AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023: Become Part of the Greatest Machine Learning Summit

Witness a full day of case studies involving AI, from the cloud to the edge at the AI Hardware and Edge AI Sumit 2023. The dates for this event have been scheduled for September 12ā€“14, 2023.  

On the exhibition floor, you may see numerous product debuts, demos, and showcases growing. Attend the most original AI conference where you can hear about the latest developments in the field of technology. It includes a few cutting-edge subjects as well as machine learning-related topics. 

About AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023

AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit

This event will fulfill most of your fantasies if you are a tech-savvy person and are inclined or enthused about any news related to technology. At this event, you will be surrounded by professionals and attendees who share your mentality of having great knowledge about AI and technology.

The gathering has been planned for both the vendors of technology and the professionals in machine learning. Modern subjects and useful tutorials are both covered at the summit. You will undoubtedly learn about the most recent technological advancements taking place throughout the globe thanks to this event. 

40% of the crowd is anticipated to be from the machine learning niche as the event's days come closer.  In addition to all of this, the flagship AI event, which has excellent infrastructure and an ecosystem, will converge with a tech bazaar that will focus on software, tooling, and applications that leverage machine learning technology. 

If you have any items, the AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit is the perfect and best venue for you to sell them. 

Speakers List for AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023

AI Hardware and Edge for AI Summit 2023 will be the greatest event in the field of technology, as the visitors attending this event will receive an abundance of knowledge.

Speakers list for AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit

The event will have a number of stages and an arena filled with knowledge. This is where you will be exposed to the most recent industry insights, all thanks to more than 40 speakers from a variety of fields.

The list is led by Amin Vahdat, Fellow & VP of ML, Systems & Cloud AI at Google, Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent, Alexis Black Bjorlin, VP, of Infrastructure Hardware at Meta, and Andrew Ng, Founder, and CEO of Landing AI. 

šŸš€Speakers in AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023

Besides the above-mentioned speaker list, a variety of speakers from many industries can be heard giving excellent talks. 

Who should attend AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023?

This event is definitely intended for those who work in a technical field, and are interested in software development or are an engineer or architects. 

The list of attendees already includes several Heads of AIML, Data Science Research Scientists, ML Ops, Frameworks & Library Experts, System Engineers, and architects, in addition to others who work in the domains stated above. 

The AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023 will be a blast since it will cover a wide range of topics, including data engineering, training, deployment, service, as well as inference. 

Catch the latest and most informative sessions about the hardware industry and also about the system infrastructure.  

Schedule of AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023

Registrations will begin at 9 AM on the very first day of the event which is 12 September. This will be followed by a Luminary Keynote, Data-Centric AI and Its Implications for ML Systems by Andrew Ng.

Following this, Marc Tremblay, another keynote speaker, will discuss Big Transformers: The Future of Enterprise AI.

Jim Keller will present talks on AI Acceleration & RISC V before a networking lunch. Following the lunch break, Soojung Ryu will give a presentation on the Efficient Server AI Track: A Server AI Platform with 4x Improvements and 50% Less Cost than Competitor GPU Tiers. 

Soojung Ryu's lecture will be followed by Cheng Wang's talk on the AI HW & Systems Design Track, Reconfigurable AI Computing. 

Wayne Wang will present Accelerating the AIGC Era with Sparse Computing after Jia Li and Krishna Rangasayee's presentation on Multimodal Learning Implications for AI Training and Inference.  

Dan McCreary will moderate a panel discussion on lowering the costs of fine-tuning foundation models, while in the other hand, Steven Woo will present Memory Challenges for the next generation of AI/ML computers

Similarly, a variety of experienced speakers will participate in other panel discussions. 

During the morning networking session on the second day of the conference, Wednesday, September 13, 2023, keynote speakers Alexis Black Bjorlin and Petr Lapukhov from Meta will give opening remarks. 

Ankur Gupta and Mo Movahed will then deliver the keynote address on the topic of AI in everything, At the Edge, All the Time. Adaptable AI at the Edge: Scalability and Flexibility is the subject of yet another keynote speaker, David Glasco

ML Infrastructure: The “Hidden Figure” of Applied AI will be another presentation. This will lead to Stitching Together the Cloud and Edge Nodes – Trade-Offs For Edge Inference and Opportunities at the Ā“Near EdgeĀ“ by Prasad Saripalli

Pushpak Pujari's talk, Making Software Efficient Across Diverse Platforms, will be followed by Sakyasingha Dasgupta's talk, on the tAn Integrated Hardware and Software Edge Platform for Energy-Efficient AI Acceleration

After a short networking break, panel discussions will begin with Nikhil Gulati and Jaya Kawale speaking about product-ionizing AI – A Multidisciplinary & Full Stack Effort – Challenges and Solutions. 

Julius Lo will have a panel discussion on Scaling Recommendation Systems Infrastructure: Overcoming Memory and latency Challenges.  Gayathri Radhakrishnan and Sakyasingha Dasgupta will participate in the third-panel discussion of the day, which will be titled “Balancing Trade-Offs For Edge AI Computing – When to Deploy on Edge Nodes and When to Keep it Cloud.” 

Amin Vahdat will give the opening keynote address on the third and last day of the conference about ML Systems and Services. Bratin Saha's Amazon Keynote on ML Systems & Services will come next. 

Following the networking lunch, Animesh Singh will give a talk titled Scaling Machine Learning Platforms in the Age of Generative AI. Prashant Tiwari will then offer a case study titled Software Architecture for Operational Digital Twins in Production on the Automotive Factory Floor. 

Behnam Bastani will give a talk on Efficient ML in the Metaverse following one by Vikas Chandra on Generative AI for AR & VR Devices. Sutanay Choudhury and Anuj Dutt will participate in panels on Fast and Accurate Predictions from 3D Molecular Structures and Model Compression Techniques for ML Model Deployment in Wearables, respectively. 

Presentation on ‘Revolutionising Healthcare with ML: Use Cases, Implementation Challenges, and How AI-Optimized HW Can Help' will be carried out by Eugenio Zuccarrelli, and Becky Soltanian will handle Edge ML for Robotic & Autonomous Systems. 

Passes for AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023

The tickets are available in three different categories. You can buy these below-shown tickets and be a part of this grand AI Hardware event.

šŸ‘‰šŸ‘‰ Book Your Passes for AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit 2023

AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit Passes

Venue for AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit 2023

The Santa Clara Marriott in California has been chosen to be the location for this year's AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit. 

You can take advantage of a variety of amenities while your days at the hotel. The Santa Clara Marriott in California has it all, from sipping on cool cocktails at the bar to dining on the best food. You won't have to worry about any disturbances while your visit to the hotel because the entire facility is smoke-free. 

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