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  • Choose from 100+ voices for voice overs
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Vidon is an AI-powered video creation tool that helps you create engaging videos from your blog posts, articles, or even plain text. It features automatic resizing, one-click translation, AI voiceover, and more.

  • Top-notch text to speech feature
  • Realistic Voices
  • Offers Automatic image selection
  • Customer service can be improved

Key Features of

  • Instant Video Creation: Vidon offers the simplest way to create engaging videos without the need for a camera. Users can enter their blog post URLs and generate videos using the blog's text, images, and style instantly.
  • AI Video Creation: Vidon leverages AI technology to create video scripts. Users can enter a prompt, and the AI will write the video's script, powered by ChatGPT.
  • Powerful Editing Features: Vidon provides a range of powerful features for video editing, including automatic resizing to export videos in landscape, square, and portrait formats. It also offers one-click translation to automatically translate videos into 20+ languages and AI voiceover with a selection of ultra-realistic voices.
  • AI Video Assistant: Vidon offers a real-time AI video assistant that provides editing tips to improve the quality of the video.
  • Bulk Video Creation and API Support: Users can easily create videos in bulk using the spreadsheet editor, making it efficient for large-scale video production. Additionally, Vidon provides a REST API, enabling users to create videos programmatically. Product Demo Use Cases

  • Blog Post Teasers: Content creators and marketers can use Vidon to instantly turn their blog posts into eye-catching teaser videos. By entering the blog post URL, Vidon generates engaging videos using the blog's text, images, and style. These teasers can be shared on social media platforms to drive traffic and attract more readers to the full blog post.
  • Explainer Videos: Vidon's AI-powered video creation can be utilized to produce informative explainer videos for marketing, training, or customer support purposes. Users can enter prompts, and the AI will write the video's script, making it an efficient tool for explaining complex topics in a visually engaging way.
  • Multilingual Video Content: With Vidon's one-click translation feature, businesses can easily translate their videos into multiple languages. This enables them to reach a broader audience, expand their global reach, and cater to the preferences of diverse language-speaking markets.
  • Testimonials and Case Studies: Companies can leverage Vidon to create compelling testimonials and case study videos. By using the AI voiceover with ultra-realistic voices and incorporating subtitles, these videos become accessible and persuasive marketing assets to showcase the positive experiences of satisfied customers.
  • Video SEO Strategy: Vidon can help businesses improve their online visibility and rank higher on search engines like Google by producing video content. The platform's automatic resizing ensures videos are optimized for different platforms, and subtitles aid in SEO. Creating videos for competitive keywords and incorporating them into marketing campaigns can attract more organic traffic and boost search engine rankings. Pricing Plans

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Vidon Alternatives

  • Synthesia: Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to create realistic and engaging videos from text.
  • Pictory: Pictory is an AI-powered video creation platform that helps businesses create engaging and informative videos quickly and easily.
  • Anyword: Anyword is an AI-powered copywriting platform that helps businesses create high-performing marketing copy. Details

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  • $38/month
  • Create scripts for videos
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