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Twelve Labs is an AI company that builds video understanding infrastructure. Their technology allows developers to search and understand videos in a way that is more natural, efficient, and accurate than traditional keyword-based search.

Twelve Labs

Key Features of Twelve Labs

  • Twelve Labs offers a video understanding AI that extracts key features from videos such as action, object, text on screen, speech, and people.
  • This information is transformed into vector representations, enabling fast and scalable semantic search.
  • The platform is ranked #1 in the video retrieval track from the 2021 ICCV VALUE Challenge hosted by Microsoft, outperforming others in cost and performance.
  • Developers and product managers appreciate Twelve Labs for its rich understanding, easy integration, and state-of-the-art accuracy.
  • The platform is used by educational institutions like Sketchy Medical to enhance student learning and retention.
  • Twelve Labs provides APIs for seamless video search infrastructure integration, including the ability to upload and vectorize videos, perform tasks, and fine-tune the AI engine.
  • The platform allows users to make any video database searchable, transform videos into vector embeddings, and create customized models for domain-specific needs.

Summary: Twelve Labs provides a powerful video understanding AI that extracts key features from videos for fast and scalable semantic search. It's appreciated for its performance, easy integration, and the ability to customize the AI engine.

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Twelve Labs Pricing Plans

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