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Toonify is an AI-powered photo editing tool that transforms faces into animated characters. Upload any selfie to see your caricature, cartoon, or emoji doppelganger. Toonify uses advanced neural networks to detect facial features and reimagine them in a variety of artistic styles.


Toonify Key Features

  • Upload any photo and the AI will detect, crop, and align the face to transform.
  • Choose from models like Toonify, Caricature, Comic, Emojify, Halloweenify, and Toonmoji.
  • Access high-quality HD models for better resolution, or standard SD models.
  • Options range from a free model to paid licenses for unlimited usage.
  • Use sliders to edit age, smile, anger, and other facial features (HD only).

Toonify Use Cases

  • Profile Pictures: Transform your selfies into cartoon avatars perfect for social media profiles.
  • Messaging: Turn photos into emojis to spice up conversations and text messages.
  • Halloween Looks: Spook-ify your face into a horror character for Halloween events.

Toonify Pricing Plans

  • Free: This is a free plan offered by Toonify.
  • 10 images: This plan comes for £3.
  • 30 Images: This plan comes for £5.
  • 100 Images: This plan comes for £10.
  • 1000 Images: This plan comes for £25.

Toonify Alternatives

  • Converts photos into cartoons with over 100 styles. Offers free and paid options.
  • MomentCam Cartoon Camera: Creates cartoon effects on faces. Has selfie filters and sharing options. Free mobile app.
  • Fotojet: Online tool to turn photos into cartoons, sketches, and pop art. Has advanced editing features.

Toonify Details

AI Technology
Use Cases
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  • Caricatures with characters created.
  • £3/10 images
  • Emojis mirroring your mood made.
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Create cartoons with photos!
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