• Create a organized knowledge base for your business
  • Empower your teams through AI 
  • Get all the answers related to your business in one place
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Build Custom Chatbots and Knowledge Bases Effortlessly! Tailor-made for professionals, Whismer offers the simplest way to create custom AI chatbots and knowledge bases, ensuring accurate answers from diverse resources. Customize AI’s expertise, share it seamlessly, and revolutionize learning and problem-solving with just a click. Experience the future of AI-powered solutions with Whismer today!


Key Features of Whismer

  • Easily create custom AI chatbots without any coding. Train your ChatGPT by uploading documents, links, and notes.
  • Tailor AI learning by uploading various file formats and notes. Whismer adapts to specific tasks for enhanced accuracy and problem-solving.
  • Build a professional AI knowledge base quickly. Whismer learns from your resources, providing answers and insights.
  • Share your customized AI with teams, clients, students, and friends. Expand accessibility with a single click.
  • Empower different contexts – work, customer service, learning, and more – by creating AI projects that cater to various needs.

Use Cases of Whismer

  • Enhanced Customer Support: Use Whismer to create a customer service AI that provides accurate answers from your resources, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Educational Assistance: Develop a learning AI with Whismer to help students access information and answers quickly, fostering a more efficient learning experience.
  • Collaborative Knowledge Sharing: Build a knowledge sharing AI for your team or friends using Whismer, enabling seamless information exchange and problem-solving.

Whismer Pricing Plans

Whismer Pricing Plans

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Whismer Alternatives

  • Remotebase: Remotebase is a platform that helps companies hire top 1% remote developers from around the world in 24 hours.
  • Hints: Hints is an AI-powered sales assistant that helps sales professionals capture data from meetings and update their CRM.
  • Ellie: Ellie is an AI email assistant that helps you automate your email inbox and reply to messages as if you wrote them yourself.
  • Offers Free Trial
  • Easy to use
  • No coding required to build chatbot
  • Does not offer a free plan

Whismer Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Create your own Chatbot!
  • $19/month
  • Get Unlimited queries
Try Whismer
Try Whismer for Free!
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