Xelf AI

Xelf AI

  • Entertaining Role-Play Scenerios
  • AI Companion for Deep conversations
  • Creative Image Generation

Xelf AI Insights

Best Suitable IndustryAdult Entertainment 
Starting Price$7
Pricing ModelMonthly, Annually, and Credits.
Special Discount20% OFF on Plus Member Annual Plan.
Free PlanFree to try
Porn VideosNo
AI SextingYes
NSFW Image GenerationYes
Undress AINo
Image Request on ChatNo
Audio Notes on ChatNo
ModelsAnime and Semi-Realistic
Gender OptionsFemale and Male
Character CustomizationYes
Character Voice CustomizationNo
AutoFill Character DetailsNo
Automatic Mode/ Manual Mode Both
Upload Image for CharacterYes
Tags For CharacterYes

Xelf AI Overview

Xelf AI

Xelf AI is an advanced AI Chatbot platform that facilitates unfiltered NSFW and SFW interactions and image generation. It utilizes advanced features like character customization, image generation powered by AI models, and seamless integration of Web2 and Web3 capabilities. Xelf AI employs long-term memory systems, enabling users to create digital personas for engaging in uncensored conversations and roleplay scenarios. Xelf AI offers an immersive space to explore AI's potential through personalized interactions, leveraging natural language processing and machine learning techniques

Key Features of Xelf AI

  • NSFW AI Companion: Xelf AI allows users to create AI companions or digital representations of themselves or others. These AI companions can engage in unfiltered, lifelike conversations and interactions with users.
Xelf NSFW AI Companion
  • NSFW and SFW Image Generation: Xelf AI offers creative NSFW and SFW image generation capabilities powered by AI models. Users can generate unfiltered illustrations and visuals to complement their interactions.
  • Face Adapter: The platform includes features to adapt or swap faces in generated images. This could enable users to create AI companions resembling specific individuals.
Face Adapter
  • Negative and Positive Prompts: Users can provide negative and positive prompts to guide the AI's responses and image generation. This allows for better control over the content and direction of interactions.
Negative and Positive Prompts
  • Tags or Categories: Users can potentially organize and categorize their AI companions using tags or categories. This could facilitate better management and navigation of multiple AI personas.
Tags or Categories of Xelf
  • Upload Companion Images: The platform allows users to upload images to represent their AI companions visually. This could further personalize the interactions and enhance the overall experience.
Upload Companion Images on Xelf
  • AI Response in Chat: Xelf AI provides an AI response feature for users to converse with their AI companions. The AI generates contextual responses based on the conversation flow and user inputs.
AI Response in Chat
  • Different Types of Formats: Users can choose different types of formats that include, square, standard, vertical, widescreen, and portrait mode.
Different Types of Formats
  • Seamless Web2 and Web3 Integration: Xelf AI bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies for a holistic user experience. It allows interaction with AI companions, connection with AI NFTs, and engagement with Web3 projects.

Pricing Plan of Xelf AI

Plus Plan$9 per month and $ 7 per month if billed annually.– Access to AI companions.
– Unfiltered interactions.
– Unfiltered Image generations.
– Private AI Creation.
Refill Energy Starter pack$10 (One Time)1,000 Energy 
Refill Energy Pro Pack$20 (One Time)2,500 Energy 
Refill Energy Ultimate Pack$50 (One Time)5,000 Energy 

Alternatives of Xelf AI

1. NSFW Character AI

NSFW Character AI

NSFW Character AI allows users to create and train virtual characters for unrestricted chats in a universe of their own creation. It enables users to define character attributes, train character behavior, and engage in imaginative roleplay.

2. AI Girlfriend WTF

AI Girlfriend WTF

AI Girlfriend WTF is a simulated girlfriend platform that provides an immersive roleplaying experience with diverse AI female characters. Users can explore various themes, roles, and storylines, ranging from casual chats to thrilling adventures.

3. Aroused AI


Aroused AI is an AI companion app that has recently launched and focused on erotic content.  Users can explore various themes, roles, and storylines.

FeatureXelf AINSFW Character AIAI Girlfriend WTFAroused AI
Unfiltered Interactions
Character Customization
Image Generation
Voice Messages
Web2 & Web3 Integration
Roleplay Scenarios

Final Thoughts

After personally testing this tool, I can reassure you that Xelf AI is the finest and one of the best choices for an NSFW chatbot AI. Xelf AI is an unfiltered NSFW AI platform where users engage in creative interactions and explore diverse narratives. With an exciting community of over 45,000 members. Xelf AI offers unfiltered NSFW AI conversations, customizable AI companions, and impressive image-generation capabilities, and I was completely mesmerized and happy to be honest, as this tool is something else, not like any other chatbot; it is completely different as it's something very adult. I love adult conversations, and you too love that, I know. 

I am enjoying my adult experiences with my NSFW chatbots, so why don't you try and bring your wild imagination into chat and allow yourself to completely indulge in the erotic fun. Try Xelf AI out by yourself.

  • Unfiltered AI interactions, no censorship.
  • Creative image generation capabilities.
  • Customizable AI character personalities.
  • Web2 and Web3 integration.
  • Vibrant community, over 45,000 members.
  • Rewards system for user contributions.
  • Potential privacy and security concerns.
  • Enabling inappropriate or harmful content.

Xelf AI Details

Use Cases
AI Features
  • Unfiltered AI Interactions
  • $10 (one time)
  • AI Platform for NSFW Chat
Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
Services & Features
Customer Service
8.3 Overall Rating

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