AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023: Delivering AI Knowledge for Smarter Future

AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023 which is the biggest event in the field of tech-based events, is to be held from the 30th of November to the 1st of December, in Olympia, London. The AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023 has been organized to deliver the most informative knowledge to build a smarter future.

With multiple segments being targeted the event will have IoT, Cyber Security and Cloud, blockchain, edge computing, digital transformation, and 5G discussed during the event.

The event is best for those who belong to the tech-based industry or have a keen interest in it. You get to hear about Enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep learning, Data ecosystem as well as NLP.

About AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

The AI & Big Data Expo 2023 will have a number of speakers from across the world, having focused on various industries. They will be coming forward to have great discussions over a number of technological advancement topics and also share the news about the latest developments in the world of AI and Big Data.

AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

The event which is being hosted at the Olympia in London will also showcase the next generation of technological advancements as well as discuss a few strategies that are based upon the rise of Artificial Intelligence. All the information and the time you spend will be of use when it comes to practical knowledge and field experience.


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Key Agenda to be Discussed in AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

The AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023 will be having a discussion on key agendas including the following:

  • Responsible AI
  • Ethical AI
  • AI Against Hackers
  • AI Led Personalization
  • Data Monetization
  • Data Quality Management
  • Enterprise Adoption of AI
  • The Augmented Workforce
  • The Rise of AIOps
  • Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation
  • The Augmented Workforce

and many more!!

Who Should Attend AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023?

This event AI & Big Data Expo 2023 will perform the best for those who belong to the IT industry, coding, or anyone who really wishes to learn more about the upcoming technology.

AI & Big Data Expo Global

With having a number of events and speeches, the AI and Big Data Expo will have the most cutting-edge technologies in the expo that will be showcased by over 200 exhibitors. You can witness over 150 speakers talking about their experiences and what would be the next step in technological advancement. As an attendee, you can learn about the unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences that they have personally faced.

Speakers List for AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

As we had mentioned earlier, the event will have a number of speakers who belong to various fields and have great experience. The list of globally renowned companies joining the AI & Big Data Expo Global will consist of McDonald's, GSK, Citi, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Headspace, and McKinsey & Company, just to mention a few!

The list begins with Boyu Fan, who is a data scientist at Conde Nast, and Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos the Director, Head of Machine Learning Technologies at Barclays. Then Dr. Maya Dillon Associate Director – AI, Cambridge Consultants, and Gurpreet Muctor, Chief Architect & Data Officer, Smart Cities, at Westminster City Council.

AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023 Speakers

Speakers List for AI & Big Data Expo Global

Schedule for AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

The event has two separate segments divided between those who have a paid pass and those who will be attending the event for free.

1️⃣ Day One at AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

On the first day, 30 Nov 2023, the ones with the paid pass can attend the presentations surrounding the topic of Disrupting Landscape with Edge AI will begin followed by a Keynote presentation on Edge AI, Enabling Agile Processes, A Competitive Advantage with AI, and ML, AI Leading the Digital Banking Revolution, AI and ML building business capabilities, Multi-Sensory Inputs with Multimodal Learning and AI Enabled Healthcare – Aiding the Patient Experience.

Panel discussions on the topic of Ethical, Responsible & Governance – Scaling AI Safely, Scouting Cyber Threats through AI, converging technologies

As for the free pass holders, they can attend the presentation on Enterprise Adoption of AI – A Digital Journey, Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation, Building Trust Through Explainability for AI and Digital Transformation, Learning like Humans through Reinforcement Learning, Low-code, and No-code Technologies – Closing the Skills Gap.

Following this, the list of panel discussions for the free pass holders will have topics surrounding Building an Augmented Workforce, and Talking Digitally with NLP.

2️⃣ Day Two at AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

On day two, the paid pass holder will be able to attend the presentations topics surrounding, Data Democratisation – Distributing the Workflow, The State of Play for DaaS Business Models, Optimising Data Quality Management, Back to Basics – Creating a Strong Data Mesh Strategy and more.

Similarly, panel discussions will be around the topics of Making the Most of Data and Real-Time Responses through Real-Time Intelligence.

For the free pass holders, the day will have presentations around Calling Machine Learning Platforms in the age of Generative Models, AI, the Current Market, and Future Progressions, Leveraging Generative AI, The Evolving World of AI, ML and Deep Learning, Quantum AI, The Next Frontier.

Tickets for AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

Passes for the event are separated into four different segments. You can get a pass by registering yourself on the website itself.

Tickets for AI & Big Data Expo Global

Book Your Tickets for AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

Venue for AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023

The venue for this year's AI & Big Data Expo has been chosen to be Olympia, London. The venue is referred to as the Olympia Exhibition Centre, which is an event place and a conference center in west Kensington.

The place opened in the year 1886 and hence it has a historical value as well. 

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