7 Best AI Chatbots in 2024: Future of Digital Interaction

Ready to redefine the art of conversation using AI Chatbots?

In a world driven by technology, AI chatbots have emerged as powerful tools to enhance customer experiences and streamline business operations. These intelligent Chatbots are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their audience, providing instant support, personalized recommendations, and round-the-clock assistance like a human agent.

Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, integrating AI chatbot software into your operations can yield numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and significant cost savings.

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In this blog, we'll explore the list of 7 best AI chatbots along with the top reasons why you should consider using AI chatbots while uncovering their engaging capabilities, and highlighting the strategic hooks that make them indispensable assets in today's digital world. Get ready to dive into a world of seamless communication and unmatched convenience.

What are capabilities of Chatbots?

Chatbots are digital helpers that communicate with users, answer their questions, and assist them in real time like human agents. They use technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand human language and respond accordingly. Chatbots can handle many tasks, such as answering common questions or scheduling appointments. They are available 24/7, can talk to multiple users at once, and learn from past interactions to improve their service. In short, chatbots make customer service faster, more efficient, and more personalized.

Which technologies are used by AI chatbots?

AI chatbots are powered by a blend of advanced AI technologies and algorithms, making them capable of simulating human-like conversations. At the heart of these technologies are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), which allow chatbots to understand and respond to human language in a meaningful way.

One of the leading players in this field is OpenAI, a research organization that has developed powerful language models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Several AI chatbot builders have leveraged OpenAI's technology to create sophisticated chatbots. For instance, Chatbase, an AI chatbot builder, uses these models to power chatbot interactions. Similarly, DanteAI and Botsonic have integrated OpenAI's technology to enhance their chatbot offerings, making them more intuitive and capable of handling complex conversations.

Best 7 AI Chatbot-Builders in 2024

From personalized recommendations to instant support, these AI Chatbots are poised to elevate your business to new heights of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings. So, now without any further adieu, let’s get started with the list of best AI Chatbots and know what makes them a popular choice among website owners and businesses.


Experience a new era of the Ai chat platform with Chatbase, a dynamic chatbot creator powered by the intelligence of ChatGPT. Chatbase is not just a tool, it's a solution that transforms the way you interact with your customers. It's time to say goodbye to the frustration of traditional chatbots and embrace the convenience and efficiency that Chatbase offers.


Chatbase allows you to quickly train your chatbot with any online or offline data, enabling it to provide accurate and relevant responses to customer queries. The power of ChatGPT's language processing abilities is harnessed to create a chatbot that not only understands but also matches your brand's personality.

Key Features

  • Quick Training: Train your chatbot with any online or offline data in seconds.
  • Create a ChatGPT-like chatbot that matches your brand’s personality.
  • Chatbase can crawl your website for answers when responding to different support questions.
  • Customizable Appearance: Add a profile picture, choose a light or dark theme, and modify the text bubbles to suit your brand's aesthetic.
  • Users can upload documents or provide website links, and Google Sheets to train the chatbot on the content.
  • Chatbase integrates with popular tools like WordPress and Zapier.
  • The content of the document is securely hosted on GCP/AWS servers in the us-east region.
  • By default, the chatbot uses gpt-3.5-turbo, but the option to use gpt-4 is available on the Standard and Unlimited plans.
  • The chatbot can be added to a website by embedding an iframe or a chat bubble.
  • Chatbase supports approximately 95 languages.

Chatbase Pricing Plan

  • Hobby Plan ($19/month)

The hobby plan is ideal for beginners and costs around $19/month, includes 2,000 message credits/month, supports 5 chatbots with a 2,000,000 character limit each, and allows embedding on unlimited websites, multiple file uploads, and API access.

  • Growth Plan ($49/month)

The Growth Plan is designed for growing businesses and is priced at a cost of $49/month, it offers 5,000 message credits/month, supports 10 chatbots with a 4,000,000 character limit each, and includes all features of the Hobby Plan.

  • Standard Plan ($99/month)

The Chatbase standard plan is best suitable for businesses with heavy chatbot usage and costs $99/month, it provides 10,000 message credits/month, supports 20 chatbots with a 6,000,000 character limit each, and introduces the option to choose GPT-4, along with all features of the Growth Plan.

  • Unlimited Plan ($399/month)

The Chatbase unlimited plan is the most premium plan for high-demand businesses costing $399/month, offering 40,000 message credits/month (additional messages use the OpenAI API Key), supports 40 chatbots with an 11,000,000 character limit each, and allows the removal of ‘Powered by Chatbase' branding, along with all features of the Standard Plan.


  • Quick and easy chatbot training
  • High level of customization
  • Ability to crawl your website for answers
  • Easy integration with your website and apps


  • Requires an OpenAI API Key for continued usage beyond the monthly messaging limit

Dante AI

Dante AI offers custom GPT chatbots that can be trained on your data with zero coding required. You can easily share the chatbot on your website, and no credit card is needed. The AI chatbot, powered by GPT-4, can answer questions about Dante AI. Dante AI is accessible, easy to use, and offers features such as creating powerful AI knowledge bases, voice responses, customization options, integration with other applications, multilingual support, and strong privacy and security measures. The platform also provides API access and sentiment analysis capabilities.

Dante AI

Dante AI Key Features:

  • Custom GPT Chatbots: Create Rule-based chatbots trained on your data for personalized interactions.
  • Zero Coding: Build and launch a chatbot on your website in minutes.
  • Voice Interaction: Speak to Dante and receive responses in voice form.
  • One-Click Sharing: Share your AI chatbot with friends, embed on your website, or create a chat bubble.
  • Customization: Use custom logos, colors, fonts, and styling on your unique chatbot.
  • Integration Friendly: Connect with a wide range of applications.
  • GPT-4 Powered: Leverage the power of OpenAI’s most advanced LLM.
  • Multilingual: Available in over 100+ languages.
  • Privacy & Security: Your data is secured using robust AWS encryption and privacy standards.
  • API: Embed Dante’s power directly into your products.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Extract the meaning and emotion from your data.

Dante AI Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan

This plan includes the GPT-3.5-Turbo model, 30 message credits per month, 1 knowledge base with a 400,000 character limit, and the ability to upload multiple files and websites.

  • Entry Plan

    The Entry plan costs $10/month and upgrades to the GPT-4 model and offers 1,000 message credits per month. It supports 10 knowledge bases with a 2,000,000 character limit each, allows embedding on unlimited websites, and includes features like saving conversations and voice-to-text functionality.
  • Premium Plan

The most comprehensive plan for advanced users costs around $60/month, including the GPT-4 model, 6,000 message credits per month, and supports 20 knowledge bases with a 4,000,000 character limit each. Additional features include the ability to upload videos and images, API access, knowledge base editing, chatbot customization, and the option to remove the ‘Powered by Dante' branding.

  • Enterprise Plan

This plan is designed for large businesses and organizations that require extensive capabilities. It includes the GPT-4 model, unlimited message credits, and supports unlimited knowledge bases with unlimited characters each. It also offers a white-labeled solution, integration to external applications, a dedicated support agent, a custom domain, the ability to show sources, and an analytics dashboard, along with all features of the Premium Plan.


  • Custom GPT chatbots
  • Zero coding required
  • Voice interaction
  • One-click sharing
  • High level of customization


  • Requires data for training
  • Voice interaction may not suit all users


Botsonic is a no-code custom ChatGPT chatbot builder that trains on your own data. Well, Botsonic is one of the premium tools offered by Writesonic, this innovative tool is not just a chatbot builder; it's a game-changer. With Botsonic, anyone can build custom AI chatbots, with no tech skills required. It's time to take your customer experience to the next level.

Botsonic by Writesonic leverages the power of GPT-4 to create chatbots that engage with your customers at every stage, just like a human would. It's not just about answering queries; it's about creating a dynamic user experience that leaves a lasting impression. With Botsonic, you can turn your knowledge base into a customized ChatGPT chatbot, providing a single source of truth for all your customer interactions.

BotSonic Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate your chatbot into your website.
  • Flexible Branding Options: Customize your chatbot to match your brand's aesthetic.
  • Botsonic AI chatbot builder centralizes data on websites with no code.
  • Trusted by over 100,000 customer service and marketing teams with 10,000+ 5-star ratings.
  • It can be integrated into various platforms and websites, including Moodle, Google, Todoist, Wix, Schneider Electric, NYU, and StarLeaf.
  • Botsonic's custom ChatGPT bot with GPT-4 powers enhance customer engagement and provides a dynamic user experience.
  • It offers seamless integration, flexible branding options, and the ability to analyze chats and improvise.
  • Custom-Trained on Your Data: Botsonic is trained on your own data for personalized responses.
  • Analyze and Improvise: Analyze chat data to continuously improve your chatbot.
  • 24×7 Multilingual Customer Support: Provide round-the-clock customer support in multiple languages.

Botsonic Pricing Plan

Botsonic does not have a separate pricing plan since it is included in Writesonic, users can take leverage upon the Botsonic while generating AI-powered content with Writesonic. On the brighter side, Writesonic offers a free trial which offers 10,000 words of free content generation along with access to Botsonic and Chatsonic. In addition to that, if we consider the paid plans, the pricing starts at $19/month and increases depending upon the number of words used, i.e. the word limit.


  • No-code chatbot builder
  • Custom training on your data
  • Seamless integration
  • Flexible branding options


  • Requires data for training
  • May require some time to analyze and improvise based on chat data


In the fast-paced world of business, having instant access to information is crucial. Cody, an AI-Assistant for businesses, offers a solution to this need. This intelligent tool provides instant answers to your business questions, eliminating the need for tedious manual searches and context provision. With Cody, you can access the information you need in seconds, boosting your business efficiency and decision-making process.


Cody is not just an AI assistant; it's a platform that allows you to build a comprehensive knowledge base for your business. You can securely upload any data, from PowerPoints to PDFs, or even crawl an entire website. Cody analyzes all this information and uses it to provide intelligent responses to your queries. For added peace of mind, Cody also provides the sources used to come up with every answer.

Cody Key Features:

  • Instant Answers: Get immediate responses to your business questions.
  • Source Provision: Cody provides the sources used for every answer.
  • Efficiency Boost: Cody helps your team work smarter, not harder.
  • Cody is an intelligent AI assistant that can be trained on your business, team, processes, and clients with your own knowledge base.
  • Cody can analyze accumulated documents and provide instant answers to business questions without the need for keyword searches.
  • You can upload various types of data, such as PowerPoints, PDFs, or crawl an entire website, to build Cody's knowledge base and customize it for your company.
  • Cody provides sources for every answer, ensuring transparency and credibility.
  • Cody boosts employee efficiency by providing instant answers, ideas, and ready-made work, helping complete tasks faster.
  • Cody can support and troubleshoot issues with digital tools, using support documentation to assist your team.
  • Cody can brainstorm ideas and offer suggestions, leveraging the contextual history and conversations to provide insights.
  • Support & Troubleshooting: Cody uses support documentation to help your team quickly troubleshoot any issues.
  • Multilingual: Cody works in every language, empowering users to connect and collaborate globally.
  • Integration: Incorporate Cody into your favorite apps through a powerful API.
  • Trusted: Cody is trusted by over 50,000 businesses and offers advanced data defense and customizable access controls.

Cody Pricing Plan

Cody offers four distinct pricing plans to cater to different needs:

  • Cody Personal Plan (Free)

This plan includes 250 GPT3.5 queries per month, supports 3 users and 3 bots, and allows up to 100 documents.

  • Cody Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is designed for small businesses or projects with moderate usage and costs $29/month, this plan offers 2,500 GPT3.5 queries per month, supports 3 users and 3 bots, and allows up to 1,000 documents. Additional features include an embeddable website widget and the ability to customize the widget.

  • Cody Premium Plan

Suitable for larger businesses or projects with higher usage and costs $99/month, this plan includes either 1,000 GPT4 queries or 10,000 GPT3.5 queries per month, supports 15 users and 15 bots, and includes a website crawler. It allows up to 10,000 documents and 10,000 website pages. Additional features include an embeddable website widget for up to 3 websites, widget customization, removal of Cody branding on the widget, and API access.

  • Cody Advanced Plan

The most comprehensive plan for businesses with extensive needs and costs $249/month, this plan includes either 2,500 GPT4 queries or 25,000 GPT3.5 queries per month, supports 50 users and 50 bots, and includes a website crawler. It allows up to 25,000 documents and 25,000 website pages. Additional features include an embeddable website widget for up to 50 websites, widget customization, removal of Cody branding on the widget, and API access.


  • Instant answers to business questions
  • Ability to upload any data and build a knowledge base
  • Source provision for every answer
  • Efficiency boost for your team


  • Requires data for training
  • May require some time to analyze and improvise based on chat data

My AskAI

My AskAI is another AI Chatbot Building Platform that stands out in the crowd. It allows you to create your own ChatGPT-based chatbot by adding your content and launching it anywhere. This powerful tool is designed to provide fast, accurate answers, saving you from the hassle of sifting through heaps of data.

My AskAI is more than just a tool; it's a solution that adapts to your needs. You can upload any content, from links to documents, and customize your AskAI to suit your brand's aesthetic. The tool is designed to provide truthful answers you can rely on, with references for added credibility. With My AskAI, you can dive deeper into any topic with follow-up questions, ensuring you get the most out of your data.

My AskAI Key Points:

  • Create your own ChatGPT-based AskAI for instant answers from your content and docs.
  • Save time with faster, smarter answers and prevent drowning in documents.
  • Add content and customize AskAI's appearance and responses.
  • Share AskAI via link, embed it on your website, or connect via API.
  • Ensure data security, multilingual support, and GDPR compliance.
  • Integrate AskAI within Slack, connect it with other apps using Zapier, and add it to your website.
  • Suitable for internal and external use cases, such as company processes or customer support.
  • Founded by industry experts with extensive experience in digital, product, and AI fields.

My AskAI Pricing Plan

  • Starter Plan (Free Forever)

Ideal for beginners, this plan allows you to create 1 AskAI and add 3 pieces of content. You can ask up to 50 questions per month and get support via web chat. You can also add files and links, and share your AskAI via link or embed, but it comes with AskAI branding.

  • Hobby Plan

The Hobby Plan is designed for hobbyists or small projects and costs $19.99/month, this plan allows you to create 3 AskAIs and add up to 100 pieces of content. You can ask up to 1,000 questions per month and get support via web chat and email. This plan allows you to remove AskAI branding and share your AskAI via link, embed, or API. You can add files, links, or entire websites, and your web pages will be auto-synced monthly. You can also add your AskAI to Slack and Zapier, and get access to analytics and question export.

  • Pro Plan

The My AskAI Pro plan is suitable for professionals or businesses and costs $99/month, this plan allows you to create 10 AskAIs and add up to 1,000 pieces of content. You can ask up to 10,000 questions per month and get priority support via email and Zoom. This plan includes all the features of the Hobby Plan but with weekly webpage auto-sync. Additionally, you can customize the tone and answer style of your AskAI and upload content via API.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast, accurate answers
  • Fully customizable
  • Supports follow-up questions


  • Requires initial setup
  • May require some time to analyze and improvise based on chat data


With Chatbot.com, you can leverage advanced features to grow your business. The Chatbot Building platform offers a no-code chatbot builder, allowing you to use Drag-And-Drop Editor blocks to easily build your chatbot's story. This straightforward solution reduces the time and effort typically required to create a chatbot, making it an obvious choice for businesses looking to save on resources.


The Chatbot Building platform also includes a chatbot testing tool and a customizable chat widget, providing you with the AI tools you need to ensure your chatbot is functioning optimally and matches your brand's aesthetic. Additionally, Chatbot.com offers prebuilt chat templates, which you can use as they are or develop into more complex stories.

One of the standout features of Chatbot.com is its focus on team collaboration. You can add teammates to your Chatbot.com account with just a few clicks, allowing you to bring together a wide range of expertise to create better customer interactions.

Chatbot.com also provides real-time analytics, enabling you to measure your chatbots' performance and make data-backed decisions. You can see the number of chats and busy periods to determine which of your stories is the most popular. Plus, the platform automatically collects user data during chats, allowing you to better understand your users and create more personalized experiences.

Another key feature of Chatbot.com is its seamless integration with various messaging platforms, including Website, LiveChat, Messenger, and Slack. This means you can reach your customers wherever they are, providing them with support around the clock.

Key Features

Chatbot offers a range of comprehensive features designed to enhance your customer service experience:

  • No-code Chatbot Builder: This feature allows you to create and customize your chatbot without any coding knowledge. It's user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to build a chatbot.
  • Chatbot Testing Tool: This tool enables you to test your chatbot's responses and interactions, ensuring it's ready to provide the best user experience before deployment.
  • Customizable Chat Widget: With this feature, you can customize the appearance of your chat widget to match your brand's aesthetics, providing a consistent look and feel across your digital platforms.
  • Prebuilt Templates: These templates provide a quick start to creating your chatbot, with pre-configured dialogues and interactions for various industries and use cases.
  • Team Collaboration Features: These features allow your team to work together on the chatbot, enabling collaborative editing, feedback, and improvement.
  • Real-time Analytics: This feature provides insights into your chatbot's performance and user interactions, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve its effectiveness.
  • User Data Collection: This feature allows your chatbot to collect and store user data, providing valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.
  • Seamless Integration with Various Messaging Platforms: This feature enables your chatbot to work across various messaging platforms, providing a consistent user experience regardless of the platform your customers use.
  • Open API and Webhooks: These features allow for advanced customization and integration with your existing systems, enabling your chatbot to interact with your other software and services.

Chatbot Pricing Plan

  • Starter Plan ($52/month billed annually or $65 month-to-month)

Designed for small companies, this plan includes 1 active chatbot and up to 1,000 valid chats per month. It offers an unlimited number of stories, a 7-day training history, all integrations, basic reporting, and data security.

  • Team Plan ($142/month billed annually or $169/month billed monthly)

Suitable for teams, this plan includes 5 active chatbots and up to 5,000 valid chats per month. It offers an unlimited number of stories, unlimited training history, all integrations, advanced reporting, data security, team collaboration, button actions, and version history.

  • Business Plan ($424/month billed annually or $499 month-to-month)

Ideal for large teams in big companies, this plan includes unlimited active chatbots and up to 25,000 valid chats per month. It offers an unlimited number of stories, unlimited training history, all integrations, advanced reporting, and data security.



Create unparalleled customer support experiences with Meya, your ultimate AI-powered  Conversational Chatbot platform. Designed specifically for human agents and users, Meya allows you to build and launch top-tier customer support with custom coding, integrations, and a unique chat UI. Experience flexibility and control with unlimited custom flows, an in-browser developer console, and powerful integration capabilities.

Meya's versatile chatbot platform connects you to your users via popular messaging platforms, extends your support team with AI power, interprets user intent in any language, connects to your backend APIs, and tracks user interactions. Whether you're looking to enhance your app, bot, or website, Meya is the perfect tool to revolutionize your customer support system.

Meya Key Features

Meya, an AI chatbot, offers a range of comprehensive features designed to enhance your customer service experience:

  • Unlimited Custom Flows and Components: Tailor your chatbot to your specific needs.
  • Meya offers a customer support platform with batteries included, including custom coding, integrations, and a chat UI.
  • Meya provides a 14-day free trial without the need for a credit card, and it includes advanced mobile and web chat UI.
  • The platform allows users to build customized chatbot solutions by connecting any system, scripting flows, and coding components.
  • Meya supports various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Twilio.
  • It offers AI-powered support by integrating with natural languages understanding tools like Dialogflow and Wit.ai.
  • The platform enables users to measure user interactions and improve chat experiences through analytics and user analytics integrations.
  • Meya emphasizes providing comprehensive support to users, including collaborative solutions, pair-programming sessions, and proactive monitoring.
  • Sensitive Data Encryption & Secrets Vault: Robust data security and compliance.
  • Customizable API and Python Connection: Advanced customization and integration capabilities.

Meya Pricing Plan

Meya basically offers 3 different pricing plans including the:

  • Dev Plan: The Meya Dev plan costs $99 per month and is only available on a monthly basis. The plan gives access to 500 MAUs (monthly active users), along with all the key features offered by Meya.
  • Pro Plan: The Meya Pro plan costs $999 per month and is available for $799/month if billed annually. The pro plan gives access to 5000 MAUs along with all the features and volume discounts and 50% pre-buy MAU discount options as well.
  • Partner Plan: The Meya Partner plan costs $3000 per month and is available for $2500 per month if billed annually. The partner plan gives access to 15,000 MAUs along with all the features which were offered in other plans, the additional perk that users get in this plan includes a re-seller option, making it a complete partnership-oriented plan.

Pros of Meya:

  • 14-day free trial, no credit card required
  • Supports multiple messaging platforms and customer support providers
  • Highly customizable with unlimited custom flows and components
  • Powerful analytics for measuring user interactions
  • Strong customer support from Meya

Cons of Meya:

  • Requires some technical knowledge to fully utilize
  • May take time to integrate with existing systems

Can I Make My Own AI Chatbot?

Yes, you can make your own AI chatbot. With the advent of AI chatbot platforms, These builders are designed to be user-friendly, often requiring no coding skills or technical expertise.

To create your own AI chatbot, you would typically need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a preferred AIChatbot Builder: There are numerous AI chatbot builders available, each with its unique features and capabilities. Choose one that fits your specific needs and objectives.
  • Define the purpose of your AI Bot: Determine what you want your chatbot to achieve. This could be anything from answering customer queries to providing product recommendations or booking appointments.
  • Test and Launch Your Chatbot: Before launching your chatbot, it's important to test it to ensure it's functioning as expected. Once you're satisfied with its performance, you can launch it on your desired platform(s).
  • Train Your Chatbot: This involves feeding your chatbot with data and information relevant to your business or industry. The more data your chatbot has, the better it will be at understanding and responding to user queries.

    For example- Chatbase and Dante AI use OpenAI API. hence they are auto-trained with answers./ You can also update training prompts and rules to make it more aligned with your website or knowledgebase
  • Design Your Chatbot's Conversational Flow: This involves defining how your chatbot will interact with users. Most chatbot builders provide customizable templates and a drag-and-drop interface to help you design your chatbot's conversational flow.

Remember, creating an AI chatbot is recurring stuff. It requires continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure it's meeting its objectives and providing value to users. But with the right chatbot templates and a clear strategy, you can create a powerful AI chatbot that enhances your customer interactions and drives business growth.

How can AI chatbot Builder Help Online Businesses?

A chatbot builder is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way businesses operate. These chatbots can provide immediate responses, handle customer inquiries around the clock, and even collect valuable leads for your business.

For instance, consider the case of Botsonic, a chatbot builder that allows businesses to create advanced, AI-powered chatbots. With Botsonic, you can build a chatbot that not only answers customer queries but also guides them through your sales funnel, helping to increase conversions and boost sales.

Moreover, chatbots can also act as lead-generation tools. They can collect contact information from visitors, helping you build a database of potential customers. This can be particularly useful for email marketing campaigns or for follow-up contact.

In addition, chatbot solutions can also help increase sales by guiding customers through the purchasing process. They can provide product recommendations based on the customer's preferences, answer questions about the product, and even assist with the checkout process. This can lead to a smoother customer journey, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

What is the difference between Chatbots and Conversational AI?

Imagine you're at a party. You strike up a conversation with two different people. The first person, let's call them Chatbot, is friendly but pretty predictable. They stick to a script, answering your questions directly but faltering a bit when you go off-topic or ask something complex. They're great for small talk and straightforward questions, like “Where's the bathroom?” or “What time is it?”

Now, the second person, let's call them Conversational AI, is a different story. They're not only friendly but also incredibly smart and adaptable. They understand your jokes, respond to your offbeat questions, and even remember your previous conversations. They can chat about anything, from the latest movies to the intricacies of quantum physics, making the conversation feel natural and engaging.

In the digital world, Chatbot and Conversational AI are like these two party-goers. Chatbots are software applications that can chat with you online, usually sticking to a script. They're great for simple tasks like answering FAQs or guiding you through a process.

Conversational AI, however, is like a chatbot on steroids. It uses advanced tech like natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to human language in a more personalized way. It can handle complex conversations, learn from past chats, and provide more sophisticated responses. You can find Conversational AI across various channels, from messaging apps to voice assistants.

So, while all Conversational AI can be considered chatbots, not all chatbots are advanced enough to be called Conversational AI. Choosing between the two depends on what you need – a simple, direct chat or a more complex, engaging conversation

Over to you

In conclusion, the world of AI chat-building platforms is diverse, dynamic, and continually evolving. As we've explored in this article, there are numerous options available, each with its unique strengths and capabilities. Whether you're a small business owner looking to streamline customer service, a large corporation seeking to automate complex processes, or an individual interested in exploring the potential of AI, there's a chatbot out there for you.

As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and capable Chat bots in the future. It will not only be able to handle more complex tasks but also understand and respond to users in more human-like ways.

However, the journey of creating and optimizing an AI chatbot is a continuous one. It requires regular monitoring, training, and tweaking to ensure that the chatbot is not only meeting its objectives but also providing value to the users. But with the right strategy and tool, businesses can harness the power of AI chatbots to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive growth.

So, are you ready to redefine the art of conversation with AI chatbots? Which of these AI chatbot builders are you considering for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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