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  • Automatically removes people from your travel photos
  • Erase the Chaos, Keep the Beauty

Key Insights

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Best Suitable IndustryPhotography
Starting Price$0.99
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Video editing
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Crowd removal
4K resolution
Offline functionality
Subject selection 

Stillgram Overview 


Stillgram is an AI-powered camera app for iPhone that removes unwanted background crowds from photos, allowing users to capture stunning travel and urban shots. It utilizes advanced neural networks optimized for the iPhone's Neural Engine chip to analyze patterns across multiple images and intelligently erase people while preserving the desired subjects. 

This innovative app leverages cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning technologies to provide a seamless, offline experience for creating crowd-free photos with just a tap.

Key Features

  • Crowded Background Removal: With the assistance of AI-powered algorithms, Stillgram automatically removes crowded backgrounds from your photos, allowing you to capture stunning, unobstructed shots of famous landmarks, city streets, and more.
  • Subject Selection: You can tap on specific people or objects you want to keep in the frame, and the AI will intelligently remove everything else, giving you precise control over the final image.
  • Live Stillgrams: Stillgram lets you create “Live Stillgrams,” which are short videos that start with a few seconds of a crowded scene and then magically transition into a photo with no one in it, except for your desired subjects.
  • Offline Functionality: Stillgram works entirely offline, with the AI models running directly on your iPhone's Neural Engine, eliminating the need for an internet connection or racking up data charges while traveling abroad.
  • Ultra-Fast Performance: Optimized for the iPhone's Neural Engine, Stillgram can process your photos almost instantly, allowing you to capture spontaneous moments without missing the action.
  • Selfie Mode: Stillgram's Selfie Mode lets you capture and share stunning selfies with the crowds removed, ensuring that you and your closest friends are the stars of the show.

Pricing Plans

Stillgram Free– Basic crowd removal
Stillgram PRO$9.99/year or $0.99/month– Advanced crowd removal
– Subject selection to keep desired people/objects
– Live Stillgrams (short videos)
– Selfie mode
– Support development

Some Pro Tips for Better Stillgrams

Through trial and error, I picked up a few useful tips for getting the most out of Stillgram:

Avoid Static Crowds: As the app mentions, Stillgram's AI needs a glimpse of what's behind people to remove them properly. So shots of extremely dense, unmoving crowds can be tricky. I had the best luck at popular spots by waiting for natural lulls in pedestrian traffic.
Get in Close for Complex Scenes: For intricately detailed areas like markets or plazas with lots of different objects, I found it helpful to get in close and take a few overlapping shots that I could stitch together later using another app.
Use Subject Selection for Consistency: When taking a series of photos, like a 360 panorama, use the subject selection tool to keep the same people/objects in each frame. This prevents any weird inconsistencies when stitching them together.
Embrace the Flaws: While Stillgram is highly advanced, it's not perfect. Expect some minor artifacts or glitches here and there, but those can actually add to the surreal, artistic vibe of your shots in a cool way.


1. TouchRetouch


TouchRetouch is a powerful object removal app that allows users to easily remove unwanted objects, lines, and blemishes from their photos. It offers a user-friendly interface and various tools, such as the Lasso tool and Clone Stamp, for precise object removal.

2. Snapseed


Snapseed is a comprehensive photo editing app that includes a Healing tool for removing unwanted objects from images. It offers a wide range of filters and advanced editing tools, making it a versatile choice for both object removal and overall photo enhancement.

3. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix is a mobile app that brings the power of Photoshop's healing and retouching capabilities to smartphones. It allows users to remove unwanted elements from their photos using the Clone Stamp and Spot Healing tools, while also offering a variety of creative editing options.

FeatureStillgramTouchRetouchSnapseedAdobe Photoshop Fix
Object Removal
Crowd Removal
Selfie Mode
Live Stillgrams
Comprehensive Editing Tools
Clone Stamp Tool
Healing Tool

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic Crowd Removal: Stillgram uses advanced AI algorithms to intelligently remove background crowds and unwanted objects from your travel and urban photos, allowing you to capture stunning, unobstructed shots of famous landmarks and city streets.
  • Offline Functionality: All the AI processing happens directly on your iPhone using the Neural Engine chip, so Stillgram works entirely offline without requiring an internet connection or using up mobile data.
  • Fast Performance: Optimized for the iPhone's hardware, Stillgram can process and deliver your edited photos almost instantly after you tap the shutter button, letting you capture fleeting moments without delay.


  • Limited Device Compatibility: Stillgram is currently only available for iPhone, so users of Android devices or other smartphone platforms cannot use the app.
  • Minor Artifacts: Due to the complexity of removing crowds using AI, the edited photos from Stillgram may occasionally contain some minor visual glitches or artifacts, especially in complex scenes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was utterly impressed with what Stillgram was able to accomplish in such a compact, offline mobile app. Its AI-based crowd removal and image processing capabilities felt like a glimpse into the future of computational photography. The ability to effortlessly de-crowd and de-clutter images opens up so many new creative possibilities.

While the app isn't perfect and has some minor hiccups here and there, it's hands-down the best crowd-removal solution I've ever used. For now, though, Stillgram has easily earned a permanent spot on my iPhone's home screen as my go-to camera app for travel photography. If you want to take your mobile photos and videos to a whole new level, you absolutely need to download Stillgram.

Stillgram Details

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  • Capture the Moment, Erase the Crowd
  • $9.99/year
  • Create Clarity in Chaos!
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