms of content
  • Offers Unlimited words
  • Human-like quality of writing
  • The content produced needs to be fact-checked
  • Can be expensive for some users

Shortly AI Details

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  • Create as much content as you want!
  • $65/month
  • Create content quickly and easily
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