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What is Voice.ai?

Voice.ai is working well as a real-time voice changer that is offering gamers, streamers, and virtual meeting participants to use the custom voice to transform their online vocal identity. It provides a vast library of voices and providing with the ability to create natural voices. This technology has changed the way people did chats while playing games and live streaming. Voice.ai is trained on a dataset of over 15 million unique speakers by allowing complete customizations. Its amazing feature lets you take the voice of your favorite celebrities during the Zoom call or use the voice of your favorite character.

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  • Offers multiple voices
  • Fun to use
  • Free to download
  • The voices are not accurate sometimes

Key Features of Voice.ai

  • Free Real-Time Voice Changer: Voice.ai offers a real-time voice changer that allows users to instantly modify their voices during live streams, gaming sessions, and online calls. It offers a wide range of voice effects, including cartoon parodies and celebrity impersonations.
  • Custom Voice Integration with AI: The proprietary AI voice-changing technology of Voice.ai is trained on a vast voice data set, enabling users to create custom voices for characters in games, online avatars, or unique vocal identities.
  • Voice Cloning and Creation: Voice.ai is not just a voice changer; it is a powerful voice creation platform. Users can create any voice they desire, from their own voice to original voice filters, with options for male, female, and more, expanding creative possibilities.
  • Soundboards and Audio Integration: Users can build their own soundboards using the Voice Changer app, combining custom sound effects and uploaded sound clips. This feature allows for surprises in game lobbies, group chats, or during live streams.
  • Easy-to-Use and Free to Download: The Voice.ai voice changer software is easy to use and install, compatible with most Windows systems and popular programs. It is available for free, with premium plans offering advanced features and higher-quality audio effects for those seeking enhanced capabilities.

Who should use Voice.ai?

Voice.ai’s real-time voice changer is designed for different types of audiences serving the needs of streamers, gamers, and those who are participating in online meetings and calls. Streamers are utilizing the tool to enhance their live broadcasts on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, choosing from thousands of AI-generated voices or creating unique ones. Gamers can use the tool to enhance their experiences by adopting voices that match their avatars. Apart from that, voice.ai also offers a fun twist for virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom and Skype by allowing participants to sound more like their favorite celebrities or politicians. The creativity of this tool makes it suitable for anyone who is looking to add more creativity and engagement based on their voice interactions online.

Which OS is supported by voice.ai?

In order to download the voice.ai application you need to check whether your system’s OS is compatible with the software or not. Currently, this tool can be downloaded with Windows (version 8, 10, and 11) and the app will soon be compatible with the Mac operating system.

Which language is Supported by Voice.ai?

Voice.ai is optimized to work with the English language. The company currently offers its services in English but they are soon planning to expand their services and add more languages to connect with larger communities.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Voice.ai?

Step 1: Visit Website and Register

Visit the official Voice.ai website and click on the “Sign Up” button. Enter the details including email and password and agree to the Terms of Service to create an account.

Sign up for Voice.ai

Step 2: Download the Installer

Once you are registered start downloading the voice.ai installer from the official website. As soon as the installer is downloaded save it to your computer. After the installer is downloaded it’s time to install voice.ai on your computer (follow the instructions provided on-screen to avoid any errors).

Download Voice.ai

Step 3: Log In

After you have successfully installed the voice.ai application on your system. Start by “Log In” to your system using the email id and password.

Step 4: Explore the Interface

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the voice.ai interface and check different options for selecting different voices, adjusting voice settings, and a lot more.

Step 5: Choose a Voice

You can select the voice from the library of voices library or even create your own voice by uploading reference audio on the application.

Choose a voice on Voice.ai

Step 6: Configure Voice Settings

You can configure the voice by adjusting the settings including the pitch, speed, and volume in order to customize the voice according to your preferences.

Step 7: Test the Voice

Use the “Test Voice” feature to listen to the selected voice and ensure that it meets your requirements and produces the desired results.

Step 8: Use Voice.ai with Compatible Applications

Voice.ai is compatible with various applications, such as Discord, Skype, and Zoom. Try to configure the settings in these applications to use Voice.ai as the input source.

Voice.ai Pricing Plans

Voice.ai is available free of cost and hence anyone looking for a voice changer application should definitely try it out. Although, this tool does offer some premium plans available with advanced features, and premium voices by enhancing the audio quality options available in case you want to maximize your experience and get the best results. You can contact the support team to get details on the pricing of premium features available with voice.ai. If you are looking for a tool to change voice in budget then voice.ai is definitely the best option available online.

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Voice.ai Supported File Extensions

Voice.ai accepts various file formats in which the audio can be saved and uploaded including the MP3 files and wave audio to deliver high-quality results. You can save the audio files as per the files supported by this app to ensure efficient workings.

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Voice.ai Alternatives

Voice.ai Vs Descript

Voice.ai offers real-time voice recognition and transcription that is suitable for live events and supports various features including multi-language support and voice analytics. On the other hand, Descript focuses more on the editing capabilities by allowing users to edit audio files like text, and at the same time, text editing and media editing go hand in hand which sometimes turns out to be causing inconvenience and irritation.

Pricing: Descript is providing its customers with four different plans suiting different users’ needs. The “Free Plan” is available at no cost, the “Creator Plan” is available at the price of $144 when billed yearly, the “Pro Plan” is available at the cost of $288 when billed yearly, and the last one is the “Enterprise Plan” and to avail its pricing you will need to contact the sales team to get a quote on its custom pricing.

Descipt logo


Descript is a video and audio editor that uses AI to make editing easier and faster.

Voice.ai Vs Lovo

Voice.ai continues to provide real-time transcriptions and analytics to its users, whereas, Lovo specialized in AI-powered voiceover solutions in order to provide a variety of customizable voices. Some of the features that set Lovo apart are voice cloning, text-to-speech conversion, various voice styles, and easy integration, and the same time.

Pricing: Lovo offers various pricing plans to meet different users’ needs. The “free” plan, the “Basic” plan starts at $228/ year when billed yearly, the “Pro” plan starts at $288/ year, the “Pro+” plan starts at $900/ year, and the “Enterprise” plan that provides custom pricing to all its users and hence, to get a custom quote, you will need to contact sales.

The Lovo team is offering 50% off on its Pro and Pro+ plans.

Lovo logo


LOVO AI is an AI voice generator that can create realistic and human-like voices from text.

Voice.ai Vs PlayHT

Voice.ai focuses on real-time services as its main feature and works well in providing the user with real-time voice changing to ensure the vocal identity of the user remains intact. In comparison with, PlayHT where this platform offers converting text into speech where the user can easily target creators and marketers. It offers various features including text-to-speech conversion, multiple voice options, integrations with various platforms, etc.

Pricing:  The “Personal” plan starts at $86.4 when billed yearly, the “Creator” plan starts at $374.4 when billed yearly, the “Pro” plan that is available at $594 when billed yearly, and the “Enterprise” plan is available at a custom price and thus, needs you to contact sales to get the details on custom pricing.

Play.ht logo


PlayHT is an AI voice generator that can create ultra-realistic speech from text.

Voice.ai Affiliate Program

Voice.ai has an affiliate program designed especially for content creators and working on offering financial rewards for promoting voice.ai products. This program consists of three tiers and each tier provides the users with different revenue sharing ranging from 10% to 20% along with various other benefits including dedicated support and access to beta products. You can participate in the affiliate program if you have a sufficient number of followers or subscribers to your social media accounts such as YouTube and TikTok.

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Voice.ai Customer Support

If you have any doubts or need assistance while using the voice.ai application then you can connect to the customer support service. You can also connect with the online community to get all your queries answered by the community people. Just create a post and put your query and you will start getting solutions and answers to all your queries soon.

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