Winston AI vs Originality AI – In-depth Features Comparison (2024)

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Looking for the best tool to protect your content's authenticity? Which one: Winston AI or Originality AI?

After investing considerable time in perfecting the art of crafting unique content, are you still questioning yourself, ‘How do I ensure originality in my content?'

With Winston AI and Originality AI, ensuring the uniqueness and authenticity of your content is easier than ever.

These tools perfectly analyze your content and provide insightful data, guaranteeing its unparalleled nature!

Join us in a thorough comparison of Winston AI and Originality AI!

Comparing Winston AI vs Originality AI

FeaturesWinston AIOriginality AI
Lowest Paid PlanEssential ($12/month)Pay-as-you-go ($30 one-time)
Highest Paid PlanAdvanced ($19/month)Base Subscription ($14.95/month)
AI DetectionYesYes
Plagiarism DetectionYesYes
Readability ScanNoYes
Scan HistoryNot specified30 days for Pay-as-you-go, Unlimited for Base Subscription
Shareable ReportsYesYes
File UploadYesYes
APINoYes (Base Subscription)
Full Site ScansNoYes (Base Subscription)
Scan from URLNoYes (Base Subscription)
Team ManagementYes (Invite team members)Yes (Base Subscription)
Access To Future FeaturesNoYes (Base Subscription)

Let's take a quick overview of these two powerful AI content detection tools;

Winston AI Overview

Winston AI

Winston AI is an industry-leading AI content detection tool specifically built to check AI-generated content. It is particularly effective with content generated by Large Language Models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard.

It ensures original, human-made content for writers, preventing penalties from search engines. Also helps educators to verify content authenticity, aligning with their guidelines. Moreover, Web publishers can check the originality of the content before publishing.

The tool is user-friendly, allowing users to create a free account, organize and categorize their documents, and check for AI content.

Winston AI provides results in seconds, indicating the likelihood of the text being generated by a human or AI on a scale of 0-100. The tool also includes a plagiarism checker.

Originality AI Overview

Originality ai

Originality AI is a highly accurate AI content detector and plagiarism checker designed specifically for content marketers and SEO professionals.

It is effective on AI-written text created by popular large language models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard.

Impressively, It provides a way to protect sites from potential Google penalties for AI content and to avoid the risk of AI-generated content being published across an entire website with a single scan.

Furthermore, It also includes a readability feature to help content rank better on Google and other search engines.

Originality AI offers many features, including unlimited team members, scans, and checks for AI writing tools, plagiarism, and readability.

It also offers an AI Content Detector API to integrate its AI detection capabilities into other tools or workflows.

Originality AI logo

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Winston AI vs Originality AI (Features Comparison)

Winston AI and Originality AI, both tools offer a number of common features. However, Originality AI offers some extra features when compared to Winston AI. Let's have a look and compare some of their features;


AI Content Detection

Winston AI

Winston AI checks AI content generated with GPT-4 and many other Large Language Models. It boasts a 99.6% accuracy rate and is updated to keep up with every notable LLM update.

Originality AI

Originality AI also provides a highly accurate AI content detector feature for AI-written text from models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard.


Plagiarism Detection

Winston AI

Winston AI offers advanced plagiarism detection as part of its features. This allows users to scan their text for plagiarized content and generate a report that can be easily printed for their records.

Originality AI

Originality AI also provides a feature-rich plagiarism detector to ensure the content is copyright free. It is also the only Plagiarism Checker that is accurate at identifying Paraphrase Plagiarism (when a paraphrasing tool is used on either human or AI text).


Document Management and Scanning

Winston AI

Winston AI allows users to organize and categorize their documents and files with ease. Users can label their documents with a title and author, and view them by type for simple and efficient retrieval.

It supports text pasting for quick scans or document uploads in formats like .docx, .png, and .jpg.

Winston AI also uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text from scanned documents or pictures.

Originality AI

Originality AI also offers features for managing large volumes of content. It provides team management, report sharing, and AI content detection history functions.

Notably, Originality AI offers a free Google Chrome extension that allows users to visualize the document creation process.


Readability Score

Winston AI

Unfortunately, Winston AI does not offer a readability score feature. However, it does provide a detailed report on the AI content detection results, which could indirectly help users improve the readability of their content by identifying and correcting AI-generated text.

Originality AI

Originality AI offers a readability score feature. It provides the ideal test and scores to help users rank in Google.

It uses the most reliable 4 readability tests and a recommended range that ~70% of the top results in Google have.

This feature is included when users run a plagiarism scan. Originality AI also completed a 20k result study identifying the target readability score for the top results on Google.


Team Management

Winston AI

Winston AI does offer the ability to invite team members as part of its paid plans, which could facilitate collaboration and team management to some extent.

Originality AI

Originality AI provides a dedicated team management feature. Users can add and remove unlimited team members, manage their access level, and see a complete record of all their activity including AI written content vs Human written content scan scores.


Shareable Reports

Winston AI

Winston AI allows users to generate a report that can be easily printed for their records. This report includes the results of the AI content detection and plagiarism check.

Originality AI

Originality AI also offers shareable reports. With the Share Scan link, users can easily show anyone that their content meets their AI, Plagiarism, and Readability requirements.

This feature is particularly useful for content marketing agencies that need to prove to their clients that their content is original.

Winston AI vs Originality AI (Pricing Comparison)

1. Winston AI Pricing

Winston AI Pricing Plans
Plan NamePriceFeatures
Free Plan$0/month– Up to 2,000 Words Scan
– Advanced AI detection
– Email and Chat support
– Scan documents, pictures and handwriting (OCR)
Essential Plan$12/month– Up to 80,000 Words Scan
– Advanced AI detection
– Email and Chat support
– Scan documents, pictures and handwriting (OCR)
– Generate shareable PDF reports
Advanced Plan$19/month– Up to 200,000 Words Scan
– Advanced AI detection
– Advanced plagiarism detection
– Email and Chat support
– Scan documents
– Scan pictures and handwriting (OCR)
– Generate shareable PDF reports
– Unlimited team members
– Top-up Credits.

2. Originality AI Pricing

Originality AI Pricing
Plan NamePriceFeatures
Pay-as-you-go$30 one-time– 3000 Credits (1 Credit Scans 100 Words)
– Additional Credits $0.01/credit
– 2 years expiry
– AI Scan
– Plagiarism Scan
– Readability Scan
– 30 Day Scan History
– Shareable Reports
Base Subscription$14.95/month– 2000 Credits (1 Credit Scans 100 Words)
– Additional Credits $0.01/credit
– AI Scan
– Plagiarism Scan
– Readability Scan
– Unlimited Scan History
– Shareable Reports
– File Upload (docx, doc, pdf)
– Full Site Scans
– Scan from URL
– Team Management
– Tag Scans
– Access To Future Features

Winston AI vs Originality AI (Pros & Cons)

1. Winston AI

What we like about Winston AIAreas of Improvement in Winston AI
High AI writing detection rate of 99.6%.Supports only English, French, Spanish and German.
User-friendly interface with multiple text format support.Lacks a website scanner-chrome plugin.
Capable of scanning large documents.
Offers printable, shareable reports and a free trial.

2. Originality AI

What we liked about Originality AIOriginality AI should work on
Provide High confidence score in detecting AI content.Limited understanding of language nuances.
Average detection score of 79.14%.
Provides detailed results with readability score.
Integrated with SEO tools like Yoast SEO.

End Note: What's the best tool for you?

After a thorough analysis of Winston AI vs Originality AI, the AiMojo team have found Originality AI to be the top choice.

While we know that Winston AI is also a great choice, but when compared to Originality AI, it lacks some main features like readability score and team management.

Noteworthily, Originality AI excels in accurate content detection, plagiarism checks and also helps you to optimize your content with its readability score.

On an end note, Our recommendation is Originality AI, an easy-to-use and powerful AI assistant that guarantees content originality.

What about you – which tool will you choose to ensure the authenticity of your content?

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