• Transform YouTube videos into short summaries
  • Get to the heart of any YouTube video with
  • Understand anything with ease
Summarize as many videos as you want with! is an engaging AI-powered platform that generates concise summaries of long YouTube videos, helping users save time and focus on essential information with the power of ChatGPT.


  • Powered by ChatGPT, it provides accurate and time-saving video summaries.
  • Offers a free version with daily rate limits and a premium version for $10/month with no daily limits and up to 200 summaries per month
  • Users can simply input the URL of a YouTube video to generate a summary.
  • Examples of content that can be summarized include State of the Union addresses, school board meetings, and tech talks.
  • The platform has received positive reviews for its accuracy and efficiency
  • Generous free plan.
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't require login to use in free plan
  • Saves time
  • UX could be better

Possible Use Cases of

  • Students efficiently reviewing key points from lengthy lectures.
  • Professionals extracting insights from webinars and tech talks.
  • Citizens staying informed about local government meetings. Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

Use for free! No sign up required Alternatives

  • Eightify: This tool creates AI-generated summaries of YouTube videos, focusing on eight key ideas to help users decide if the video is worth watching.
  • Snipd: Snipd uses AI to generate summaries and capture information from audio content, making it useful for summarizing podcasts, interviews, and other audio-based content.
  • Genei: Although primarily an AI text summarizer, Genei can also be used to summarize video content by first converting the video's audio to text and then generating a summary. Details

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  • Save time, read more!
  • $10/month
  • Summarize youtube videos in seconds


Summarize as many videos as you want with!
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