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Veritone is an AI-powered company that provides solutions for media and entertainment, legal, and enterprise. Veritone’s aiWARE platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and process audio, video, and text data.
Verifone solutions are used by businesses and organizations to improve their operations, create content, and protect their brands.

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  • Offers solutions for various industries
  • Can be tricky to set up

Key Features of Veritone

  • aiWARE Enterprise AI Platform: Veritone offers aiWARE, its proprietary enterprise AI platform, which serves as the foundation for its AI solutions and bespoke applications. It provides access to hundreds of cognitive engines through one common software infrastructure, making it highly modular and customizable. Users can deploy aiWARE in the cloud, at the edge, or in hybrid environments, ensuring expansive scalability.
  • Industry-Leading Ecosystem of Machine Learning Models: Leveraging advanced cognition through the aiWARE platform, Veritone provides an industry-leading ecosystem of machine learning models. These models enable organizations to solve various challenges and seek new opportunities. The platform is continuously evolving to cater to different industries and use cases.
  • Customized AI Solutions and Services: Veritone recognizes that AI solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They offer a range of professional services to help customers discover and develop tools and services that meet their unique needs. This approach ensures that organizations can integrate AI seamlessly into their existing workflows without disruption.
  • Veritone Business Ecosystem: Veritone offers a comprehensive suite of prebuilt and custom solutions, platform technology, and services to address various business goals. The Veritone Business Ecosystem covers advertising, operations, recruitment, and content management. It includes VERIVERSE for asset management, VERITONE ONE for audio and influencer advertising, PandoLogic for HR automation, and VERITONE LICENSING for specialized content licensing.
  • Broad Range of Industries: Veritone caters to a broad range of industries, including energy, government, media, broadcast, sports, and more. Their AI solutions and services are designed to address the specific challenges and requirements of these industries, enabling organizations to maximize their capabilities and efficiency.

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Veritone Use Cases

  • Media Content Management: Veritone's aiWARE platform can be used by media and broadcast companies to manage and organize their vast content libraries efficiently. With advanced cognition capabilities, the platform can automatically tag, categorize, and search through audio and video files, making it easier for producers and editors to find relevant content quickly.
  • HR Recruitment Optimization: Veritone's PandoLogic service helps HR departments optimize their job ad placements to reach the right candidates effectively. By leveraging AI algorithms, PandoLogic identifies the most suitable job boards and advertising channels, maximizing the reach and impact of recruitment efforts while optimizing ad spending.
  • Compliance and Redaction: Veritone's AI solutions, such as iDERMS and Redact, can be used by government agencies and law enforcement to automate redaction processes for public records. These tools help expedite the redaction of sensitive information from bodycam video footage, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Veritone ONE, their performance-based audio and influencer agency, creates impactful advertising campaigns for brands. Leveraging AI-driven insights, Veritone ONE identifies relevant influencers and optimizes advertising strategies to maximize audience engagement and brand visibility.
  • Asset Monetization and Brand Management: Veritone's VERIVERSE platform allows organizations to create, manage, distribute, and monetize assets across the real and digital worlds. This solution is particularly useful for media companies and brand managers looking to maintain brand continuity and generate revenue from their content libraries.

Veritone Pricing Plans

Veritone Pricing Plans

Get Veritone for $500/month

Veritone Alternatives

  • CallRail: CallRail is a call tracking and analytics platform that helps businesses track and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
  • Invoca: Invoca is an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform that helps businesses understand and act on the information consumers share via conversations.
  • Triple Whale: Triple Whale is an AI-powered analytics platform that helps e-commerce businesses make better decisions.

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Get Veritone for AI solutions!
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