• Generate unlimited original songs
  • Create a personalized song from your favorite artist
  • Produce awesome music without expensive equipment
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The #1 platform for creating high-quality AI covers in seconds with your favorite voices. Clone your own voice and explore trending AI models of famous personalities or characters. Unleash your creativity and create personalized AI covers for music, content creation, voiceover work, gaming, and more.


Voicify Key Features

  • High-Quality AI Covers: Create professional AI covers in seconds with your favorite voices.
  • Trending AI Models: Access popular AI models like Beyoncé, Spongebob, Patrick Star, Ariana Grande, and more.
  • Clone Your Own Voice: Customize and create your own AI models using Voicify.
  • Newly Added AI Models: Discover and use newly added AI models, including Mario, Mordecai, Sandy Cheeks, Marge Simpson, and Bang Chan.
  • Voicify AI Originals: Exciting AI models coming soon!
  • Easy to Use: Get started quickly and create your first AI covers in seconds.
  • Customization Options: Adjust and fine-tune the AI models to suit your needs.
  • History: Keep track of your past AI cover projects.

Step by Step guide on How to use Voicify?

Step 1: Visit the Voicify Website

Go to the official Voicify website at www.voicify.ai. Click the “Sign Up” button and Register with the platform.

Voicify Homepage

Step 2: Define Your Goals

Before you begin using Voicify, clearly define your goals for utilizing conversational AI technology. Determine the specific applications and use cases you want to address with AI-generated voices.

Step 3: Choose a Conversational AI Building Approach

Decide on the approach you want to take for building your conversational AI model. You can either build your own AI model from scratch or opt for a conversational AI vendor like Voicify. It offers a range of professional services, industry expertise, and an experience-oriented approach for users.

Step 4: Plan Data Source and Secure Approvals

Once you've chosen your approach, plan the data source you'll use to train your AI model. Ensure you have the necessary permissions and approvals to use the data, as it's crucial to comply with data privacy regulations.

Step 5: Generate AI Voices using Voicify

You can use Voicify's tools for generating AI Voices. Voicify typically offers a tiered subscription plan that allows you to access various features. Their AI models are trained on the voices of popular artists including Drake, Juice WRLD, and Eminem, giving you a diverse range of options to choose from.

Step 6: Upload Your Source Audio Files

After selecting an AI voice generator, proceed to upload your source audio files. Voicify, accept audio formats like WAV, MP3, MOV, or MP4. Once you've uploaded the files, you can also customize them from settings such as pitch, tempo, and vocal styles to match your preferred artist's voice.

Train Voicify AI model

Step 7: Experiment with Different Settings

You can experiment with different settings to achieve the specific sound you're looking for. Adjust the parameters until you're satisfied with the output, ensuring that the generated AI voice aligns with your intended use case.

Get Started with Voicify

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Voicify Use Cases

  • Music Production: Create unique AI covers of popular songs using your favorite voices, adding a creative twist to your music production projects.
  • Content Creation: Enhance your video content by incorporating AI covers with voices of famous personalities, characters, or artists, making your content more engaging and entertaining.
  • Voiceover and Narration: Generate AI covers to mimic specific voices for voiceover work or narrations, saving time and effort in finding the perfect voice talent for your projects.
  • Gaming and Animation: Bring characters to life by using AI covers to replicate their voices, adding authenticity and personality to your gaming or animation projects.
  • Personalization and Fun: Clone your own voice and create custom AI models on Voicify, allowing you to have fun conversations, generate personalized messages, or surprise friends and family with AI versions of your voice.

Voicify Pricing Plans

Voicify Pricing Plans

Get 25 credits for $8.99 only!

What good things come from using Voicify?

Voicify offers businesses a complete solution to enhance customer engagement with personalized voice experiences across various devices and platforms. With a user-friendly CMS platform, brands can effortlessly update voice notes and gain valuable insights into user behavior through in-depth analytics. Additionally, Voicify enables seamless integration of voice commerce capabilities, prioritizes data security and privacy, provides customizable voice branding, optimizes voice applications for better search rankings, and easily integrates with leading analytics tools for a complete view, ensuring scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

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Can Voicify integrate with other platforms?

Voicify integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Teams, allowing businesses and developers to extend voice applications across channels, enhancing user experience. It's a valuable tool for creating and managing voice experiences. To join, you need to register yourself on the Voicify Affiliate Program's official website.

Curious about Voicify's affiliate programs?

Voicify, an AI Music Creation platform does offer an affiliate program. The program allows individuals or organizations to earn commissions by referring customers to Voicify's platform. This program operates on a performance-based model, enabling participants to receive up to 20% of the revenue from all the paid referrals they have made successfully referred.

Voicify Affiliate program

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What are the pricing plans of Voicify?

Voicify offers three pricing plans to suit different user needs. The 1st plan, “Credits,” costs $8.99 for 25 credits with no subscription and includes all voice models and the Essential AI Vocal Tool Kit. The 2nd plan, “Creator,” is priced at $24.99/month (originally $34.99) and provides unlimited generation credits, priority queue access, and 24/7 support, in addition to voice models and the Essential AI Vocal Tool Kit. The 3rd plan, “Power User,” is priced at $89.99/month and offers 3 monthly custom models, early access to features, unlimited generation credits, and priority queue access, along with voice models and the Essential AI Vocal Tool Kit.

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Voicify Pricing Plans

How does Voicify handle refunds?

Voicify’s approach to handling refunds is to ensure customer satisfaction. In case, a user is not satisfied with the Voicify service, the company offers a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. Users can connect to the customer support team and initiate the refund process.

Voicify Alternatives

  • Boomy: Boomy is an AI-powered music creation platform that helps anyone make original songs in seconds.
  • AIVA: AIVA is an artificial intelligence composer that can create original music in a variety of styles.
  • Beatsbrew: Beatsbrew is an AI-powered tool that helps you create high-quality audio samples effortlessly from text prompts.
  • Offers high quality results
  • Users can create their own AI models
  • Offers AI models from popular artists
  • Easy to use
  • Does not offer a free trial

Voicify Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Create your own song
  • $8.99
  • Customize the AI model based on your needs
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