Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover

  • A seamless way of extracting vocals from the audio file>
  • A fun way to create karaoke & acapella versions
  • Easy download in multiple file formats
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Vocal Remover is a unique AI technology that separates vocal tracks from instrumental tracks in a song. This powerful tool has a wide range of applications like creating karaoke tracks, remixes, and cover songs, thereby becoming an asset for musicians, content creators, and karaoke enthusiasts.

  • Creates Karaoke and Acapella versions
  • Has multiple applications
  • Offers in-depth analysis of each aspect of the song – musical scale, bpm, and scale
  • Offers download in multiple formats
  • UI design could be better
Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover Key Features

  • Vocal separation: Use Vocal Remover for a hassle-free separation of vocals from the instrumental element of the song for karaoke and acapella versions. 
  • Multiple applications: Vocal Remover provides various applications to play along with the audio file. For instance, split the audio file into individual streams such as vocal, bass, and percussion and adjust the volume of each stream.
  • Easy to use: Simply upload the audio file and let the Vocal Remover do the rest. Its user-friendly interface makes it to access the features. 
  • Fast processing: Unlike other audio editing software, Vocal Remover easily separates the vocals from the instrumental element of the song. It edits the audio file as per the requirements within seconds. 
  • Privacy guaranteed: Vocal Remover is a serverless app thereby securing the audio files of the user.

Vocal Remover Use Cases

  • Karaoke Creation: Karaoke enthusiasts can separate the vocals from the instrumental element of the song with the help of Vocal Remover. Edit the song as per requirement and practice the art of singing on the go. 
  • Remixing the vocals: Isolate the vocals and remix them with different instruments and beats. Vocal Remover’s acapella version helps musicians and DJs experiment with the vocals and create new songs. 
  • Remove vocals from podcasts or speeches: Draft transcripts from the podcasts or speeches by removing vocals with the help of Vocal Remover. It will help in transcribing the audio, accurately. 
  • Language learning: Language learners can extract the audio from the songs for clear pronunciations and make the process of language learning fun. 
  • Audio and video editing: Use Vocal Remover to separate vocals from background music in audio or video files, and edit the individual audio elements for various creative purposes. 

Vocal Remover Pricing Plans

Vocal Remover Pricing Plans

Vocal Remover Alternatives

  • PhonicMind: PhonicMind is an AI-powered vocal remover that creates high-quality instrumentals from any song for a better karaoke experience.
  • Lalal.ai: Lalal.ai provides high-quality stem splitting without any quality loss.
  • Moises.ai: Moises.ai is an all-in-one AI-powered vocal remover that helps in isolating vocals and instruments, adjusting the speed, changing the pitch and so on.

Vocal Remover Details

AI Technology
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  • Amp up your singing skills with Vocal Remover
  • $12.95
  • Separate vocal and instrumental elements from any song
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