Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Dubai 2024: Meet Crypto Mavericks

Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Dubai 2024, the premier platform for cryptocurrency arbitrage and blockchain analysis, is excited to announce its highly anticipated exclusive event “The Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Dubai 2024” on April 17-18, 2024. This two-day gathering will unite over 200 VIP members of the crypto community, including owners and representatives of top-tier crypto funds, exchanges, and projects, alongside successful clients and influential figures in the crypto sphere.

Attendees can expect an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions on the most relevant and pressing topics in the crypto market, forge valuable connections, and gain practical insights from industry leaders.

More About Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Dubai

Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event

The ArbitrageScanner Web3 Event aims to provide a platform for relaxation and networking after major industry forums. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions on the most relevant and pressing topics in the crypto market, such as insider trading, blockchain data analysis, wallet analysis, and profitable web3 projects. The event will also showcase real-life examples of successful arbitrage strategies employed by ArbitrageScanner clients.

Venue for Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Dubai 2024

The event will be held at a luxurious location in Dubai, offering attendees a stunning setting to unwind and connect with fellow industry leaders. The location features a pool, food, drinks, and more, creating an informal atmosphere conducive to building new relationships and sharing insights. The exact location of the event is not disclosed as it will be provided after the approval.

Event Agenda

Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Agenda

Day 1 (April 17) VIP Only

  • General gathering
  • Discussion on earning through cryptocurrency arbitrage using
  • Showcase of client cases and developments for earning on tokens, spot + futures, and futures + futures strategies
  • AfterParty & Networking

Day 2 (April 18) – Free Pass from 19:00

  • Pool Networking with Cocktails
  • Opportunity for attendees to analyze the ArbitrageScanner setup and receive guidance from service representatives
  • Discussion on promoting crypto projects, featuring cases from the QuickShock team and analysis of venture financing, crypto projects, and marketing
  • Discussion on cryptocurrency arbitrage and how to earn using ArbitrageScanner tools

Attendees of the Event

Attendees of Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event

The event promises to feature some of the most prominent figures in the crypto industry, including:

Owners and representatives of TIER-1 – Tier 3 Crypto Funds.
Owners and representatives of the largest exchanges and crypto projects.
Traders with capital of $5,000,000+.
Successful clients proficient in tracking anomalies and wallets in the blockchain.
Leaders and influencers of the crypto sphere from different countries.

How to Register for Arbitrage Scanner Web3 Event Dubai?

You must register on the website and fill out an application in order to receive free admission to the event (on the second day of the event). Since there are only a few spots available, please apply ahead of time. In order to ensure your attendance at the event, you need to subscribe to ArbitrageScanner.

For those who wish to attend the two-day event on April 17 and 18, we advise reserving a Business Plan or higher. This is the most economical choice because it includes full access, participation in the networking pool party, important talks with prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space, and the closing after-party. Currently, the VIP tickets are available at a price of $200 which will be increased as the event comes closer.

Entry is free if you represent the media (influencers, media). You must confirm your request with the ArbitrageScanner staff in order to receive a ticket. You must write an article or make a video about our event. You may add an affiliate link on ArbitrageScanner and get paid 50% of each purchase, which is a huge benefit.

Why Try Arbitrage Scanner?

Reasons to Try Arbitrage Scanner
As the leading platform for tracking arbitrage, monitors spreads on several blockchains, including as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and more. It provides thorough coverage for traders in every area and supports more than 60 exchanges globally, both local and international.
To set itself apart even further, is the only platform that monitors important variables including network matching, currency withdrawal capacity, and blockchain longevity. Its focus on security is evident; as a manual bot, it doesn't need API queries to function, guaranteeing that customers' cash are kept inaccessible.
Transaction alerts are sent out every two seconds so that users are always informed about changes in currency rates. There are two ways to access the platform: a live online version and a Telegram version that has alerts.
Furthermore, provides a screener for arbitrage that finds lucrative possibilities across exchanges and alerts users to possible daily earnings of up to 80% without requiring token purchases. By giving users access to news before it is widely disseminated, the Arbitrage Message function offers a unique edge that allows them to profit from early insights.
Additionally, the site makes Arbitrage Wallets accessible, making bulk wallet searches and analyses easier. Regardless of when it was created, users may find any wallet by utilizing AI technology. If you choose the Platinum plan or above, a personal curator will help you customize the bot and answer any questions you may have. is dedicated to helping its clients succeed, and as such, it provides free training, real-world case studies, and access to a private client forum for extra help and advice.

In order for you to duplicate the identical tactics and boost your earnings, the project team frequently discloses the experiences of their clients. You may already learn how to follow a Tier-3 fund wallet and make +300% in a few months by reading the blog or the ArbitrageScanner Telegram channel. Or how to use the crypto wallet analysis tools offered by ArbitrageScanner to gain +9000$ on Meme coin in a single day. The team will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to use each tool and a pool of working cases when you subscribe, allowing you to pay for the service within the first few days.

Wallet Tracking

Arbitrage Scanner - Wallet Tracking

ArbitrageScanner's suite of Wallet Analysis Tools, including Wallet Search by Filters and AI Similar Wallets Search, stands out as the most powerful solution for uncovering profitable opportunities on the blockchain. By providing insights into the strategies employed by top market participants, such as major funds, market makers, and insiders, these tools enable users to replicate their success.

What sets ArbitrageScanner apart is its unparalleled wallet search capabilities. Users can easily identify the wallets of key market players and study their investment tactics. The platform's AI-driven technology is so advanced that it can locate any wallet, even those created just moments ago.

The Wallet Finder tool, for instance, allows users to discover high-performing wallets and monitor their transactions in real time. This empowers traders to swiftly respond to the latest moves made by successful investors and optimize their own trades. A prime example is the wallet of Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, which generated $71,000 in profits over a single month, equating to a 0.47% increase.

View & Access Your Account

View & Access Your Account - ArbitrageScanner

ArbitrageScanner emerges as the go-to solution for everyday users seeking to profit from wallet analysis, thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward metrics. Unlike competitors that often present complex and confusing data, ArbitrageScanner's products are designed with a focus on simplicity, making copy trading strategies accessible to all.

  • The platform's free version offers a comprehensive analysis of both PNL and WinRate, a crucial factor in selecting the most promising wallets. The “Search Wallets by Filter” feature streamlines the process of identifying high-performing wallets, enabling users to quickly generate a list of wallets that have achieved specific percentage gains or dollar amounts on user-defined coins.
  • ArbitrageScanner's AI Similar Wallets Search takes wallet analysis to the next level by identifying the most successful wallets based on a user's existing portfolio. This powerful tool allows users to effortlessly discover new, high-quality wallets for further analysis using advanced filters.
  • The platform's Wallet Subscription feature sets it apart from the competition, offering an unparalleled range of filters. Users can opt to subscribe not only to all transactions but also to specific types, such as swap transactions involving a particular token.
  • ArbitrageScanner's selection function further enhances user convenience by allowing users to leave comments on wallets and save them for future reference, eliminating the need for cumbersome external note-taking.

Attendees of the upcoming ArbitrageScanner event in Dubai will gain access to invaluable insider information from seasoned market practitioners, which they can immediately apply to their arbitrage or wallet search/analysis strategies. Beginners will benefit from the ArbitrageScanner team's guidance in blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage, receiving free training and practical case studies. The event presents a unique opportunity to learn about proven market strategies and connect with industry experts.

End Note

The upcoming ArbitrageScanner Web3 Event in Dubai is an exclusive opportunity for industry leaders, top traders, and crypto enthusiasts to come together, share insights, and explore the latest trends in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With a limited number of seats available in a luxurious villa setting, attendees can expect an intimate and engaging experience, connecting with like-minded individuals and learning from the best in the field.

Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your trading skills and discover new strategies for success in the crypto market. Register now and gain access to ArbitrageScanner's powerful tools for a trial period. Secure your spot at the ArbitrageScanner Web3 Event and be part of the future of cryptocurrency trading and blockchain analysis.

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