13+ Best AI Code Generators for 2024 – The Future of Coding

Best AI Code Generators

Is coding still a time-consuming chore for you?

If so, you might be missing out on the game-changing tools that are reshaping the software development terrain. AI code generators have become the go-to resource for developers, simplifying the coding process like never before. These tools utilize artificial intelligence to automate coding tasks, freeing up developers to focus on more complex issues. This article will explore some of the best AI code generators available today and how they are transforming the field of software development.

What are AI Code Generators?

AI code generators are tools that use AI algorithms, particularly machine learning and natural language processing, to generate code. They come in two main types: template-based and neural network-based.

Template-based code generators use pre-built templates that developers can modify, while neural network-based ones create new structures from scratch.

These tools simplify coding by efficiently generating billions of lines of code. They can create top-notch code from plain English descriptions, automatically complete code functions when given a specific name, and even provide concise summaries of those functions in natural language descriptions.

If you are running out of time, consider the below-mentioned table for quick overview;

ToolsPricing (Starting)Money Back GuaranteeRatings
Tabnine$12/month Per user30-day (100% Refund)4.1/5 (G2)
Cody by SourcegraphFreemiumN/A4.6/5 (G2)
Stenography$20/monthN/A4.64/5 (Product Hunt)
Replit GhostWriter$7/monthNo Refund5/5 (Product Hunt)
DebuildFreemium (Contact Sales)N/AN/A
AI2sql$7/monthNo Refund4.8/5 (Product Hunt)
GitHub Copilot$10/month Self-Serve Refunds4.6/5 (G2)
CodigaContact SalesContact Support4.6/5 (G2)
SeekContact Sales60-day Refund (Conditions Apply)4.2/5 (Glassdoor)
EnzymePricing Available Upon RequestNo Obligation to Provide a Refund5/5 (Capterra)
Durable$12/month30-day money back guarantee4.1/5 (Product Hunt)
MutableAI$ 10/ month per seatContact Support5/5 (Product Hunt)
Mintlify$120/monthN/A5/5 (G2)
AskCody$9.99/monthContact Support4.8/5 (G2)

Now, let's understand each tool and examine their features and pricing in depth.

1. Tabnine

Tabnine Review

Tabnine is a powerful AI code completion tool that uses machine learning algorithms to predict and suggest code as you type.

It integrates seamlessly with popular code editors and supports over 20 programming language models, making it a versatile tool for developers.

Tabnine's deep learning model has been trained on millions of files from GitHub, allowing it to understand and predict code in a context-aware manner. This tool is designed to increase productivity by reducing the time spent on typing and syntax errors.

Top Features of Tabnine:

  • It offers whole-line and full-function code completions right in the editor, using generative AI technology to predict and suggest the next lines of code based on context and syntax.
  • Tabnine provides long, accurate, and advanced code completions, aiming to make developers 10x more productive.
  • It supports various programming languages, including popular ones like JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript, Visual Studio, as well as niche language models like Rust, Go, and Bash.
  • Tabnine can be run locally on a developer's laptop, on a server inside the firewall, or in the cloud, based on security and compliance requirements.
  • It improves code quality and consistency by suggesting completions aligned with coding patterns and reducing code review iterations.

Tabnine Plans and Pricing:

PlanFeaturesUsersPrice (per user)
StarterUp to 100 Users1 User$0 per month
Pro– Advanced code completion
– Whole-line & full-function code completions
– Natural language to code completions
– Learns your coding patterns & style
– Standard support
up to 100 Users$12 per month
Enterprise– All Pro features
– Context-aware completions
– Control hosting options
– Premium support
Unlimited UsersContact for pricing

2. Cody by Sourcegraph

Cody by Sourcegraph Review

Cody is an AI-powered code review tool that automates the process of code reviews, bug detection, and fixing. It provides meaningful suggestions based on the context of your code, helping to improve code quality and maintain coding standards.

Cody's ability to learn from your codebase and provide personalized feedback sets it apart from other code review tools. It integrates with popular code hosting platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, making it a convenient addition to any developer's toolkit.

Cody by Sourcegraph offers two pricing tiers including Free Plan and Enterprise Plan. Exact pricing for the Enterprise Plan can be availed by contacting their sales team.

Top Features of Cody:

  • It can answer code-related questions, write and fix code, and understand both the user's specific codebase and the code graph.
  • Cody is capable of navigating your codebase, finding functions and components, and directing you to where they are defined.
  • It can explain the functionality of code in a simple language model, at both a high level and a detailed level.
  • Cody can act as a pair programmer, identifying potential code smells, bugs, and unhandled errors, and offering suggestions for fixes.
  • It is capable of translating code snippets between programming languages, providing equivalent functionality in different languages.
  • It can generate documentation based on your code, for instance, creating docstrings for classes or functions.
  • Cody can suggest the next few lines of code as you start typing, thereby assisting in code completion.

3. Stenography

Stenography Review

Stenography is an AI-powered code Assistant that focuses on creating efficient shorthand code. It uses advanced AI algorithms to understand the developer's intent and generate concise, readable code.

Stenography's unique selling point is its ability to simplify complex coding tasks, making it easier for developers to write and understand their code. It supports multiple programming languages and integrates with popular code editors, making it a versatile tool for developers of all levels.

Top Features of Stenography:

  • Provides a simple and intuitive interface for developers to generate code.
  • Offers a wide range of programming languages for code generation.
  • Uses AI to understand the context and generate the most suitable code.
  • Allows developers to focus on logic and design, rather than syntax and semantics.

Stenography Pricing:

PlanPrice per monthInvocations per monthChrome ExtensionPopulated Documentation ExplanationsStack Overflow Search SuggestionsAPI Access
Tier I$101,000YesYesYesYes
Tier II$202,500YesYesYesYes
TeamContact Us100,000 + overageYesYesYesYes

4. Replit GhostWriter

Replit GhostWriter Review

Replit GhostWriter is an AI-powered coding assistant that auto-fills code in real time as you type. It uses machine learning algorithms to predict and suggest code, helping to prevent syntax errors and improve coding efficiency.

One of GhostWriter's key features is its seamless integration with the Replit online code editor, allowing developers to write, run, and debug code all in one place.

Its ability to learn from your coding style and provide personalized suggestions sets it apart from other code completion tools.

Top Features of Replit GhostWriter:

  • It provides autocomplete suggestions, context-sensitive code recommendations, proactive debugging, and pair programming through its chat feature.
  • The AI is capable of generating and improving code based on user prompts, identifying and fixing runtime errors, and offering easy-to-understand code summaries. It also aids in coding with unfamiliar codebases, frameworks, APIs, and programming languages.
  • Ghostwriter's functionality extends to tasks such as creating a new Express server, writing test cases, refactoring React components, styling websites without a designer, and building with Twitter API.
  • Replit's online IDE requires no downloads, configurations, or setup. It offers a workspace with tools, a web view, and a console. Users can customize the workspace, use different themes, and build or install custom applications.
  • Replit enables collaboration with multiplayer capabilities, an integrated Git workflow, a chat feature, inline code discussion threads, and a mobile app for coding on the go.

Moreover, It also provides additional features like secure environment variable storage, deployment capabilities backed by Google Cloud Platform, user-friendly key-value store databases, a universal package manager, code-driven unit tests, and file history.

Replit GhostWriter Pricing:

  • Ghostwriter is available through the Pro plan, which costs $20 per month.
  • Ghostwriter can also be purchased separately for 1,000 Cycles per month, which is equivalent to $10 per month.

5. Debuild

Debuild Review

Debuild automates the process of building and deploying applications. It uses AI algorithms to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up developers to concentrate on intricate project details.

Debuild's unique selling point is its ability to significantly speed up the development process, making it an invaluable tool for developers working on tight deadlines.

It supports multiple programming languages and integrates with popular development platforms, making it a versatile tool for developers of all levels.

Top Features of Debuild:

  • Uses AI to convert design files into usable code.
  • Supports a wide range of design tools and programming languages.
  • Provides a collaborative platform for designers and developers to work together.
  • Ensures the generated code is clean, readable, and maintainable.

6. AI2sql

AI2sql Review

AI2sql is a unique AI code generator that simplifies the process of converting natural language queries into SQL statements.

It uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to understand the user's query and generate accurate SQL statements. AI2sql's intuitive interface and powerful AI algorithms make it a valuable tool for developers working with databases.

Its ability to accurately interpret natural language queries and generate SQL statements sets it apart from other code generators.

Top Features of AI2sql:

  • Specializes in converting natural language queries into SQL queries.
  • Uses AI to understand the context and generate accurate SQL queries.
  • Supports a wide range of SQL dialects.
  • Provides a simple and intuitive interface for users to input their queries.

AI2sql Pricing:

PlanPriceSupported DatabasesQueries per MonthTablesTeams
Start$7/moSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL10010
Pro$17/moSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle PL/SQL, NoSQL – Pandas, MongoDB, BigQuery, MariaDB, Redshift, SnowSQL30050Up to 5 members

Both plans offer a 7-day free trial and can be cancelled anytime. Note that you can get 2 months free when you pay yearly.

7. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot Review

GitHub Copilot is a groundbreaking coding assistant created through a partnership between GitHub and OpenAI. It's designed to understand the context of your code and provide suggestions for whole lines or blocks of code.

It can recommend entire lines or even blocks of code, understanding the context in which you're working. With support for a wide range of programming languages, it's a flexible asset for developers in various sectors.

GitHub Copilot can be a great aid when working with new languages or frameworks, or when you're just learning to code. It helps you navigate unfamiliar territory and allows you to tackle bugs or learn new frameworks without having to spend most of your time searching the web or going through documentation.

Top Features of GitHub Copilot:

  • Provides suggestions for whole lines or blocks of code as you type.
  • Adapts to your coding style over time, learning from your edits and selections.
  • Supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.

You can use GitHub Copilot with your favourite code editor, including Visual Studio, Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, and Visual Studio Code.

8. Codiga

Codiga Review

Codiga is an AI-powered code assistant tool that provides automated code reviews to help developers improve their code quality.

It checks your code against a set of coding standards and best practices, providing instant feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Codiga excels at offering actionable insights into your coding projects. It doesn't just help you squash bugs; it teaches you how to avoid them down the line.

It supports multiple programming languages and integrates with popular code hosting platforms, making it a comprehensive tool for code quality assurance

Top Features of Codiga:

  • Offers AI-powered code review to improve code quality.
  • Provides detailed reports on code quality, including potential issues and suggestions for improvement.
  • Supports a wide range of programming languages.
  • Integrates with popular code hosting platforms for seamless code review.

9. Seek AI

Seek Review

Seek is another AI code generator that provides pre-defined code templates in multiple languages. It allows developers to customize these templates according to their needs, making it a flexible tool for rapid code development.

It's designed to accelerate the coding process for both new and experienced developers by eliminating the need for repetitive boilerplate code.

But that's not all—Seek AI goes beyond code generation to serve as a powerful tool for business analytics by enabling users to interact with their data using simple, natural language queries, thereby simplifying decision-making processes.

Top Features of Seek:

  • Specializes in SQL, offering AI-powered suggestions for database queries.
  • Allows scheduling of queries and automating reports.
  • Supports integration with Google Sheets for easy data manipulation and visualization.
  • Provides a collaborative environment for teams to work together on data analysis.

10. Enzyme

Enzyme Review

Enzyme is an AI-powered code generator tool that converts raw design files into reusable React components. It promotes code efficiency and consistency by ensuring that the generated code adheres to best practices.

Enzyme's unique selling point is its ability to bridge the gap between designers and developers, making it easier to translate designs into functional components.

If you're a developer working closely with designers, Enzyme can be a game-changer for your workflow.

Top Features of Enzyme:

  • Uses AI to convert design files into usable code.
  • Supports a wide range of design tools and web technologies.
  • Provides a collaborative platform for designers and developers to work together.

11. Durable

Durable Ai Review

Durable AI is a cutting-edge website builder that leverages artificial intelligence to craft fully operational, professional-grade websites in just 30 seconds.

The platform offers a seamless experience, allowing users to generate a website with copy, images, and a contact form in under a minute.

It also provides simple editing tools, multiple pages, and a free custom domain, all without requiring any coding knowledge.

In addition to website building, Durable AI offers a suite of tools for small business owners, including integrated customer relationship management, invoicing, and AI-generated promotional content for marketing

Notably, with over 4 million websites created with Durable AI. Also, it has been featured in reputable sources such as BNN Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Forbes.

Top Features of Durable:

  • Generates an entire website, complete with images and copy, in mere seconds with an AI-powered website builder.
  • Automate your marketing efforts, generating ads, social media posts, and sales emails in seconds to attract more customers.

Durable AI Pricing:

PlanPrice (Monthly)Custom DomainStorageContactsInvoicesAI PromotionsHosting

12. MutableAI

Mutable AI Review

MutableAI is an AI-accelerated software development platform built to help developers create high-quality code quickly. It ensures the responsive design, making sure that the generated code looks good on all devices.

MutableAI offers an AI Autocomplete function which cuts down time spent on repetitive code and online solution hunting, offering specialized neural networks for quick code completion.

Additionally, Prompt-driven Development allows developers to instruct the AI directly for code modifications, making the entire development process more efficient.

Top Features of MutableAI:

  • MutableAI automatically generates documentation, making it easier for developers to understand and maintain their code.
  • The platform refactors code to improve its readability and maintainability, currently supporting Python.
  • MutableAI automatically generates unit tests using AI and metaprogramming, reducing the burden of manual test writing.

MutableAI Pricing:

PlanPriceManual SuggestionsAutomatic SuggestionsMultifile Code GenAI-based Code SearchAPI Calls
Codebase Pro$25/month/seatNoYesYesYes20,000
EnterpriseContact for infoAll FeaturesAll FeaturesAll FeaturesAll FeaturesCustom or Pay as you Go

Startup discounts are available, and you can try all tiers for free. For more customization or API calls, you can contact MutableAI directly.

13. Mintlify

Mintlify Review

Mintlify is a developer-focused documentation platform that makes it easy to create visually appealing and user-friendly guides for your projects.

Built on MDX technology, the platform integrates your content directly with your codebase, offering a balanced mix of structure and flexibility.

What sets Mintlify apart is its commitment to performance and user experience; it's engineered for effortless navigation and rapid information retrieval.

Top Features of Mintlify:

  • Global Settings (mint.json): Customize the look and feel of your documentation using the mint.json file, which contains core configuration settings.
  • Quickstart: Get started with Mintlify in under 5 minutes, allowing you to easily set up, edit, and deploy your documentation.
  • AI Recommendations for Documentation Content: Powered by GPT-4, Mintlify's AI Suggestions feature generates line-by-line recommendations to improve your documentation content.
  • Custom Styling: Personalize your Mintlify site with custom styling options available in the mint.json file, including logo, favicon, colors, and more.

Mintlify Pricing:

PlanPriceFeaturesIdeal For
Free$0/monthSEO-optimized documentation, Beautiful styling, Custom domains, Auto-generated API docs, Built-in components library, Third-party analytics integrations, In-app search and user logsIndividuals and small projects
Startup$120/monthAll features of Free plan, plus: Unlimited editors, Analytics and conversion insights, ChatGPT for docs, Intelligent content suggestions, Custom subpaths /docs, and White-glove migrationsGrowing companies
EnterpriseCustomAll features of Startup plan, plus: Authentication and gated content, Multiple documentation instances, Custom integrations, No Mintlify branding<br>- Translation management<br>- Slack Connect customer supportLarge enterprises and businesse

14. AskCodi

AskCodi Review

AskCodi is a code assistant that uses AI to simplify the development process. It's tailored for developers, offering a suite of tools that cut down on repetitive tasks.

With support for over 50 programming languages and frameworks, as well as multiple natural languages, AskCodi is a versatile and accessible solution for developers worldwide.

Top Features of AskCodi:

  • IDE Extension Availability: The platform can be integrated into various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio Code and PyCharm, streamlining the development process.
  • Codi Chat for Conversational Assistance: AskCodi features “Codi Chat,” a tool that offers real-time answers, suggestions, and interactive dialogue to assist developers in various tasks.
  • Interactive Codi Workbooks: The platform provides Codi Workbooks, an interactive space for generating, explaining, documenting, and testing code, enhancing productivity.
  • Multilingual Support: In addition to English, AskCodi supports multiple natural languages such as German, Polish, and Spanish, making it globally accessible.
  • Comprehensive Developer Tools: Features like real-time coding assistance, code debugging, and granular permissions are designed to make the coding process easier and more efficient.
  • Regular Updates: AskCodi is continuously updated to include support for new languages and frameworks, ensuring it stays relevant for developers.

AskCody Pricing:

PlanPriceFeaturesAdditional Benefits
FreeForever Free– Codi Chat
– Codi Workbook
– 50 Credits/month
– Extensions access
Premium$9.99/month– Codi Chat
– Codi Workbook
– 500 Credits/month
– Priority Support

The Premium plan also offers an annual option where you can save 2 months by paying $99.90 annually.

What is an AI Code Assistant?

An AI code assistant is a type of software tool that uses artificial intelligence to help developers with writing code more efficiently and accurately. This technology seeks to speed up coding processes by providing access to complete code snippets from prompts or the user's comment as well as assisting in auto-completing lines of code. This is done through setting up integration with popular code editors, such as Visual Studio Code, so that access to AI algorithms are provided during the coding process.

Why should you use an AI Code Assistant?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has had a tremendous impact on the coding experience. AI code assistants have been developed to help programmers and developers perform complex tasks quickly and accurately, freeing up valuable time that can be used on more difficult problems.

For instance, Amazon CodeWhisper integrated into Visual Studio Code provides an unprecedented level of convenience to coders, as they can simply enter in the comment of what code they want to be written and it will automatically generate the required snippet for them to use. As parts of their code are being edited or written, the assistant will suggest additions or corrections, making sure that everything is initiated correctly with minimal errors.

The benefits don’t stop there either; these assistants are capable of detecting any potential issues at lightning speed, catching problems before they become bigger ones and helping maintain high-quality standards with fewer mistakes. Overall, AI coding assistants promise considerable improvements in productivity while also providing a higher degree of accuracy within the development process.

Over to you

AI code generators are now available to software developers, and they have proven to be valuable tools for coding. These generators utilize machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, resulting in a more efficient and accessible coding process. AI code generators are changing the way software development is approached, as they are capable of producing high-quality code from natural language descriptions and automating the coding process.

But the journey doesn't end here. The field of AI is continuously evolving, and with it, the capabilities of these code generators. As they become more sophisticated and context-aware, they are set to make software development even more efficient and accessible.

So, as a programmer, what does this mean for you? It means that you now have a plethora of tools at your disposal to make your coding journey smoother and more productive. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer, these AI code generators can help you save time, reduce errors, and focus on the bigger picture.

But remember, while these AI tools are fantastic aids, the success of a project still heavily relies on the skills and expertise of the development team. So, are you ready to embrace the future of coding with these AI code generators?  The world of AI code generation awaits your exploration.

Over to you, programmers! Are you ready to take the leap into the future of coding? ????

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