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Submagic is an AI-powered tool that generates captivating captions, dynamic emojis, and highlighted keywords for your short-form content. Loved by over 30,000 content creators, it’s perfect for boosting engagement on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. Save time, enhance accessibility, and increase viewer engagement with Submagic’s innovative features.


Key Features of Submagic

  • Submagic uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to transcribe audio into written text in 48 languages, enhancing accessibility for a diverse audience.
  • The tool offers a variety of trendy templates to elevate your content and captivate your audience.
  • Submagic automatically adds emojis and highlights keywords in the captions, emphasizing key points and enhancing engagement.
  • The AI generates captivating descriptions and hashtags for your content, boosting reach and engagement.
  • Submagic is designed to be user-friendly, allowing content creators to generate dynamic captions quickly and effortlessly.

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Submagic Use Cases

  • Social Boost: Enhance social media videos with AI-generated captions, emojis, and hashtags for increased engagement.
  • Accessibility Upgrade: Improve video accessibility by adding accurate captions in multiple languages.
  • Content Enhancement: Elevate your video content with trendy templates and intelligently highlighted keywords.
  • Submagic significantly reduces the video editing process, allowing content creators to focus on creating content.
  • The tool generates high-quality subtitles that enhance the viewer's experience, making every word count.
  • Submagic's user-friendly interface ensures that even non-tech-savvy users can navigate and use the tool with ease.
  • Some users have reported that Submagic can be slow to process images and may not be as customizable as other AI-powered social media tools.

Submagic Pricing Plans

Name of the PlanMonthly Price Annual Price (per month) Features
Basic$20$16Credits: 20 videos/month

Upload: 200MB/video

Download speed: Normal

Video length: 90s max
Pro$50$40Credits: Unlimited videos

Upload: 400MB/video

Download speed: Fast

Video length: 180s max

AI-Powered auto description
with hashtags

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Submagic Alternatives

  • Steamlabs Podcast Editor: A video editing and transcription tool that allows users to edit videos by editing the transcribed text.
  • MarketAI: A platform that uses AI to generate marketing content, including video captions, social media posts, and blog articles.
  • Aegisub: Aegisub stands as a cutting-edge subtitle editor designed for both Windows and UNIX-like systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD. This software is open source, making it freely accessible for all purposes.

Submagic Details

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  • Elevate your content with Submagic's AI-Powered captions and emojis!
  • $16/month
  • Stay ahead of the curve with Submagic
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4.9 out of 5

(loved by + 200,000 content creators)

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