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TranscribeMe is a leading transcription service provider that delivers fast, accurate, and affordable transcription and translation solutions. Combining advanced speech recognition technology with a global network of highly trained transcriptionists, TranscribeMe ensures top-quality results for various industries. Experience the power of customizable formatting, data annotation, and AI training datasets with TranscribeMe’s comprehensive suite of services.


TranscribeMe is a popular transcription service that offers a range of features and benefits for individuals and businesses alike. In this review, we will discuss the key features, pricing, and alternatives to TranscribeMe, as well as provide an overall assessment of the platform.

TranscribeMe Key Features


TranscribeMe provides fast, accurate, and affordable audio and video transcription services. Their transcription process involves routing your audio to the most qualified transcriptionists for your specific project.


TranscribeMe offers quality transcript translations in multiple languages, thanks to their international community of highly-trained transcriptionists.

Machine Transcription

TranscribeMe uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to provide machine-generated transcriptions, which are then reviewed and edited by human transcriptionists for improved accuracy.

AI Training Datasets and Data Annotation

TranscribeMe's platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solution, which ensures best-in-class data security and confidentiality. Their transcription services can be used to create AI training datasets and data annotation for various industries and applications.

Use Cases of TranscribeMe

Content Repurposing: Transform recorded interviews, webinars, and podcasts into blog posts, articles, or social media content with TranscribeMe's transcription services.

Multilingual Reach: Expand your audience by translating transcripts into multiple languages using TranscribeMe's translation services.

AI Development: Utilize TranscribeMe's data annotation and AI training datasets to improve machine learning models and develop advanced AI applications.

TranscribeMe Pricing

TranscribeMe's pricing starts at $0.79 per minute for their transcription services Other services like Machine Transcription, AI Datasets, and Data Annotation have their own pricing that can be availed independently. For more detailed pricing information and custom requirements, it is recommended to contact their sales team or visit their official website.

TranscribeMe Alternatives

While TranscribeMe is a popular choice for transcription services, there are several alternatives available in the market. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Rev: Fast and accurate transcription services with a user-friendly platform.
  • GoTranscript: Comprehensive transcription and translation services catering to various industries.
  • Scribie: Reliable transcription services with a focus on quality and affordability.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, TranscribeMe is a reliable and efficient transcription service that offers a range of features and benefits for users. With competitive pricing and a strong focus on quality and accuracy, TranscribeMe is a solid choice for individuals and businesses seeking transcription and translation services.

8.4Expert Score
TranscribeMe Review: Unleashing the Power of Accurate Transcription Services
TranscribeMe is a leading transcription service provider that offers a wide range of solutions for individuals and businesses across various industries. Established in 2011, the company has built a reputation for delivering fast, affordable, and highly accurate human transcription, translation, data annotation, and AI dataset services. 
Turnaround time
Data security
  • Fast, accurate, and affordable transcription services
  • Translation services in multiple languages
  • Data annotation and AI training datasets
  • Poor quality audio files in some cases
  • Payments are only made through PayPal

TranscribeMe Details

AI Technology
AI Features

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