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Streamline stock market research.

StockGPT is your AI-powered financial research assistant, providing comprehensive insights from earnings call transcripts of all S&P 500 companies. Revolutionize your investment strategy with StockGPT’s advanced AI algorithms and user-friendly interface. Stay ahead of the curve and make data-driven decisions with StockGPT’s powerful search capabilities and real-time updates.


Key Features of StockGPT

  • Comprehensive coverage of earnings call transcripts from all S&P 500 companies
  • AI-powered search and analysis capabilities
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation
  • Real-time updates and notifications on earnings calls
  • Customizable search filters and preferences
  • Secure and privacy-focused platform

StockGPT Use Cases

  • Earnings Analysis
    Quickly access and analyze earnings call transcripts from S&P 500 companies for informed decision-making.
  • Trend Identification
    Efficiently identify trends and patterns in earnings calls to gain valuable insights into company performance.
  • Customized Research
    Leverage customizable search filters and preferences to find specific information tailored to your investment needs.

StockGPT Pricing Plans

StockGPT offers two pricing plans.

  • Free Plan: The Free plan offered by StockGPT provides users with features like Transcripts for all SP500 companies, and 5 searches per day.
  • StockGPT Pro: The Stock Pro Plan comes for $12/month. This plan offers features like Unlimited searches, Transcripts for all SP500 companies, Advanced search: filter by industry, size, and more.

StockGPT Alternatives

  • ChatGPT: An AI-powered chatbot for generating engaging social media posts, powered by a fully automated AI-based algorithmic stock market ranking and prediction tool.
  • Google Bard: A ChatGPT alternative by Google that scrapes the internet every day via Google search for answers, providing more current data and real-time responses.
  • Jasper: Another ChatGPT alternative, offering AI-powered assistance for various tasks, including making money.

To Summarize

StockGPT is a powerful AI-driven search tool that provides users with valuable insights from earnings call transcripts of all S&P 500 companies. With its comprehensive coverage, advanced AI algorithms, and user-friendly interface, StockGPT is revolutionizing the way investors, analysts, and financial professionals access and utilize earnings call information.

The platform offers various use cases, such as earnings analysis, trend identification, and customized research, making it an invaluable resource for informed decision-making in the financial world. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting your journey in the financial markets, StockGPT is the go-to platform for staying ahead of the curve and making data-driven decisions.

7.9Expert Score
StockGPT Review: Unleashing the Power of AI in Financial Analysis with StockGPT
StockGPT is a specialized AI-driven search tool tailored for investors and financial analysts, focusing on providing valuable insights from earnings call transcripts of Tesla, dating back to Q2 2011. This innovative platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze and process vast amounts of data, enabling users to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the market.
User Experience
Ease of Use
Pricing Affordability
  • AI-Powered Search.
  • Comprehensive Coverage.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • The tool is still in experimental stage.
  • StockGPT has limited scope.

StockGPT Details

AI Technology
Use Cases
AI Features

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