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What is SlidesAI?

SlidesAI is an AI-powered tool that helps transform text into stunning presentations. The purpose is to provide users with a platform that converts texts into visually attractive slideshows. The primary goal is to rationalize and automate the whole process of creating slides and letting users concentrate more on the timely delivery of presentations.

In this research-backed SlidesAI review, we will be discussing in brief about important stuffs including its features, use cases, pricing, and more. Read till the end to get in-depth information on using SlidesAI for creating beautiful presentations in minutes.

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Slides AI Key Features

  • AI-Generated Layouts and Designs: SlidesAI utilizes the capability of advanced algorithms and machine learning. It provides users with a platform to create engaging presentations. Create eye-pleasing and well-optimized content layouts and designs. It enhances the readability by working on the visual aspect of each content. Enter texts smoothly and convert efficiently into creative visuals ensuring every slide meets the goal to provide easy-to-digest content in the form of slides.
  • Customization: SlidesAI offers multiple customization options for users so they can explore a large collection of templates and themes. Adjust the fonts and colors by adding a personal touch on each slide ensuring smooth integration of multimedia elements including images, videos, and audio infused in each slide.
SlidesAI Customization
  • Integrate with Google Slides: SlidesAI offers a consistent way to integrate well with Google Slides. It is available within the Google Workspace Marketplace as the SlidesAI takes the benefit of smoothly linking and enhancing the user experience.
SlidesAI Integrations
  • Multilingual Support: SlidesAI is serving its users with robust multilingual support improving proficiency in all major languages. It is available to be consumed and accessed by users across the globe.
Mutilingual Support by SlidesAI

SlidesAI Product Demo

Who should use SlidesAI?

SlidesAI is serving a variety of users right from the business professional who need to craft a professionally appealing proposal to individuals who are looking to enhance their presentations for different uses. It is a great tool to help journalists transform their articles into engaging content and educators and students by providing them with more enhanced educational experiences with more engaging ways to enhance their educational experiences with the use of visually attractive slides. The tool is providing with a more visually stunning presentation saving a lot of time and the ability to convey ideas effectively.

SlidesAI Use Cases

Here are some ways to use SlidesAI

  • Effortless Presentations: Create professional and engaging presentation slides effortlessly by letting AI transform your text content into visually appealing slides.
  • Time-Saving Solution: Save hours of manual slide creation with SlidesAI's AI-powered technology that instantly generates structured presentations from your input.
  • Adaptable Usage: Whether you're a student, educator, or business professional, SlidesAI offers plans suited to various needs, ensuring efficient and customized presentation creation.

A Quick Guide on How to Use SlidesAI

Step 1: Visit the Website and Install the Add-on

Visit the official website of SlidesAI and click on the “Install SlidesAI” button. After successful installation, you will be redirected to the Google Wordspace Marketplace. Click on the “Install” button and SlidesAI Add-on will be added.

Install SlidesAI on Google Workspace

Step 2: Create a New Presentation

After installing SlidesAI add-on visit the Google Slides and start “New Presentation”. You can also open existing presentations if you need editing. Use “Slides.ew” to create a blank presentation quickly.

Create new presentaion with Slides AI

After installing the SlidesAI add-on, visit Google Slides and start a new presentation. You can also open an existing presentation if you prefer. You can use to create a blank presentation quickly.

Step 3: Open the SlidesAI Add-on

To open the SlidesAI add-on, click on the “Extensions” drop-down menu and select “” and click “Generate Slides”.

SlidesAI Extension

Step 4: Generate Slides

Once done consider generating slides by entering your text into the SlidesAI interface. Remember to add longer text as the more information you provide, the better the results will be as SlidesAI summarizes long pieces of text to create an outline of the presentation.

Generate slides with SlidesAI

Step 5: Choose a Theme

SlidesAI offers a variety of themes to choose from. You can also add your own brand colors via the “Custom” tab.

Choose theme in SlidesAI

Step 6: Check Your Account

You can find your current usage and other important links from the “Your Account” tab in the SlidesAI interface.

SlidesAI Free Trial

Step 7: Edit and Export the Presentation

After SlidesAI generates the entire presentation, simply close the pop-up and begin working on your presentation in Google Slides. Feel free to edit the slides as you see fit, including the text, images, and layout. Once done click on “Export” and your Google Slides presentation will be exported to PowerPoint by clicking on “Download”“Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppx).

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SlidesAI Pricing Plans

SlidesAI has three different plans created to fulfill the needs of different users. The pricing plan includes –

BasicFree3 Presentations per Month
2500 Characters Input per Presentation
Pro$10/ month
or $100/ year
(Get 2 months free on Yearly Billing)
10 Presentations per Month
6000 Characters Input per Presentation
Document Upload (Coming Soon)
Premium$20/ month
$190/ year
(Get 2 months free on Yearly Billing)
Unlimited presentations
12000 Characters Input per Presentation
Document Upload (Coming Soon)

Refund: SlidesAI comes with a refund policy and you can ask for a refund if the usage does not exit more than 5 presentations.

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SlidesAI Alternatives

  • Powerpresent AI: Powerpresent AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool to create presentations. It helps in creating amazing visual presentations by simply taking input such as topic or text and the rest of the thing will be taken care of by the AI. It generates slides using designs, audio, and video wherever in slide is necessary. Powerpresent supports two pricing models including –  the pay-as-you-go model where users will pay only for the service they take for just $1 per credit. The “Credit” pack costs you $10 per 15 credits you purchase.
  • is an AI-based presentation tool to build clean, modern, and professional slides without prior experience. It offers various features including audio recording, comments, and more. This tool can integrate easily with any platform including Dropbox and Slack.
PlansPrice per Month
Team$40 per user
EnterpriseContact Sales
  • Canva: Canva offers numerous features including presentation design. It has premium features like background remover, access to premium videos, content, instant animations, and a lot more. Another important feature of Canva lets you record yourself while presenting slides with or without video.
PlansPrice per Month
Canva FreeNo Cost
Canva Pro$14.99 per User
Canva for Teams$29.99 for up to 5 users

SlidesAI Affiliate Program

SlidesAI’s affiliate program is providing its users with a way to earn a commission of up to 25% on your first payment for each paying customers join using your referral link for SlideAI. It is a great way to have a source of side income just by referring.

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SlidesAI Customer Support

SlidesAI is providing customer support service via email and live chat. If you have any queries or need assistance then you can send a message via the live chat button located at the bottom right corner of the website or you can also email them and get an instant response to all your queries.

Final Verdict

The above SlidesAI review is for all those people looking for a way to convert text to presentation using AI-driven technology. SlidesAI proves itself to be one of the best ways to create visually captivating presentations filled with advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to transform the experience of each user from different domains. Right from the students and educators to business professionals covering the needs of broad audiences. Enhance your experience by using seamless integration with Google Slides, multilingual support, and the ability to do data analysis. This detailed review is to help users gain the commitment to efficient, visually appealing presentations. and a user-friendly interface making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to craft a more impactful presentation by minimizing time and effort.

  • Easy to use
  • Offers text to presentation
  • Saves time
  • Makes engaging presentations
  • Only offers integration with Google Slides

SlidesAI Details

AI Features
  • Create Presentations with ease
  • $10/month
  • Generate professional, engaging presentations in minutes
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