FinTech Festival Thailand 2023: AI, Digital Assets, WEB3, and Blockchain Under One Roof  

Welcome the age of revolution in the upcoming FinTech expo FinTech Festival Thailand 2023, the global series of networking events which is scheduled for 27 and 28 September in Bangkok, Thailand this year.

Talking more about the FinTech Festival Thailand 2023, it will provide a friendly setting for the all the international FinTech community to connect, interact, and work together.

About FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

FinTech Festival Thailand

The FinTech Festival Thailand 2023 is expected to draw the most impressive lineup of participants, speakers, and exhibitors from across the globe, and not just from Asia.

With covering a wide range of industry-specific topics, FinTech Festival Thailand 2023, will talk about Insurtech, AI, Digital Assets and WEB3, Blockchain, Exchanges, Regtech, Roboadvisors, P2P, Investments, Trading, and Cybersecurity.

If you own a cutting-edge FinTech company from Thailand or anywhere nearby, this is the best place to be. You can get caught up in the most recent debates concerning the financial industry and discover the most well-known features.

FinTech Festival Thailand 2023 will host the entire international FinTech community together with a number of artists. At the FinTech Festival 2023, the most recent business breakthroughs and concepts will be explored. More than 15,000 individuals from around the world are also extremely likely to attend.

Who should attend FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

FinTech Festival Thailand

The best and most favorable location for the whole FinTech sector, especially whether you are a significant player, a startup, or a well-known global brand.

Whether you are an investor or a startup, this event will offer some of the most direct business and networking possibilities with some of the most attentive FinTech developers. Have a blast while mingling with these industry heavyweights and discussing forthcoming trends and collaborations. This event presents numerous opportunities for business expansion.

As an attendee, one can grasp a number of topics surrounding the current trends. Also, receive the most updated information about the financial sector and have a chance to meet the top officials from the government, regulators, financial services, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Speakers at FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

From having one of the best speakers list, the event will have Myrtle Anne Ramos, the founder, and CEO of Block Tides, PlaceWar, Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Founder & Group Chief Executive officer at Bitkub, and Axel Winter, the CEO of Pivot Digital, as some of its guest speakers who will take over the stage.

Speakers at Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

????️ Speakers List for FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

Schedule of FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

The Welcome Party is all set to take place on September 26 a day prior to the main event that will take place on September 27 and 28. This event has been specially organized for the VIP ticket holders-only and will be hosted in the Royal Paragon Hall.

1️⃣ Day One at FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

The first day of the event, on September 27 will begin with a panel discussion on the topic of The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in FinTech: How are advancements in AI and machine learning changing the landscape of FinTech?

Next will be a similar section of a panel session that will focus on The Future of Payments: How Will Digital Assets Transform the Industry will be held by Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa and Ryan Liew.

You can attend a number of similar sessions taking place during the span of the event, throughout the day. One can also attend the topic which covers “Analyzing the geopolitical implications of cryptocurrency, and exploring its potential role in shaping international relations.”

2️⃣ Day Two at FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

Similarly on the second day, you can your ears on the topic of Emerging Investment Trends in Asia: What are the emerging investment trends in Asia and how are they impacting the investment landscape in the Web 2 and Web 3 space? A few of such similar topics will give a head start to the event.

Other similar topics, would be about “Discussing the potential of smart contracts to automate the FinTech industry and examining the challenges and opportunities.” and “Every company can become a FinTech company. What support is needed, and how can regulators or governing bodies help to support the infrastructure that is needed?”

Passes for the FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

If you want to be a part of this great finance event you can buy your passes from the official website of FinTech Festival Thailand 2023 These passes can be bought in four different price ranges that will cover different activities of the event.

FinTech Festival Thailand Tickets

FinTech Festival Thailand offers a variety of ticket options to cater to the diverse interests and needs of attendees. The event will take place on September 27th and 28th at the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • EXPO Pass: This pass grants access to the Expo Hall, where attendees can explore the latest fintech solutions and innovations. It also includes entry to Workshop halls 1 and 2, where participants can engage in interactive sessions and gain insights into industry best practices.
  • STANDARD Pass: In addition to Expo and Workshop access, the STANDARD Pass provides entry to the Conference hall, allowing attendees to participate in thought-provoking discussions. STANDARD Pass holders will also receive an attendee's bag and conference agenda records.
  • BUSINESS Pass: BUSINESS Pass holders enjoy all the benefits of the STANDARD Pass, plus exclusive privileges such as Business registration access, Business seats at the Conference, Welcome Party access, Networking Hall access, and Gala Dinner access.
  • VIP Pass: The VIP Pass offers the most comprehensive FTF experience, including all the features of the BUSINESS Pass, as well as VIP registration access, VIP seats at the Conference, access to the F&B lunch hall, and priority access to all social events.

Ticket prices for the event are as follows: EXPO Pass is free, STANDARD Pass costs 128 USD, Business Pass costs 350 USD, and VIP Pass costs 750 USD. 

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