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Valossa is a leading AI-powered video recognition and content intelligence platform that revolutionizes the way media content is analyzed and understood. With its advanced deep learning algorithms, Valossa offers comprehensive video analysis, including scene detection, object recognition, facial recognition, and emotion detection, empowering organizations to extract valuable insights and automate content management processes. Valossa’s technology enables enhanced video understanding, unlocking new opportunities for content monetization, and improving operational efficiency.


Key Features of Valossa

  • Cognitive AI for Video Understanding: Valossa offers advanced AI software that goes beyond basic metadata extraction. It comprehends the meaning within visual and audio data, allowing businesses to gain deep insights from their video content.
  • Enhanced Video Promotions with AI Automation: Valossa's AI technology accelerates online video promotions by generating AI-driven content and metadata. This automation enhances over-the-top (OTT) and video on demand (VOD) user experiences, making promotions more engaging.
  • Brand Safety and Contextual Advertising: Valossa helps businesses ensure brand safety by profiling videos for contextual advertising. The AI technology ensures that advertisements align with the content and audience, protecting brands from inappropriate contexts.
  • Content Moderation for Safety: Valossa's AI-powered content moderation detects sensitive content within images and videos, allowing businesses to maintain a safe and appropriate media environment. Detected content can be reviewed by humans for accurate decisions.
  • Founded by Experts in AI and Video Intelligence: Valossa was founded by experts with PhDs and MScs in computer vision, machine learning, audio-visual intelligence, and video information retrieval. With over 70 years of combined R&D experience, Valossa creates cutting-edge cognitive media solutions.

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Valossa Use Cases

  • Safe Content Monetization: Valossa's AI software helps video-based businesses analyze and understand the content within visual and audio data. By leveraging Valossa's AI capabilities, businesses can ensure the safety and suitability of their content for monetization, providing a secure environment for advertisers and consumers.
  • Video and Image Moderation: Valossa's AI-powered content moderation solution enables businesses to automatically detect and filter sensitive or inappropriate content in images and videos. By employing Valossa's technology, companies can ensure that their platforms and user-generated content comply with community guidelines and standards.
  • Intelligent Video Analysis: Valossa's AI technology allows businesses to extract valuable insights and metadata from video content. By leveraging cognitive AI, companies can automatically analyze and understand the context, objects, and sentiment within videos, enabling them to enhance content recommendation, personalization, and user experiences.
  • Brand Safe Content: Valossa's AI capabilities enable businesses to profile videos for contextual advertising, ensuring that advertisements are aligned with the content and suitable for the intended audience. By leveraging Valossa's brand safe content solution, advertisers can enhance brand visibility while maintaining control over ad placement and brand association.
  • Real-Time Camera Systems: Valossa's AI technology can be integrated into real-time camera systems for various applications, such as security and surveillance. By leveraging Valossa's real-time analysis capabilities, businesses and organizations can detect and respond to events and incidents in real-time, enhancing safety and security measures.

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Valossa Alternatives

  • Illuminarty: The AI tool that can help you detect AI-generated content.
  • Twelve Labs: The AI video genie that can help you unlock the hidden insights in your videos.
  • Deepfake Detector: The AI tool that can help you protect yourself from deepfakes, so you can be confident in the authenticity of the videos and audios you consume.
  • Automates Editing
  • Saves time
  • Has a preset effect library
  • Its not entirely accurate
  • The quality of presets can be improved

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