• Create epic content with AI voice automation.
  • Create custom voices for any project.
  • Bring ideas to life with a diverse voice library.
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Uberduck is a cutting-edge AI platform that revolutionizes audio experiences for creative agencies, musicians, and coders. With its advanced text-to-speech technology, voice cloning, and voice automation features, Uberduck empowers users to create lifelike voices, synthetic singing, and rapping vocals for various applications. Join the Uberduck community and unleash your creativity with endless possibilities in the world of AI-generated voices!



  • Uberduck is an AI-powered platform that generates synthetic singing and rapping vocals for creative agencies, musicians, and coders.
  • The platform offers text-to-speech, voice cloning, voice-to-voice conversion, and API access for developers.
  • Uberduck has been used by iconic companies and artists, with over 100 million views across social media.
  • The platform has hosted a $10,000 music production challenge using Grimes's AI voice and Uberduck's voice conversion technology.
  • Uberduck is considered a safe and secure platform with a good Trust score of 92/100.

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Use Cases of Uberduck

  • Voice Cloning: Create custom voices for various applications, such as presentations and soundboards.
  • Music Production: Generate synthetic singing and rapping vocals for music projects.
  • Content Creation: Enhance videos, podcasts, and other media with AI-generated voices.

Uberduck Pricing Plans

Uberduck pricing

Uberduck Alternatives

  • FakeYou: A free voice cloning and text-to-speech tool that allows users to create custom voice models without any cost.
  • Listnr: A text-to-speech software with advanced voice customization capabilities, allowing users to create personalized voices that fit their brand or personality.
  • Melobytes: An AI-powered platform that generates music and vocals from text, offering a wide range of voices and languages for various applications.

Uberduck Details

AI Technology
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  • Unleash creativity with AI-generated singing.
  • $96/year
  • Turn text into lifelike voices with Uberduck.
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