Tugan.ai is an AI-powered tool that generates content for various purposes. Whether you need to write emails, create tweets, or develop comprehensive threads, Tugan.ai has got you covered. It's a tool designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or project.

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Tugan.ai is an innovative AI-powered content creation tool that helps businesses automate their marketing efforts. Using OpenAI GPT 3.5 , GPT 4 and advanced natural language processing, Tugan.ai can generate high-quality, customized content like emails, social media posts, and newsletters in seconds from a URL or topic. This revolutionary platform saves time and resources while boosting engagement.

Users can simply enter the URL, give a topic, or upload their own content and leave the rest to Tugan.ai as it will generate a variety of emails or content based on the information provided. It saves a lot of time by increasing conversion rates and profits.

Key Takeways

Tugan.ai uses AI to create unique, relevant content quickly based on a URL or topic
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It provides a free trial and paid subscription plans
It has a focus on generating content that converts and boosts engagement
It generates various types of marketing content like emails, social posts, threads, newsletters

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  • Offers a 7 day free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Can generate eduational and promotional content
  • Streamlines content generation
  • The free trial is short
Tugan AI

Tugan.ai Key Features at a Glance

Tugan.ai is equipped with several unique features that make it a go-to tool for marketers, writers, and businesses. Right from generating compelling marketing copy to crafting personalized introductions for cold emails, Tugan.ai has been a secret weapon for many SEO, sales, and marketing teams.

  • AI-powered Content Generation: Tugan.ai uses Natual Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze users' input and generate more engaging content by simply adding a URL or topic and accessing high-quality content within seconds.
  • Customizable Content: Users can customize the generated content per their needs and use it without hassle.
  • Language Support: Tugan.ai supports up to 26 languages so you can translate the content to any language with a human touch. This feature works well for businesses that have their stamp across countries and must produce content in different languages.
  • Improved Content Production: Create top-notch content that holds users without wasting time. This tool can be a game changer for content creators who needs to generate a lot of content within a short span of time.

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Who should use Tugan.ai?

Tugan.ai is made keeping in mind the need for content creators and thus, this tool is perfect for marketing professionals, small business owners, content creators, and email marketers. It’s an AI-based tool used to generate engaging social media content, newsletters, emails, long-form content, and a lot more. It gives the freedom to users to generate content based on their need for building an online presence or increase conversion rates.

Tugan.ai Use Cases

Tugan.ai is a versatile tool that is irreplaceable when it comes to its use. Here are some of the use cases that have impacted how businesses operate in different sectors.

  • Marketing Agencies: Tugan.ai lets content creators create compelling marketing copies that sell themselves. The AI-driven platform lets you deliver quality content within minutes and hence giving you a platform to improve efficiency.
  • E-Commerce Business: It lets you elevate your online store by producing engaging product descriptions and promotional materials. The AI tool helps you to generate high-quality copy that can convert visitors into desired audiences.
  • Content Creators: You can craft engaging, error-free articles and blog posts as the AI tool helps overcome writer’s block and generate captivating content without compromising the quality.
  • Social Media Managers: Tugan.ai helps with smooth social media operations. The AI tool lets you create more engaging posts in less time by allowing you to focus mainly on other important tasks including tracking and planning the content

How to use Tugan.ai? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Sign Up

Visit the official Tugan.ai website and click on “Login”. If you already have an account add login details and access the dashboard. If you are new, click on Sign Up and add information like name, email address, and password, and hit the “Sign Up” button to get yourself registered with the website.ss.

Tugan AI homepage

Step 2: Explore Tools

Take some time and make yourself comfortable with the different features and tools available on the dashboard. Check each tool and feature to get a glimpse of how it works.

Tugan AI Tools

Step 3: Start Your Free Trial

Once you choose the tool that you want to work with. Start your 7-day free trial to continue with the Tugan.ai platform. Add payment details and get access to the dashboard in order to start using your free trial and generating high-quality content.

Tugan AI Free Trial

Get Started with Tugan.ai

Tugan.ai Pricing Plans with Discounts

Tugan.ai offers three pricing plans, and there is a unique Tugan Ai coupon code exclusively for AiMojo that enables 40% discount.

PlanPrice per MonthFeaturesDiscount CodeDiscounted Price
Discover$37Generate contents in seconds, Al-powered content generation, Multilingual support, and Dedicated customer supportAIMOJO40$22.20
Premium$37Better Results with GPT4, Generate contents in seconds, Al-powered content generation, Multilingual support, Dedicated customer support, and Access to new featuresAIMOJO40$22.20
Pro$97Better Results with GPT4, Generate content in seconds, Al-powered content generation, Multilingual support, Dedicated customer support, and Access to new featuresAIMOJO40$58.20

To avail of the 40% discount, use the coupon code “AIMOJO40” during the checkout process. Note that the Discover plan starts as a 7-day free trial and then costs $37 per month

Tugan AI Pricing Plans

Try Tugan.ai for 7 days. No CC needed.

Tugan.ai New Features and Updates for X (Twitter) Threads

Tugan.ai team is making numerous updates and changes every week to make this tool work like magic, The best part is anyone can be a social guru by creating a huge engagement on their socials and email newsletters. Whether you have a face or faceless Channel, With proper content and engagement You have a broad audience and followers.

There are hundreds of “X”ers (new words for people using Twitter) crushing it right now. There was only ONE kind of thread structure on TUGAN.AI . Form September 2023 the team added 2 new “flavors” to spice things up

Here it is: 

1. The 10 Secrets Thread: Dive deep into intriguing insights and tales, perfect for sharing captivating stories and hidden gems.

2. The Practical Advice Thread: No fluff, just actionable advice. Deliver crystal-clear guidance your audience can latch onto immediately.

Take a look: 

Tugan.ai Threads new featuers 979x1024 1

 I think you'll be more than thrilled to take a spin at these! 

And, here's the twist… 

Don't need to be stumped with that magnetic start for your beautiful thread anymore… 

Hit the “Generate Hooks For This Thread”…. 

…and roll out 20 Hooks in seconds!

Tugan.ai Twitter threads 1024x515 1

One-click, and you’re set with an intro that grabs the reader by the eyeballs! You can now stay ahead of the game without boring your audience to tears so.

>> Try to create threads with these 2 options and get new followers

📖 Tugan.ai Case Study (4193 Followers in 2 Months)

Tugan.ai case studfy 1 1024x749 1

Let me introduce you to @Pognone – a normal dude who really struggling to grow his audience…

Like most, he was posting randomly as he was tied up with his work and had scarce time left for this. 

And then there was the daunting task of finding engaging content ideas.

He'd often find himself staring blankly at his Google Doc for 2 hours straight, not knowing what to write.

Adding to that, writing wasn't his strong suit and English wasn't his first language (yes, many handicaps, I agree).

But, fortunately, he found Tugan.ai.

He started using these 2 features on Tugan AI every day, one of the primary things that he had to deal with was research. He just had to research the best available content in his niche, put it into tugan.ai, and generate a bunch of content.

He realized that he could now post better content, more frequently, while only spending a maximum of 15 minutes a day.

Almost instantly, he saw his follower count growing daily.

⏩ Two months forward, and @Pognone surpassed the 4000 followers milestone!

I couldn't be prouder of him, and I genuinely wanted to share his story, to tell you that, yes, you can quickly grow your audience with Tugan.ai!

@Pognone really didn't do anything extraordinary. He just stayed consistent with Tugan.ai and I guess you can do it as well. So what are waiting for? Start your journey with Tugan.ai and that too at a discounted value using the coupon code “AIMOJO40“.

Source: Tugan.ai email newsletter

Tugan.ai Alternatives

Tugan.ai: Tugan.ai is an AI-powered platform that works for generating marketing content including emails, newsletters, and other social media posts. It is a great tool created for marketing professionals, small business owners, and others looking to save time and resources while generating high-quality content that engages well with the readers.

ChatGPT Plus: ChatGPT Plus is a versatile AI language model that excels in multiple domains including chatbots, translation, and problem-solving. Its broader reach makes it a go-to tool for various tasks including content generation, rephrasing of content, and a lot more.

Pricing: ChatGPT Plus offers two pricing options. For 1K prompt tokens, you will be charged $0.03 and in case you are looking for a monthly plan then you can buy it at the cost of $20/ month.


ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI that can generate human-quality text in response to a wide range of prompts and questions

Texta: Texta is a well-known AI-based blog writer that lets you generate ideas for curating the best piece of content within seconds. Its features include AI-powered content generation, beast mode to generate high-quality content, Keyword Research, Plagiarism checker, and support for over 21 languages. It is designed to help users create quality content more efficiently.

Pricing: Texta has three different pricing plans you can choose the one that suits your requirements. The plans are “Starter” available at $120/ year, “Pro Max” starts at $199/ year and, the “Pro Max Plus” can be availed at the price of $350 when billed annually. You can go for yearly plans as you save up to 30% on annual billings.

Texta AI logo


Texta is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps you create high-quality content quickly and easily.

SinCode AI: SinCode is another AI copywriter platform offering numerous features to help users create engaging content. Its features include AI-powered content generation, Marve Chat, image generation, support for 26 languages, and a lot more.

Pricing: Sincode pricing plan offers three plans including the “Pro” plan starting at $49/ month, the “Starter” plan costs $20/ month, and the “Word Credits” for up to 3000 words and the price is $4.50.

ChatGPT Plus, Texta, and SinCode AI are all viable alternatives to Tugan.ai that can be used by someone who is looking to generate high-quality content great for marketing purposes. Each platform has its own unique features and capabilities. You can choose the tool that suits your needs and preferences.

Sincode logo


Sincode is an AI-powered content creation platform that helps you create high-quality content quickly and easily.

Tugan.ai Affiliate Program

Tugan.ai provides its users with an affiliate program that provides them with an opportunity for the users to earn a commission of up to 40%. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn on each referral they make using the unique link provided by the Tugan.ai platform.

Become an Affiliate!

Tugan.ai Customer Review

Tugan.ai has proven itself to be one of the best AI-based tools that let users generate high-quality content using credits of 250,000 per month. Users have also left positive feedback on websites like Trustpilot. It is indeed one of the best tools that let users generate a generous amount of content within a short span of time. To get a full view of how customers are reacting to this tool. You can check out the official Trustpilot website and read the reviews posted by other users.

Tugan.ai Customer Review

Final Verdict

While still relatively new, Tugan.ai has already made a splash with its robust feature set and superb output quality. Users praise the tool for its ease of use, time savings, and ability to boost engagement across channels. As Tugan.ai continues developing its capabilities, it has the potential to become an indispensable asset for content marketing.

For those seeking an efficient way to produce engaging, optimized content for their social media channels, Tugan.ai is certainly worth exploring. With ongoing improvements and new integrations on the horizon, this AI-powered writing assistant aims to bring more conversions. Tugan.ai offers an intriguing glimpse into the future of automated content creation.

Tugan.ai Details

AI Technology
  • Generate content with ease
  • $37/month
  • Generate marketing emails in a flash


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