10 Best Deepnude Telegram Bots 2023 [Free Testing]

Best Deepnude Telegram Bots

Have you ever wondered about the ethical implications of using AI to generate non-consensual nude imagery?

Well, the continued expansion in the use of Deepnude Telegram bots has brought this question to the minds of many individuals. It's scary to see an alarming increase in usage revealing the darker side of artificial intelligence.

DeepNude bots created over 74,276,400 photos of women in October 2023.

Deepnude Telegram bots explicitly use deep learning to digitally remove clothing from images of individuals and the graph of using this technology is continuously increasing, especially in youth.

Despite the controversies and discussions, the tool has gained the interest of many due to its accuracy, ease of use, speed, and safety measures. 

In this article, I will take you through the  10 Best Deepnude Telegram bots available, shedding light on their capabilities, and the ethical considerations surrounding their use.

Unveiling the Mystery of Deepnude Telegram bot!

Deepnude Telegram Bots are AI-driven bots that are capable of generating fake nude images from regular photos. These bots operate on the messaging app Telegram and use deep learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

It is designed to “remove” clothing from a normal photo and generate nude images that often look genuine.

Let's take a quick overview of the Best Deepnude Telegram bots!

Deepnude Telegram BotsPricingUSP
SoulGen$9.99 per monthAI Image Generation
Unlimited Creativity
AI Image Editing
Deep-Nude.AIFree to UseRealistic image generation
High-quality image resizing
Ensures privacy and security
Remove Clothes BotFree to UseProvides quick and easy clothes removal service.
Offers free access to basic features.
Ensures accuracy and efficiency in clothes removal.
Respects privacy and consent guidelines.
Nubee.AIFree to UseStrict adherence to user safety and conduct.
Generates NSFW AI art swiftly.
High traffic and visitor engagement.
Undress.vipFree to UseUser-friendly interface
Provides an immersive AI-powered experience
Fast processing times
Deepfake NudesFree to UsePowerful image deepfake AI
Rapid image generation
Continuous improvement
DeepNude Now$19.99 per monthBased on a powerful Stable Diffusion model
Adjust the level of nudity in images
Creates passably realistic fake nudes
Seduced AI$25 per monthGenerates quality AI porn with ease.
No tech skills required.
Offers fetish content extensions.
Allows saving and reusing characters.
Generates both realistic and anime content.
Allows replicating a face or pose from an image.
SmexyFree to UseHigh-quality, personalized NSFW image generation
Infinite prompt options for unique content
Easy-to-use platform with quick results
No need for specialized equipment or skills
Potential for various types of art creation
SnapDressFree to UseAI-powered outfit recreation based on user's photo.
Integrated within a Discord server.
User-selected style preferences for personalized fashion.
AI-driven image generation for outfit ideas.
User interaction for a unique fashion experience.

1. SoulGen


SoulGen is an innovative AI-driven Telegram bot that uses advanced algorithms to generate images based on text descriptions. The platform offers an easy-to-use Telegram bot interface allowing users to submit photos and receive generated images directly into the chat. It's a part of AI tools that are transforming how we interact with digital content offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence.

SoulGen Key Features
AI-powered image generation from text descriptions.
Capable of creating both realistic and anime-style images.
It offers customization of body type, age, and image quality.
Allows users to add, extend, and remove content from images with simple text prompts.

SoulGen Pricing

SoulGen offers both free and paid plans starting from $9.99 per month.

SoulGen logo

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2. Deep-Nude.AI

DeepNude AI

Deep-Nude.AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create realistic nude images from clothed ones. This software functions as a Deepnude Telegram bot to generate these images within the Telegram messaging app.

Moreover, it ensures privacy and security by strictly maintaining confidentiality and promptly deleting all uploaded photos from their servers after processing.

Deep-Nude.AI Key Features
DALL-E AI model integration ensures realistic image generation.
Users can zoom in on the image for a closer look and better results.
Deep-Nude.AI enables high-quality image resizing.

Deep-Nude.AI Pricing

Deep-Nude.AI is free to use.

3. Remove Clothes Bot

Remove Clothes Bot - Telegram Bot

Remove Clothes Bot is an AI-powered bot that uses advanced deep learning algorithms to digitally remove clothing from images. The bot uses the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks to analyze images and identify clothing on individuals. It then smoothly erases the clothing while maintaining a natural look. It is available on the Telegram messaging platform and can be accessed by messaging the bot directly. You can generate nude images simply by sending the bot a photo and getting an edited version instantly.

Remove Clothes Bot Key Features
Quickly processes images for instant results.
The bot does not store any images on its servers ensuring user privacy.
Available to anyone with a Telegram account.
It allows users to fine-tune clothing removal level or image reconstruction to match their preferences.

4. Nubee.AI


Nubee.AI is popularly known for its customization options and advanced AI algorithms created for clothes removal. The platform is the brainchild of the most passionate developers who recognized the growing need for efficient and effective image enhancement tools. It is capable of transforming the editing process providing photographers with an AI-driven tool to enhance images by adding artificial filters or effects that manipulate the original work. This tool is accessible through the Telegram messaging platform allowing users to upload a photo and receive an edited version with the clothing digitally removed.

Nubee.AI Advanced Key Features
Nubee.AI uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to nudify images.
Prioritizes user privacy by not storing any images on its servers.
Provides the ability to download course material for offline access.
Nubee.AI is regularly updated with new courses, content, and features.

5. Undress.vip


Undress.vip is an AI-based platform that generates nude deepfakes from images using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. The platform offers an AI undress generator on its website and an Undress AI Telegram bot for users to subscribe to. It has gained significant popularity and users for its ability to digitally undress images instantly and accurately.

Undress.vip Key Features
Undress.ai allows users to select their preferred style, body type, and image quality.
Does not store any user data ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
Provides an Undress AI Telegram Bot for easy access and use.
Combines clothing removal with a graphic design improved AI experience.

6. Deepfake Nudes

Deepfake Nudes -Telegram Bot

Deepfake nudes refer to synthetically generated nude images of people created using deep learning algorithms. These fake nudes are made using generative adversarial networks (GANs). GANs are trained on large datasets of nude images to learn how to generate real-looking nude depictions of clothed people. The algorithms can insert an individual's face onto an existing nude body in a photorealistic manner.

Deepfake Nudes Key Features
Deepfake Nudes bots allow customizing body type, age, and image quality.
Easy to use Telegram bot interface.
User submits photos through Telegram chat
Bot sends back edited nude photos directly in the chat

7. DeepNude Now


DeepNude Now is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate nude images by removing clothes from images. The tool is a realization of the original AI algorithm “Deepnude” allowing users to undress anyone online. It's cloud-based software that doesn't need to download or install anything to use it. The application is designed to be user-friendly and efficient with the ability to automatically resize and compress images that are too large, saving users time and hassle.

DeepNude Now Key Features
AI-driven image for generating real-looking fake nude images.
Allows automatic resizing and compression of large images.
Higher accuracy rate in generating nude images. 
The bot sends back the edited nudes directly through Telegram chat.

DeepNude Now Pricing

Offers both free and paid plans start at $19.99 per month.

8. Seduced AI


Seduced AI is a well-known AI-powered platform that allows users to generate high-quality adult content and erotic imagery easily. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to create realistic, anime-inspired NSFW (Not Safe for Work) visuals without requiring technical skills or complex hardware. Users simply type prompts and customize attributes like hair, body type, and clothing. The tool aims to provide an accessible way for users to explore and visualize their intimate fantasies through AI image generation.

Core Features of Seduced AI
AI-generated high-quality NSFW images.
Simplified and Advanced Modes for image generation.
Pose replication for specific character poses.
Ability to preserve and reuse characters.
Magic option for enhanced image quality.
Three distinct models for generating hentai NSFW AI art.
‘Purity' model for creating realistic NSFW images.

Seduced AI Pricing

Seduced AI offers three pricing plans with pricing ranging from $25 per month to $150 per month.

9. Smexy


Smexy AI is a state-of-the-art platform for effortlessly generating and sharing fantasies and creative content. Users can create, tune, and enjoy their art within minutes without the need for any complex setups or powerful computing resources. The platform stands out for its high-quality models and infinite prompt options to simplify the creative process. 

Smexy Key Features
Effortless generation and sharing of fantasies.
High-quality AI models for realistic content.
Simplified creative process with streamlined prompting tool.
Infinite prompt options for diverse creations.
Potential for creating different types of art.

10. SnapDress


SnapDress is a unique, AI-powered platform that allows users to recreate outfit ideas for their portrait photos and selected styles. It works within the discord server as a digital fashion assistant providing an engaging and creative experience for users to experiment with numerous styles without the need to try on clothes physically.

SnapDress Key Features
SnapDress offers an AI-powered outfit recreation based on the user's photo.
Integrated within a Discord server for easy access.
User-selected style preferences for personalized fashion.
AI-driven image generation for outfit ideas.
User interaction for a unique fashion experience.

Can I access Deepnude Telegram Bots for Free?

Yes, most deepnude bots are completely free to use while others offer a free trial with certain limitations like watermarks or partial nudity.

Can I Protect Myself from Getting Exposed to Deepnude Telegram Bots?

Yes, you can protect yourself by being cautious about sharing photos publicly. It's crucial to limit your social media and enable your multi-factor authentication on every account to prevent unauthorized access. 

Is it Possible to Create my Own Telegram Nude Bot?

Yes, it is possible to create your own Telegram bot including the nude bot using programming languages like Python. However, it is important to note that creating such a bot raises serious ethical and legal concerns regarding nonconsensual nude generations.

How to find a Nude Bot on Telegram?

You can find a Nude bot on Telegram by searching terms like “Deepnude”, “Nudebot”, or “Undress bot”. But remember that the content offered on such bots is often explicit and may violate Telegram's terms of service. Thus, use the bots responsibly and ethically.

Is it Safe to Use DeepnudeTelegram Bots?

While Telegram bots use a different encryption technique than user messages, they can still raise privacy risks. The safety of a Deepfake bot on Telegram largely depends on how it is used. Therefore, you must not share any nude images created without consent.

Final Words

Deepnude Telegram bots use the AI-driven advanced deepfake technology to generate realistic nude images offering users a unique and engaging experience. However, it is crucial to remember that these tools also raise ethical concerns, particularly around consent and privacy.

These bots also come with various advanced features to improve user experience. Moreover, deepnude bots may offer a novel form of entertainment, they also have the potential to be misused, leading to harassment and nonconsensual image sharing.

Thus, as responsible users, we must understand the benefits and risks associated with using such tools and make informed decisions about the use of such bots.

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