• Transform your social media game with Syllaby
  • Generate scripts for videos using AI!
  • Strategize and execute your social media calender with Syllaby
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Take control of your video marketing with Syllaby

Engage your audience and restructure your social media strategy with Syllaby, the AI-powered platform that generates captivating video scripts and brings them to life with Digital Twin Avatars. Save time, stay consistent, and reach a global audience with Syllaby’s inventive content creation tools. Transform your online presence today!


Key Features of Syllaby

  • Syllaby's AI-powered tool generates video scripts tailored to your industry, helping you create engaging content for your target audience.
  • These AI-powered avatars deliver captivating video narratives, making your content stand out and engaging your audience effortlessly.
  • Syllaby allows users to create a content strategy for social media in minutes, providing valuable insights and industry research.
  • The platform includes an organizational content calendar, making it easier to plan and schedule your social media content.
  • Syllaby enables users to create content in multiple languages, allowing businesses to reach a larger audience

Syllaby Product Demo

Syllaby Use Cases

  • A small business owner uses Syllaby to generate engaging video scripts and AI avatars for their social media marketing campaign.
  • A content creator leverages Syllaby's content calendar and industry research tools to plan and execute a consistent social media strategy.
  • A marketing agency utilizes Syllaby's multilingual support to create content for clients targeting audiences in different countries.
  • Saves time
  • offers consistent content for social media
  • Offers Multilingual Support
  • The content created lacks human touch

Syllaby Pricing Plans

Syllaby pricing plans

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Syllaby Alternatives

  • PowerSchool: PowerSchool is an all-in-one education software that connects parents, students, and educators, fostering student potential across the entire education system.
  • Classe365:Classe365 is a comprehensive cloud-based education management software that integrates student information, learning, and customer management for schools and institutions.
  • Teachmint: Teachmint is a complete solution for educators, simplifying online and offline class management with features like live classes, student and fee management, and attendance tracking.

Syllaby Details

AI Technology
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  • Create and execute your video marketing strategy
  • $49
  • Create videos for a global audience with Syllaby
Try Syllaby

Take control of your video marketing with Syllaby

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