Simple Phones

Simple Phones

  • Customize the AI voice as per your need
  • Enhance your website with interactive FAQs
  • Manage appointments and reminders using AI
Try Simple Phones
Try Simple Phones

Simple Phones is an innovative AI-powered communication solution that ensures no customer call is missed. With customizable AI voice agents, it handles inbound and outbound calls, offers transparent call logging, and provides seamless language-adaptive support for diverse businesses, enhancing customer engagement.

  • Wide variety of languages and accents
  • Transparent record of all calls
  • Affordable and customizable
  • Offers a Free Trial
  • Has a bit of a learning curve
Simple Phones

Simple Phones Key Features

  • Inbound Calls with AI Voice Agent: Incoming calls are answered by a customizable AI voice agent that can be fine-tuned over time. The agent's performance improves with ongoing tweaks, ensuring efficient handling of various customer scenarios.
  • Outbound Calling for Sales and Engagement: Utilize outbound calling to engage with customers, follow up on leads, and conduct sales activities. Your AI agent can serve as a capable salesperson, enhancing customer interactions.
  • Call Logging and Transcripts: Maintain a transparent record of all calls, including caller details, call duration, and transcripts. Additionally, a chat screen in your dashboard allows testing of the AI agent without actual calls.
  • Call Routing and Escalation: Calls can be intelligently routed or escalated to different numbers. Team members can be alerted via texts, emails, or webhooks, ensuring prompt attention to specific customer requirements.
  • Highly Customizable AI Agent: Customize your AI agent to suit your specific use case, whether it involves booking appointments, answering FAQs, or performing complex calculations. Impress customers with tailored interactions.

Simple Phones Use Cases

  • Efficient Customer Support: Use Simple Phones to ensure that no customer call goes unanswered. Forward missed calls to the AI agent, which can handle common queries, provide information, and assist customers, thereby enhancing overall customer support.
  • Sales and Lead Follow-up: Leverage outbound calling with the AI agent as your virtual salesperson. Follow up with leads, stay connected with existing customers, and even make cold calls to potential clients, helping to boost sales and nurture relationships.
  • Appointment Booking and Reminders: Customize your AI agent to handle appointment booking and reminders. Whether for medical practices, service providers, or consultants, customers can schedule appointments and receive timely reminders through the AI agent.
  • Interactive FAQ System: Enhance your website or app with an interactive FAQ system powered by Simple Phones. Your AI agent can answer questions about your content, products, or services, providing instant assistance to visitors and users.
  • Language and Accent-Adaptive Support: Reach a diverse customer base by utilizing the AI agent's ability to communicate in various languages and accents. This ensures effective communication and support for customers from different regions.

Simple Phones Pricing Plans

Simple Phones Pricing Plans

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Simple Phones Alternatives

  • Hellocall: Hellocall is an AI-powered callbot that helps businesses automate customer service and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Agent4: Agent4 is an AI-powered virtual agent that can answer questions, book meetings, listen to voicemails, and more.
  • Elto: Elto is a highly authentic, low-latency live voice AI that can make phone calls up to 1 hour long and execute follow-up tasks.

Simple Phones Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Elevate your customer service experience
  • $49
  • Enhance the consumer experience using AI
Try Simple Phones
Try Simple Phones
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