• Ignite creativity with WZRD.
  • Turn audio into captivating visuals with WZRD.
  • Distinguish yourself with WZRD's captivating visuals.

Sync visuals to your music with WZRD.

WZRD is an AI-powered music visualizer that transforms your audio into immersive and captivating visuals, elevating music videos, live performances, and events. With advanced audio analysis, a neural network-driven visual engine, and a variety of themes to choose from, WZRD offers a unique and engaging experience for creators and audiences alike. Unleash your creativity and revolutionize your content with WZRD’s cutting-edge technology.


Key Features of WZRD

  • WZRD utilizes advanced algorithms to detect percussion and harmonic elements in the audio, which are used to drive different parts of the video.
  • WZRD's visual engine uses audio elements to power a machine learning technique called a neural network, resulting in a unique and immersive visual experience.
  • A full video render is performed and combined with the user's audio, creating a seamless audiovisual experience.
  • WZRD offers a variety of themes for users to choose from, such as Modern Art, Machine Hallucinations, Sketch Art, Dark Sci-Fi, and more.
  • WZRD is designed for various creators, including musical artists, advertisers, and event organizers, allowing them to enhance their music videos, live performances, ads, and events with immersive visuals.

WZRD Use Cases

  • Music Videos: Elevate your music video with AI-generated, synchronized visuals.
  • Live Performances: Enhance live performances with immersive and captivating visuals.
  • Events: Create an unprecedented visual experience for your next event with AI-powered visuals.

WZRD Pricing Plans

WZRD does not offer different Pricing Plans. It offers users an option to buy credits. Each Credit is for $14 and offers 1 minute of Audio-Visual time.

Buy Credits as per your needs! Try WZRD now

WZRD Alternatives

  • WarpSound: WarpSound is an AI music visualizer tool that creates unique visual experiences for music videos and live performances.
  • Splashmusic: Splashmusic is another alternative for generating immersive visuals for music and live events.
  • Nonoisy: Nonoisy is an AI tool for streamlining audio post-production editing and enhancing audio quality.

WZRD Details

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  • Discover AI-driven visual magic with WZRD.
  • $14/credit
  • Enhance music videos and live shows.

Sync visuals to your music with WZRD.

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