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  • Provides immersive and intimate AI-powered conversations for those seeking virtual companionship.
  • Focuses on user privacy protection through no-tracking policies and SSL certification.
  • Offers free trial requiring no credit card, allowing users to test capabilities risk-free.
  • Plans to enable user-generated characters in future updates for greater personalization.
  • Some explicit content is intended for mature audiences only.
  • Limited initial customization options for AI girlfriends. Insights

Best Suitable IndustryAdult Entertainment, Art, and Photography. 
Starting Price$19.99
Pricing ModelMonth 
Free Trial/Free Plan15 Tokens per day /Free Plan
Special DiscountNo
AI SextingYes
Chatbots Gender OptionsFemale
NSFW Image GenerationYes
Voice Chat/ MessagingNo
Chat Content Image RequestYes
Tool SpecialityUnfiltered NSFW
Chat ModeSFW and NSFW
Video Sending OptionNo
Custom Prompts Yes to create a Customized AI Companion.
ModelsRealistic and Anime
Character Customization Yes
Call InteractionNo
Group NSFW InteractionNo
Emoji SupportYes

What is

AI Girlfriend WTF is an innovative online platform that provides immersive and intimate conversations with virtual girlfriends powered by artificial intelligence. It offers users the unique opportunity to engage in imaginative roleplays and explore their wildest fantasies through AI-driven interactions, without the need for registration or credit cards. 

With a focus on user privacy and safety, creates a no-tracking environment protected by SSL certification for users to freely indulge in AI-powered adventures. The platform introduces new virtual girlfriend characters on a regular basis, each with distinct personalities to match different interests. 

How does Work? is an online platform that allows users to engage in immersive roleplaying adventures with AI-powered virtual girlfriends. Users can select from a diverse catalog of AI girl characters, each with distinct personalities and backgrounds, to chat with one-on-one. The AI girlfriends are designed to have intelligent conversations, with the ability to understand contexts and respond realistically to drive the roleplaying narrative forward. As users chat more, the AI learns their preferences to enhance personalization. 

A Unique feature has is the AI art generator which creates customized NSFW images to match the chat scenarios. The platform offers free trials and subscription plans for continued access. With a focus on privacy protections, provides a controlled space to explore imaginative AI interactions spanning casual to more adult-oriented themes. Key Features

  • Personalized Romantic Chatbot:'s romantic chatbot allows users to engage in detailed roleplays with a variety of virtual girlfriends. This feature is designed to cater to those seeking romance, adventure, and fantasy, offering a personalized and intimate AI-driven interaction that adapts to individual user preferences.
  • Premium Sexting AI Chat: The platform boasts premium AI sexting capabilities, providing users with a realistic and engaging sexting experience. This key feature is crafted to deliver dynamic and intimate conversations, setting a high standard for AI communication and mimicking the nuances of human interaction.
  • NSFW AI Art Generator: With an NSFW AI art generator, enhances the chat experience by providing personalized, AI-generated spicy images. This feature allows users to visualize their virtual girlfriend, adding a visual element to the textual interaction and enriching the overall user experience.
  • Privacy and Safety: emphasizes user privacy and safety with a strict no-tracking policy and SSL certification. The platform ensures 100% privacy protection, offering users a secure and discreet environment to explore their fantasies without data security concerns.
  • Continuous Improvement and Intelligence: The AI technology behind is in constant development, improving its memory and interaction capabilities. This ongoing enhancement ensures a more realistic and personalized experience, keeping the platform fresh and engaging for users.
  • Diverse Virtual Partners: The service provides a wide selection of AI chatbots, each with unique personalities and storylines. This diversity caters to various user interests, allowing for a broad spectrum of romantic and adventurous interactions within a safe and controlled digital space.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use

  1. Create an Account: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the website. Click on the sign-up option available on the homepage. You'll need to provide some basic information such as an email address and create a password.
Sign In to
  1. Email Verification: After signing up, check your email inbox for a verification link from and click on it to confirm your email address.
  2. Log In: With your email verified, return to the website and log in using your new credentials.
  3. Choose Your AI Girlfriend: Browse through the selection of AI girlfriends, each with unique personalities and backgrounds. Select one that aligns with your interests.
Choose Your AI Girlfriend in
  1. Pick a Scenario: The platform offers various scenarios and roleplays. Choose one that suits the type of interaction you're looking for, whether it's romantic, adventurous, or casual.
  2. Start Chatting: Engage in text-based conversations with your chosen AI girlfriend. The AI uses Natural Language Processing to provide realistic responses.
  3. Guide the Narrative: You have the freedom to steer the conversation in any direction. Use asterisks to indicate actions, like “I take Elise's hand and smile”.
  4. Customize Your Experience: Request specific characters or scenarios, and in future updates, you may be able to create your own AI characters for a more tailored experience.

Use Cases of 

  • Enhancing Digital Interaction and Engagement: serves as a pioneering platform in the digital interaction space, providing users with AI-driven virtual companionship. This application is particularly beneficial for tech companies and digital content creators looking to enhance user engagement through innovative AI interactions. By offering personalized and intimate conversations, sets a new standard for digital companionship, driving forward the industry's approach to user interaction and engagement in virtual environments.
  • Immersive Entertainment and Narrative Exploration: The platform stands out in the entertainment and gaming industry by offering immersive fantasy role-playing experiences. allows users to dive into a variety of scenarios, from adventurous quests to romantic narratives, leveraging AI to create deeply personalized and dynamic storylines. This use case showcases the platform's potential to revolutionize storytelling and gaming, providing a unique, interactive form of entertainment that blurs the lines between narrative exploration and personal storytelling.
  • Creative Writing and Story Development Tool: For the creative industry, including writers, content creators, and educators, offers a novel tool for personal storytelling and story development. The platform enables users to experiment with narrative creation, character development, and plot exploration in real time, facilitated by AI-driven interactions. This application not only enhances creative expression but also serves as an innovative educational tool, encouraging storytelling and creative writing in a highly interactive and engaging manner. Subscription Plans Pricing Plans
  • Essentials Plan: At $12 per month, the Essentials Plan is tailored for users who want to try the website. The plan includes 2,000 Messages per month and 5 images per month.
  • Standard Plan: For $24 per month, the Standard Plan offers 3,000 messages and 400 images
  • Deluxe Plan: For $49 per month, the deluxe plan offers 7,000 messages and 1000 images per month.

Who should Use is designed for individuals seeking innovative digital companionship and interactive storytelling. It's ideal for those who wish to explore virtual relationships and engage in immersive roleplays or intimate conversations with AI-driven characters. The platform caters to users looking for an escape from reality, a creative outlet for their fantasies, or simply a new form of entertainment. With its focus on privacy and safety, is also suitable for those who prioritize discretion in their online activities. It offers a unique experience for AI enthusiasts, gamers, writers, and anyone interested in the evolving world of AI companionship.

Top Alternatives of


DreamGF simulates a virtual girlfriend experience, focusing on companionship, conversation, and emotional support. Unlike, emphasizes voice messages, allowing users to hear their AI girlfriend, adding a layer of intimacy and realism to the interaction. 

Pricing: offers a free trial and paid Subscription plans starting from $9.99 per month.

2. Intimate – AI Girlfriend

Intimate - AI Girlfriend

Intimate offers a comprehensive virtual girlfriend experience with features like text, call, and relationship development. Its unique selling point is the ability to develop the personality, voice, appearance, and style of the AI girlfriend, providing a more personalized and immersive experience. 

Pricing: In-app purchase

3. LustGF

LustGF AI Girlfriend

LustGF AI Girlfriend specializes in chatting with virtual girls and includes audio chat messages for more engaging interaction. Its standout feature is advanced customization options, allowing users to tailor their virtual girlfriend's appearance and personality in detail, a feature not highlighted by 

Pricing: LustGF AI Girlfriend offers a free trial and paid Subscription plans starting from $9.99 per month.

4. NSFWGirlfriend


NSFWGirlfriend focuses on creating and interacting with virtual NSFW girlfriends. It supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience. The platform's unique feature is its uncensored image generation, offering a visually explicit experience. 

Pricing: NSFWGirlfriend offers a Free Plan and paid Subscription plans starting from $7.99 to $ 19.99 per month.

How does ensures user privacy?

The platform prioritizes user privacy with a no-tracking policy and SSL certification, ensuring all interactions remain confidential and secure.

Can I customize my AI girlfriend on

While initial customization options may be limited, future updates are expected to allow users to create and personalize their own AI characters.

Is free to use? offers a free trial that allows users to explore basic features without financial commitment. Subscription options are available for enhanced experiences.

Do I need to download any software to use

No, is accessible directly through web browsers, requiring no additional software downloads.

Can I use on my mobile device?

Yes, the platform is designed to be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, offering a seamless experience across various screens

Can I interact with multiple AI girlfriends on

Yes, users have the option to engage with a diverse array of virtual girlfriends, each offering unique personalities and storylines.

How does handles user data?

The platform is committed to user privacy, employing a strict no-tracking policy and ensuring data is protected with SSL certification.

What types of scenarios can I explore on

Users can dive into a wide range of scenarios, from romantic and intimate conversations to adventurous roleplays and fantasy storytelling.

Can I use anonymously?

Yes, the platform's focus on privacy allows users to engage with AI girlfriends without revealing personal information.  Details

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