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No CC required is the game-changing AI writing assistant that enables you to effortlessly craft compelling copy for any occasion. From captivating social media posts to persuasive sales pitches, uses cutting-edge technology to generate high-quality content that engages your audience and drives results. Elevate your writing skills and unleash your creativity with today.

What is is an AI copywriting tool that helps you write high-converting content faster. With, you can generate marketing copy, blog posts, social media posts, and more in just a few minutes. Simply provide with a few details about your project, and it will use its AI to generate high-quality content that is tailored to your specific needs. is powered by a large language model that has been trained on a massive dataset of text and code. This allows to generate content that is both original and creative. can also understand the context of your project and adjust its output accordingly. For example, if you are writing a blog post about a new product launch, will make sure to include relevant keywords and phrases that will help your post rank high in search results. is a great tool for businesses and individuals of all sizes. Whether you are a small business owner who needs to create marketing copy on a budget, or a large enterprise that needs to scale its content creation process, can help you save time and money.

How to Use A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the official website and sign up. You can start with a free version to get a feel for the tool. Free Plan

Step 2: Understand the Dashboard

Once you're logged in, you'll see a dashboard with various content creation tools. These include blog title generator, keyword generator, welcome email creator, question generator, sales page constructor, Instagram caption and hashtag generator, and testimonial rewriter.

Step 3: Choose Your Desired Template offers a plethora of templates for various types of content, from blog posts to social media updates. These templates are designed to streamline the writing process and save you time. Choose the template that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Customize the Template for Your Business

Once you've chosen a template, it's time to customize it. Replace the placeholders in the template with specific information about your business or the topic you're writing about. This might take a few minutes, but the tool will update it for you automatically, making the process completely streamlined.

Step 5: Generate Your Copy

After you've filled out the template, click “Create Copy”. The AI assistant will then work behind the scenes to generate your content. This tool is capable of creating a wide range of content types, from product descriptions to marketing emails.

Step 6: Review and Finalize Your Copy

The final step is to review the generated copy. Spend some time refining it to match your brand's voice and style. Remember, AI is a tool to assist you, but the final output should still resonate with your audience and reflect your brand's identity. Product Demo Use Cases

Here are the different use cases:

  • Blog Writers: Generate optimized and engaging blog posts 10x faster with's AI-powered content generation capabilities, saving you valuable time and effort.
    Social Media Managers: Craft higher-converting social media posts that resonate with your audience and drive results using's compelling and engaging copywriting assistance.
  • Email Marketers: Capture your readers' attention with's AI-generated content, enabling you to create engaging and personalized email campaigns that boost engagement and drive conversions.
    Content Production Teams: Streamline your content production processes with's extensive collection of 90+ tools and templates. Leverage AI to generate content for emails, social posts, blogs, and more, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • eCommerce Businesses: Increase sales by generating persuasive and informative product descriptions with Showcase your products effectively and drive conversions with compelling copy tailored to your audience.

12 Best Ways to Use is an AI-powered writing tool that helps users generate various types of content, such as blog headlines, emails, social media content, web copy, and more. Here are 12 best ways to use

  1. SEO content creation: Generate SEO-optimized content to improve your website's search engine ranking.
  2. Ad copywriting: Create digital ad copy for channels like Google and Facebook.
  3. Blog post writing: Use the Blog Post Wizard to generate ideas for blog posts and create outlines quickly.
  4. Social media content: Generate engaging content for your social media channels.
  5. Product descriptions: Create compelling product descriptions to attract customers.
  6. Startup tools: Generate value propositions, brand voice, and moto generators for your startup.
  7. Website copy: Generate copy for various sections of your website.
  8. Email and letter writing: Create personalized emails and letters for your audience.
  9. Review response: Generate responses to customer reviews, both positive and negative.
  10. Conversion rate optimization: Use AI-generated copy to improve your conversion rates.
  11. Social listening: Monitor social media conversations and generate content based on trending topics.
  12. Multilingual content: Generate content in more than 25 languages to cater to a diverse audience.

To get started with, sign up for free account and explore the available tools and templates. You can also watch tutorial videos on YouTube to learn more about using effectively. Remember that while AI-generated content can be helpful, it's essential to review and edit the content to ensure it meets your specific needs and maintains a human touch. Pricing Plans

PlanRegular PriceDiscounted PriceFeatures
FreeFreeFree2,000 words/month, 1 user seat, 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, chat by
Pro (Monthly)$49/month$36/monthUnlimited words, 5 user seats, 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, priority support, chat by
Pro (Yearly)$588/year$420/yearUnlimited words, 5 user seats, 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, priority support, chat by
EnterpriseCustomCustomCustomized plan for larger teams, contact for pricing and features

To get a discount on the Pro plan, Signup using this special link. The Pro plan's discounted price is $36/month when billed annually, which saves you $156 per year compared to the regular monthly price. Keep in mind that discounts and promotions may change over time, so it's essential to check the latest offers before making a purchase. pricing Pricing page screenshot (As of August 2023)

Copy.Ai FAQs

Does offer any free plan?

Yes, does offer a Free Plan that is perfect for individuals who are just starting or who have minimal content creation needs. The Free Plan allows you to generate up to 2,000 words per month, and it doesn't require a credit card to sign up. This plan includes access to the Chat by feature, unlimited projects, the Blog Wizard tool, and supports 29+ languages. You'll also get access to the newest features as they are rolled out. It's a straightforward way to start exploring the extensive tools and formulas that offers for content creation.
Get Started for Free!

Are there any Free Resources available at offers a wealth of free resources that can help you generate high-quality content faster and easier. These resources include a variety of tools and templates designed to assist with different types of content creation. From blog posts to social media updates, product descriptions, and more, these resources are designed to help you create coherent and engaging content.

Grab Free Resources Now!

What is the AI Chat feature in

The AI Chat feature by, also known as Chat by, is a powerful tool designed to streamline your content creation process. It's a versatile feature that can scrape websites for public data, generate personalized copy for sales outreach, summarize YouTube videos into key bullet points, and even help you understand how prospects engage on LinkedIn. The AI Chat feature provides real-time data, which means your responses are always up-to-date. It also includes an inline doc editor for easy content editing and prebuilt prompts to guide you toward better content. The AI Chat feature is built for teams, making it a valuable tool for collaborative work. Best of all, you can try Chat by for free, making it a risk-free option for those looking to enhance their content creation process.

What are the use cases of

You can utilize with a wide range of use cases across various fields. It's an invaluable resource for email marketers, helping them craft compelling emails that engage their audience. Bloggers can use to generate blog content that resonates with their readers. Social media managers can leverage it to create engaging social media posts that drive interaction and engagement. The AI translation feature allows users to generate content in multiple languages, making it easier to reach a global audience. Lastly, is also designed for team collaboration, making it a great tool for businesses looking to streamline their content creation process.

Does have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, does have an Affiliate Program that offers a lucrative opportunity for those who enjoy using their AI copywriting tools and want to share them with others. As an affiliate, you can earn a 45% commission on all payments within the first 12 months. The process is simple: you get your unique referral link, share it with your audience, and start earning. provides ready-made marketing materials to help you promote their tools, or you can create your own. Payments are sent via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of each month. The Affiliate Program is a great way to earn while promoting a revolutionary tool that's helping thousands of people turbo-charge their creativity.

Become Affiliate now! Alternatives

  • Copysmith: Effortlessly scale your product content creation, create a consistent and compelling brand voice, manage catalogs with ease, and seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce platform
  • Anyword: Transform marketing with Anyword's AI. Combine data, define brand voice, generate tailored content, and achieve a 30% performance boost
  • Simplified: Elevate your marketing with Simplified's all-in-one AI-powered platform for graphics design, video editing, AI copywriting, and social media management, enabling seamless collaboration and stunning visuals.
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a wide variety of templates
  • Offers control over tone and style
  • Provides lot of help for new users
  • Can be slow at times
  • Content produced needs to be checked
  • Can improve long form content generation Details

AI Technology
  • Create high-converting Copy with
  • $36/month
  • Use Chat by to create what you can imagine

No CC required

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