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Unlock the future of Amazon success with ZonGuru’s cutting-edge toolkit. Experience instant page 1-ready listings using Listing Optimizer 4.0 powered by ChatGPT-4. Elevate sales, scale your business effortlessly, and stay connected with customers for unparalleled growth. Join serious sellers who trust ZonGuru’s powerful tools to dominate the Amazon landscape.


What is ZonGuru?

ZonGuru is an all-in-one tool suite designed to help Amazon sellers scale their businesses using AI-powered features and data-centric methods. With benefits such as optimized product listings, market insights, and competitive advantages, ZonGuru offers a comprehensive solution for sellers looking to maximize their sales and grow their Amazon business

ZonGuru's innovative AI integration, like ChatGPT for Amazon Listing Analysis, sets it apart from other tools in the market, making it an essential asset for Amazon sellers.

Who should use ZonGuru?

ZonGuru helps Amazon sellers looking to scale their businesses using data-driven strategies. It offers various optimization tools to help users conduct product research, optimize listings, track competitor performance, monitor intellectual property security, and increase customer reviews. It offers valuable insights and actionable strategies to fulfill the specific needs of Amazon business owners.

How does AI Listing Optimization Help?

Zonguru AI Listing Optimizer

AI Listing Optimization tool is a product of ZonGuru to help Amazon product sellers create and optimize their product listings. There are several features such as – 

Improve Your Product Listing in Minutes

Benefits of using Zonguru AI Listing Optimizer

It utilizes the power of ChatGPT-4 to find the best keywords for any Amazon category and auto-generate or rewrite product listings using that data.

Keywords on Fire Integration

Zonguru Integrations

AI Listing Optimizer is directly integrated with ZonGuru's flagship keyword research tool, Keywords on Fire. This allows users to get auto-recommended keywords or manually import their own keyword lists which sorts the tool based on potential performance.

Size Yourself Up

Zonguru listing strenght score analyzer

With its enhanced Optimization and Listing Strength scoring system, AI Listing Optimizer allows users to immediately know how well-optimized their listing is and how it stacks up against up to 8 competing ASINs.

Take Control With AI ‘Power’ Prompting

Zonguru AI Listing Optimizer 4.0

AI Listing Optimizer 4.0 offers more Power-Prompting features than ever, allowing users to give AI-specific instructions around tone, brand personality, format, product details, and more. This ensures the AI writes the perfect listing to suit the product or brand's needs.

Other Powerful Features by ZonGuru 

Niche Finder

Niche finder helps sellers find profitable product niches by analyzing various metrics including competition, demand, and revenue potential. Users can customize their search with up to 18 filters to find the best opportunities.


This feature helps sellers quickly find inspiration for product differentiation by generating word clouds containing commonly used phrases from 5-star and 1-star reviews. It helps users identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product and how to differentiate theirs.

Sales Spy

Sales Spy enables sellers to track competitors' performance by providing a year's worth of historical sales data for any Amazon product. Users can analyze trends, seasonality, and other factors that may affect sales.

Email Automator

Email Automator helps sellers create and send customized follow-up emails to their customers, helping to build customer relationships, increase engagement, and improve customer satisfaction.

Review Automator

It simplifies the process of requesting reviews from customers by automating the process and ensuring that requests are sent in compliance with Amazon's terms of service. It helps sellers increase the number of 5-star reviews, which can lead to higher sales.

ZonGuru Chrome Extension

ZonGuru's Chrome Extension is important for Amazon sellers. It offers real-time insights into product niches providing data on ratings, search volume, sales, ranking, and reviews. The Niche Score calculates Buyer Demand, Competition Opportunity, Investment Sweet Spot, and Revenue Potential, and aids in category viability assessment. With the built-in Profit Calculator users can smoothly estimate revenue and profit by checking packaging and shipping costs.

ZonGuru Use Cases

  • Product Research Excellence: Utilize ZonGuru's suite of product research tools to identify your next best-selling product. Gain a competitive edge by discovering high-potential products quickly and effectively.
  • Sales Maximization: Boost your product's performance with ZonGuru's comprehensive toolkit that guides you on placing the most impactful keywords and images to drive sales. Witness increased conversions and revenue as your products resonate with customers.
  • Business Scaling Made Simple: ZonGuru's user-friendly interface and accurate data allow you to effortlessly monitor your Amazon business's performance. Keep a close watch on your business's growth trajectory and make informed decisions.
  • Customer Engagement Strategies: Keep your customers engaged and satisfied with ZonGuru's tools designed to maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Listing Optimization Mastery: With ZonGuru's Listing Optimizer 4.0 powered by ChatGPT-4 to craft impactable optimized Amazon listings in less than a minute. Watch your products claim a spot on page 1 and stand out among the competition.
  • Has the necessary features to successfully run an FBA business
  • It has tools for boosting your brand's sales and preserving client loyalty
  • Free demo available
  • Powerful collaboration tools.
  • Short demo period

ZonGuru Pricing

PlansPrice per MonthPrice per YearFeatures
Researcher$49$348All the tools you need to find the perfect product: Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, Easy Source, Keywords on Fire, Listing Optimizer
Seller$79$588All the tools you need to grow your Amazon business: Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, Easy Source, Keywords on Fire, Listing Optimizer, Business Dashboard, My Products, My Orders, Keyword Tracker, Product Pulse, IP Monitor, Email Automator, Review Automator
Enterprise SolutionsCustomSpecifically Tailored to Agencies Agency Training & Certification, Sub-Account View for Each Brand, Internal Admin Dashboard, Marketplace Performance Reporting, Dedicated Customer Support Agents, Dedicated Slack Channel

ZonGuru Alternatives

Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-in-one suite of tools for Amazon sellers to help them research products, optimize listings, and manage their businesses.


PlansPrice per Month

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool that helps sellers find profitable products to sell, estimate sales, and spy on competitors.


PlansPrice per year


Perpetua is an AI-powered eCommerce advertising optimization platform that helps brands and sellers increase sales and improve their bottom line.


PlansPrice per Month
Pro$550 /% of ad spend managed in Perpetua

ZonGuru Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Conduct product research and maximize sales
  • $29/month
  • Scale your Amazon business
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