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What is Synthesia?

Synthesia is well-known as an AI-driven video platform that lets you create professional-looking videos without using cameras, actors, or any physical setup. It is user-friendly and ideal to be used in businesses and schools for making content in different languages. It saves you a lot of time and money while maintaining the quality. Synthesia is mainly used for training and communication purposes by creating explainer videos.

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  • Lifelike AI avatars
  • Offers multiple languages and accents
  • User Friendly
  • The custom avatar creation service may be too expensive for some businesses.

Key Features of Synthesia

  • AI Avatars: Synthesia lets you choose from over 150 stock AI avatars. You can also create a custom AI avatar that you can use to showcase your unique identity with the world while interacting using the video.
  • Language Support: Synthesia supports over 120+ languages and lets you create videos using different accents, and tones ensuring that your content connects well with the global audiences.
  • Text-to-Speech: With the use of AI you can transform any of your written content into professional voiceovers within minutes by simply inputting your text. This lets users create audio within seconds.
  • Voice Cloning: Another amazing feature of Synthesia is voice cloning. You can easily personalize any of the content by pairing it with your own voice using a customized AI avatar. This lets you enhance the authenticity of your message by adding an essence of your personal touch.
  • Branding: Establish your brand identity by uploading your logo and effectively branding with the share page of Synthesia. It also lets you add a Call-to-Action (CTA) button to drive more traffic efficiently.
  • Content Moderation: Synthesia ensures the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence by undergoing content moderation and maintaining a more responsible AI utilization around all videos created.

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Synthesia Product Demo

Who should use Synthesia?

Synthesia has proven itself as an attainable solution for various individuals as well as professionals who are looking for an impactful video creation tool. With AI-driven capabilities Synthesia provides its users with a platform that is suitable for content creators who are looking for creating a strong audience base without any complexity. Apart from the content creator, educational institutions are also benefited from this as Synthesia enhances learning by making instructional videos. Businesses also find it a resourceful asset for creating high-quality marketing videos on product training, internal communication, and explanation videos by integrating smoothly with other platforms.

Synthesia Use Cases

  • Learning & Development: Synthesia lets you create stunning videos by rationalizing training initiatives and offering a smoother way to deliver educational content and improve the learning experiences of students as well as professionals.
  • Sales Enablement: It enhances the sales team performance by letting you create training videos by applying effective sales strategies. It works well for creating impactful sales and increasing profits through the efficient working of sales teams.
  • Information Technology: Synthesia helps simplify complex IT concepts by creating technical training videos that break down complex processes into simpler forms ensuring better understanding. This lets the users create better engagement of every individual in complex tasks.
  • Marketing: Strive marketing with impactful how-to-videos, product demonstrations, and creating compelling content that effectively showcases each product and service provided by the industry/ firm.
  • Internal Communication: Synthesia lets you create effective internal communication within the organization by creating fascinating high-quality videos for sharing the most crucial messages, updates, and announcements among various employees with ease.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Synthesia?

Step 1: Write a Video Script

Before starting with Synthesia make sure to have a script handy by writing the outline of the content that you want to include in your video content.

Step 2: Log In

Start Registering by going to the official Synthesia website. Click on the “Sign Up” button and start entering details such as name, email address, and password. If you already have an account, consider logging in using the credentials generated used while registering like email id and password.

Login to Synthesia

Step 3: Select Video Template

After successful sign up you will be redirected to the dashboard. In the dashboard, click on “New Video” and start with a new video or choose any one out of the 55+ pre-designed templates available. To use a pre-designed template, click on the “Templates” button available on the left-hand side.

Step 4: Choose AI Avatar

Check out the avatars available from over 150 ethenic diverse stocks available on the website. You can also go for creating a custom avatar.

Step 5: Paste the Script and Choose the Language

Once you are done with selecting the avatar, it’s time to copy-paste the script that you created earlier into the designated text box in Synthesia STUDIO. Select the language, accent, and tone of your AI avatar.

Step 6: Add Background

Add custom backgrounds videos or images and adjust the settings such as adding a text position, font size, and colors.

Step 7: Preview

Once done, you can now preview the video to make sure that everything is in place and the sound quality is as per your expectations.

Step 8: Generate and Download

Once you are satisfied with the final output click on the “Generate Video” button to create the video and download it to your device or start sharing it directly from the Synthesia platform.

Synthesia Pricing Plans

Synthesia offers two pricing plans “personal” and “enterprise”. If you are an individual looking for a tool to create only a few videos in a month then you must check out “Personal Plan”, and if you are a team of people who are looking to scale the business by video production then the “Enterprise Plan” will be best suited for you.

Choose the plan that suits your needs.

Personal$270 (billed annually) or $22.50/ month1 Seat
120 Video Credits/ year
10 Scenes
90+ AI Avatars
120+ Languages & Voices
EnterpriseContact SalesCustom Number of Seats
Unlimited Video Credits
50 Scenes
130+ AI Avatars
120+ Languages and Voices
Collaboration Features
Priority Support

Free Trial: Synthesia lets you try the free demo video option by clicking on the “Book a Demo” button. You can choose a template, input your script, and create a video at no cost while trying the demo.

Upgrade Plan: If you wish to upgrade your personal plan to an annual plan. You will need to reach out to the “Customer Support”. For upgrading to an enterprise plan “Sales Team” will be the right place to get in touch with.

Cancel Subscription: You can cancel the subscription by going to “Synthesia STUDIO” and clicking on “Cancel Plan”.

Note: Synthesia does not store any of the plans and thus, in case you are not sure whether you will use Synthesia again or not. We recommend, “pause” your account as it pauses your account for up to 2 months at no cost and all your videos will be there until you resume

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Create videos in more than 120 languages for $22.50

Synthesia Alternatives

Synthesia: Synthesia is robust and provides its users with capabilities to use various features including AI avatars, text-to-speech capabilities in different languages, micro gestures, and an ability to scale enterprise by recreating its status as a versatile video creation platform. Its user-friendly approach lets users make the best use of the platform and also lets them integrate well with other platforms.

Pencil: Pencil is an AI-driven tool that is used by copywriters. It helps you generate and edit ad creatives. You can create ads using the AI-technology and automate the whole creative process in just one single click. Pencil offers different pricing plans suitable for different types of users. The “Self-Serve Plan” can be availed at $119/ month, the “Hybrid Plan” is available at the cost of $299/ month, and the “Full-Service Plan” can be availed at the price of $999+/ month.

Pencil Ai


Pencil AI is an AI-powered ad creative generator that helps you create high-performing ads for your e-commerce business.

Colossyan: Colossyan is an AI-based video creation platform that works on creating the most realistic avatars. It comes with video editing templates, collaboration, and a stock media library. Businesses and organizations who are looking for a user-friendly platform for creating AI-generated videos must check out this tool. Colossyan offers three plans “starter”, “pro”, and “enterprise” starting from $28/ month, and $96/ month, and the enterprise plan provides custom pricing and the details can be availed by contacting sales.

Colossyan logo


Colossyan is an AI video generator that helps businesses create studio-quality videos in minutes.

Simplified: It’s an AI-based designing platform that comes with various templates, collaboration, content generation, and social media scheduling. This tool is best for graphic designing, social media content creation, and curating marketing materials for businesses and organizations. Simplified pricing for “Video Editor” comes in three different plans starting from the “free plan”. And other plans range starting from $12/ month to $35/ month.

Simplified Logo


Simplified is an AI-powered video creation tool that helps you create high-quality videos in minutes, even if you have no prior video editing experience.

Synthesia Affiliate Program

Synthesia offers its users an Affiliate Program that provides its users with an opportunity to earn a commission of 20% in first-year payments for every referred paying customer. The program also offers a 60-day cookie duration that ensures credit for sales will be made within that period while the minimum payout will be set to $30 and will be given through Paypal on a monthly basis.

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Synthesia Customer Review

Synthesia stands out as a user-friendly video creation platform that is earning praise for its customizable approach and offering regular updates. Users praise it for AI avatars enhancing the eLearning process. In order to get a detailed review of how other people are reacting to Synthesia, do check out its reviews posted by active users on the official website of Trustpilot.

Synthesia Customer Reviews

Synthesia Customer Support

Synthesia offers a great customer support service that is accessible through various channels. Users can engage with their team via email for questions, feedback, or technical assistance. For real-time assistance, the website features a chat icon in the bottom right corner or users can log in to their Synthesia STUDIO account and select ‘Help' from the menu.

Synthesia Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Create videos with AI Avatars
  • $22.50/month
  • Generate videos using text
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Platform Security
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