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Quick Facts and Specs

Basic DetailsAvailability
Starting Price$2.50
Pricing ModelMonthly and Annually
Special Discount No
Free TierGet Started
Trip Duration Option
Custom Interests
Real-Time Adjustments
Route Optimization

What is Triplay AI? 

Triplay AI

Triplay AI is an AI-powered travel planning platform that creates personalized travel plans tailored to users' preferences. It utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze user inputs like destination, travel dates, group size, and interests. Based on this data, Triplay generates an optimized plan with recommendations for attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems. 

The platform leverages technologies such as natural language processing, data mining, and route optimization algorithms to provide a seamless and customized travel planning experience.

Key Features of

  • Personalized Travel Itineraries: Triplay AI uses AI algorithms to generate unique travel plans tailored to users' interests, travel dates, group size, and preferences. 
  • Route Optimization: The platform optimizes suggested routes based on geodata, enabling travelers to visit as many locations as possible while minimizing travel time. 
  • Flexible Editing: Users can manually add, remove, or rearrange locations in their itinerary using a drag-and-drop interface for customization. 
  • Multi-City/Region Planning: Triplay AI is working on functionality to allow users to efficiently plan trips covering multiple cities or an entire region. 
  • Travel Guides and Local Tips: The platform provides travel guides, highlights for events/celebrations, and insider tips from local experts to enhance the travel experience. 
  • Practical Considerations: Triplay AI accounts for factors like weather forecasts and restaurant capacities to ensure a smooth trip

Triplay AI Pricing Plans

Free Plan$0Geo-optimised tripsA limited number of tripsLimited trip durationFixed number of locationsFixed list of interestsExport to PDFRoute sharing
Premium Plan$6.99/Month(Monthly)$2.50/Month(Annually)Basic features plus:Unlimited tripsUnlimited trip optimizationsUnlimited locationsCustom interests


1. GeniusTrip


GeniusTrip is an AI-driven platform that generates personalized travel itineraries.
It considers user preferences, budget, and constraints to recommend activities and accommodations. The tool simplifies travel planning by providing a comprehensive and tailored experience.

2. Tripnotes

Tripnotes AI

Tripnotes was an AI-powered trip planner that created personalized city guides and itineraries. It gathered data from user searches, blogs, and social media to make recommendations. 

3. Alcotravel


Alcotravel is an AI-generated catalog of base travel itineraries for various destinations. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest routes, activities, and accommodations. The platform aims to provide a starting point for personalized travel planning.

FeatureTriplay AIGeniusTripTripnotesAlcotravel
AI-Powered Itinerary Planning
Personalized Recommendations
Multi-Destination Trip Planning
User Preference Consideration
Travel Guides and Local Tips
Acquired by Another Company✓ (Dorsia)
Base Itinerary Catalog

Final Thoughts

I tested Triplay AI to plan my trip and it works great for me. Its AI-driven technology makes the travel planning process much easier. It creates customized plans that match your preferences and schedules perfectly, making it a great tool for casual tourists as well as avid travelers. It has features like real-time itinerary changes and route optimization. 

There are some drawbacks to, such as lag when creating plan tasks, and the lack of advanced features like alternatives. However, I think it's the best tool because of its easy-to-use interface and Afcourse's affordable pricing compared to other tools.

  • Personalized itineraries based on interests.
  • Route optimization saves travel time.
  • Flexible itinerary editing and customization.
  • Multi-city/region trip planning capability.
  • Travel guides and local tips.
  • Accounts for practical factors like weather.
  • Lacks human creativity and empathy.
  • Potential reliability and trust issues.

Triplay AI Details

AI Features
  • Customize Your Travel Plans with Triplay AI
  • $6.99/month
  • Experience Next-Level Trip
Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
Services & Features
Customer Service
8.8 Overall Rating

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