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StarByFace is an innovative app that lets you discover your celebrity resemblance by uploading a photo, accurately detecting facial features, and comparing them with a database of famous faces. Unleash the excitement of finding your celebrity twin with StarByFace’s user-friendly interface, privacy protection, and stunning resemblance results.

  • Fun to use
  • Quick Results
  • Can be a great pary game
  • Results may vary depending on the surroundings


  • Celebrity Look-Alike Application: StarByFace is the ultimate app to unveil your celebrity twin! Upload your photo and discover your resemblance to popular icons in a snap!
  • Accurate Face Detection: The app's advanced technology precisely detects faces in your uploaded photos and creates a detailed facial pattern, capturing every key component like eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Celebrity Face Comparison: Powered by a cutting-edge neural network, StarByFace compares your photo with a vast celebrity database and reveals the most striking resemblances. Get ready to be amazed by the stars you resemble!
  • User-Friendly Experience: Available on Google Play and the App Store, StarByFace ensures that everyone can join the fun! The app offers a simple and intuitive process, allowing you to effortlessly upload your photo and receive instant results.
  • Privacy and Security: StarByFace values your privacy and keeps your information secure. Rest assured that your uploaded photos are not stored or retained after recognition. Your personal data is safe, giving you a worry-free experience.

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StarByFace Use Cases

  • Celebrity Look-Alike Fun: Use StarByFace to upload your photo and discover which celebrities you resemble the most. Share the results with friends and have a blast comparing your famous doppelgangers!
  • Cosplay and Costume Inspiration: Planning a cosplay or costume party? Let StarByFace help you find a celebrity look-alike that suits your desired character. Get inspired by similar faces and create a stunning and accurate costume!
  • Social Media Excitement: Add a twist to your social media posts by using StarByFace. Upload your photo, reveal your celebrity resemblance, and share the results with your followers. Spark conversations and surprise your friends with your famous twin!
  • Personalized Gifts: Looking for a unique and personalized gift? With StarByFace, you can upload a photo of your loved one and find out which celebrities they resemble. Create a customized gift that showcases their celebrity doppelganger, adding a special touch to their celebrations!
  • Interactive Trivia and Games: Organize a trivia night or a guessing game with StarByFace as the star attraction. Have participants upload their photos, and challenge them to guess the celebrity matches. It's a fun and engaging activity that will keep everyone entertained!

StarByFace Alternatives

  • is a website that helps people find their facial doppelgangers from anywhere in the world.
  • Ilooklikeyou: ilooklikeyou is an online platform that uses advanced facial recognition technology to find your celebrity look-alikes based on uploaded photos.

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