AI and Big Data Expo, Europe 2023: Bringing up the AI and Technological Advancements

AI and Big Data Expo Europe brings you the most informative and technologically advanced expo which will be held in Amsterdam from 26 to 27 of September this year. The event will be focusing on vast topics such as 5G, IOT, Blockchain, Cyber Security and Cloud, and Edge Computing. The event will even talk about the aspects of Digital Transformation.

With everything tech, the AI and Big Expo Europe 2023 will be the best-in-class event for those who are interested in learning about topics of the data ecosystem, NLP, Enterprise API, Machine Learning, security, and even ethical AI.

You will surely have your mind lost by visiting the event and discovering the intelligence of the future of AI.

About AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023

AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023

With a number of speakers already invited, the event AI and Big Data Expo 2023 is surely going to be a blast that will create an impact on the AI-based industry and even the technological industry. The multi-day event will showcase technologies based on next-gen machines. And that's not it, the world of AI will take a step forward within this event as it will have the best opportunity to expose and explore as well as discover a lot many things that haven't come forward yet.

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AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023
AI and Big Data Expo Europe
Tuesday 26 September, 2023 – Sunday 27 August, 2023
RAI, , , , AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
The expo focuses on enterprise AI, machine learning, security, ethical AI, deep learning, data ecosystems, and natural language processing. The event is expected to attract around 6,000 attendees from various sectors, including CTOs, CDOs, CIOs, heads of IoT, AI/ML, IT directors, product leads, software engineers,etc.

AI and Big Data Expo will be held on : 26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023, RAI, AMSTERDAM

Topics Covered:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Business Intelligence
  • Development
  • Deep Learning

The AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023 will feature:

  • 6,000 Attendees
  • 6 Co-Located Events
  • 6 Free In-Person Tracks
  • 150+ Speakers from around the globe
  • 200+ Exhibitors from AI and Data industries
  • 56% Director Level & Above Attendees

Key 2023 topics include:

AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023 is an event that showcases the latest advancements in AI and Big Data and how they are shaping various industries. This year, the event will focus on important topics that are driving the future:

  • Responsible AI: We'll discuss the ethical considerations and responsible use of AI to ensure it benefits society as a whole.
  • AI Against Hackers: Learn about strategies and solutions that leverage AI to strengthen cybersecurity and protect against cyber threats.
  • AI Led Personalization: Discover how AI is transforming personalized experiences and customer interactions in different industries.
  • Data Monetization: Explore ways to unlock the value of data through advanced analytics and strategies that drive revenue growth.
  • Data Quality Management: Address the challenges of maintaining accurate and reliable data and explore best practices in data quality management.
  • Enterprise Adoption of AI: Dive into successful case studies and strategies for effectively implementing and scaling AI solutions in organizations.
  • The Augmented Workforce: Explore the collaboration between humans and AI technologies to enhance productivity and drive innovation.
  • The Rise of AIOps: Understand how AI-powered operations are transforming IT operations and service management.
  • Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation: Examine the role of AI in driving digital transformation initiatives and gaining a competitive edge.

These topics will be explored through engaging presentations, panel discussions, and insights shared by industry experts. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and actionable insights to navigate the ever-changing world of AI and Big Data.

Who should attend the AI and Big Data Expo Europe?

The event is best for those who have a keen interest in technology and want to learn every bit of the upcoming advancements in it. Also if you wish to see the progress in the world of AI, it is surely a place where you should be.

The AI and Big Data Expo Europe is one event that shouldn't be missed by anyone but especially those who are IT Directors, Telecom Providers, Developers, Start-Ups, OEMs, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs, and more.

Speakers list of AI and Big Data Expo Europe?

The event will have a number of guest speakers that hold a great experience in the field of technology. These speakers will be sharing their valuable words with the attendees and also share the latest information about the progress that the technology industry has made.

Beginning with the list, amongst the first few speakers are Maarten van den Outenaar, Head of Data, Chief Data Office, Royal Schiphol Group, Irakli Beridze, Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, UNICRI, United Nations, Snachit Juneja, ​Director – Product Data Science & Machine Learning Platform at and Joris Krijger, AI & Ethcis specialist de Volksbank.

Here are a few more from the grand list of speakers at AI and Big Data Expo Europe.

Speakers list of AI and Big Data Expo Europe

Tickets for AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023

The passes for  AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023 can be bought on the website of the event.

Limited Complimentary Conference Passes Available!

AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023 is thrilled to announce the availability of a limited number of complimentary all-access tickets. These exclusive passes are reserved for industry leaders from selected vertical industries and senior executives who are seeking to foster innovation within their specific market segments and embrace disruptive technologies.

The FREE Conference Pass provides free access to all areas of the event, granting recipients unparalleled opportunities for knowledge acquisition, networking, and gaining cutting-edge insights. This is a not-to-be-missed chance to become part of the future of AI and big data.

As the number of complimentary passes is limited, interested individuals are encouraged to request theirs promptly. Simply click below to secure your spot at the premier tech event of the year.

Schedule of AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023

The event will have two separate segments for the ones who have paid for the passes and the ones to wish to attend the event for free.

Day 1 Agenda

On Day One, the paid ones will be able to explore the in-depth discussion about AI advancements and technological progress. From 10 am to the evening at 5 pm. The schedule is fully packed with presentations and panel discussions on the topic of Edge AI – Enabling Agile Processes, Responsible from the Start, Ethical, Responsible & Governance, AI Against Hackers, counting Cyber Threats through AI, and A Competitive Advantage with AI and ML.

Similarly, one can witness intelligent topics such as AI Leading the Digital Banking Revolution, Converging Technologies, and Operational Al and ML Building Business Capabilities.

As for those who wish to attend the event for free, the first day of the event will have presentations by keynote speakers, who will focus on various aspects of the industry. To begin with, the topics that will be discussed will revolve around Big Data & ML in Scaling Organisations, Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation, and Building Trust Through Explainability for AI and Digital Transformation.

Also, the panel discussion on Building an Augmented Workforce and Talking Digitally with NLP will be held by the two most precise speakers.

Day 2 Agenda

On Day Two of AI and Big Data Expo Europe, the ones who have paid passes can attend the Presentation on topics such as Tracing the Data Footprints: Unlocking Advanced Considerations in Implementing Data Lineage, The State of Play for DaaS Business Models, Optimising Data Quality Management, Creating a Strong Data Mesh Strategy throughout the day.

Similarly panel discussions on Making the Most of Data, Real-Time Responses through Real-Time Intelligence, Governance, Security & Compliance will be held.

And for those who wish to attend day two of AI and Big Data Expo Europe for free can be a part of the presentation on Spice Girl Gap in Digital Transformation, AI, the Current Market and Future Progressions, and Leveraging Generative AI.

The panel discussions on the Future of AI Enabled Experiences, Evolving World of AI, ML, and Deep Learning, along with a presentation on Quantum AI, The Next Frontier will be held for those with the free passes on day two.

The expo will also feature a dedicated networking party at Strandzuid Boathouse, next to the RAI, Amsterdam. This event allows paying attendees to network and create contacts with some of the industry's biggest names.

Venue of  AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023

The venue for this year's AI and Big Data Expo Europe has been chosen to be RAI, Amsterdam. It has got a number of names from RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, formerly Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, or simply RAI Amsterdam.

With a reputation for having the best business and art exhibitions to date, the convention center is also a historical monument as it opened in the year 1961.

If you wish to be a part of the successful future that runs along technological advancements, you should not miss this upcoming event at any cost.  Be a part of AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023 and witness what goes around in the AI industry and what advancement could hit the near future.

Don't miss out on the most exciting AI event of the year! AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023 promises to be an immersive and enlightening experience, showcasing the latest breakthroughs, innovations, and opportunities in the world of AI. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a business professional, or an industry leader, this event is tailor-made for you. Join us in Amsterdam as we explore the frontiers of AI, learn from top experts, network with like-minded individuals, and gain actionable insights that will propel your understanding and expertise to new heights.

Secure your ticket now and be a part of this transformative journey into the future of AI. Don't just witness the revolution – be a part of it at AI and Big Data Expo Europe 2023!

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