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Avoid plagiarism with Originality.ai

Originality.ai is a cutting-edge plagiarism detection and content verification platform. It employs advanced algorithms to analyze and compare documents, ensuring the originality and authenticity of written content. With its comprehensive scanning capabilities, Originality.ai helps writers, educators, and publishers maintain integrity and uphold academic standards.

  • User-friendly
  • In-built plagiarism checker.
  • Allows unlimited team members.
  • Affordable
  • API access
  • Only supports the English language
  • It can make mistakes
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  • Originality.ai is an AI and plagiarism detection tool designed for content marketers and SEOs, boasting a 99% detection accuracy for GPT-4 and 83% for ChatGPT. It also reports a ~2% false positive rate.
  • It's specifically built for web publishers, helping them ensure their content is original, human-written, and future-proof against Google updates. It also offers a bulk site scan feature to assess potential risks.
  • For content agencies, it provides tools to manage client and writer expectations around AI use, prove false positives wrong, and control the editorial process. It also includes a readability feature to enhance content quality.
  • Writers can use Originality.ai to prove their content is original, share scan results with clients, and spend more time writing and less time arguing about originality. It also offers a readability study to optimize content.
  • The tool provides a readability score based on a 20k result study identifying the target readability score for top results on Google.
  • It includes team management features, allowing users to add and remove unlimited team members, manage their access level, and see a complete record of their activity.
  • Originality.ai offers an AI detection API for integration into other tools or workflows, and shareable reports to easily demonstrate content that meets AI, plagiarism, and readability requirements.

In summary, Originality.ai is a comprehensive AI and plagiarism detection tool designed for web publishers, content agencies, and writers, offering high detection accuracy, readability scoring, team management features, and API integration.

How to Use Originality.ai to Identify AI written text?

Step 1: Sign up for an account

The first step is to click on the “Sign Up” button and create an account on the Originality.ai website.

Originality.ai homepage

Step 2: Upload the article to be tested

Once you have an account, you can upload the text or article you want to test for AI-generated content.

Step 2: Upload the article to be tested

Once you have an account, you can upload the text or article you want to test for AI-generated content.

Step 3: Analyze the results

After uploading the content, Originality.ai will analyze it and provide a detailed report. The report will include an originality score and identify the percentage of the content that is AI-generated.

In addition to the first component, the second component; the plagiarism score is also valuable as articles can be 100% human-written but may still contain plagiarism.

Get Started With Originality.ai

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Originality.ai Use Cases

Here is how Originality.ai can be used in different domains

  • Web Publishers : Ensure your content is original and plagiarism-free with Originality.ai. Detect AI-generated or plagiarized content and protect your website from Google updates. Conduct bulk site scans to assess the risk of AI-generated content and maintain the integrity of your site.
  • Content Agencies: Manage large content teams and verify the originality of content at scale using Originality.ai. Manage client and writer expectations regarding AI usage. Prove false positives wrong with the free Chrome extension. Enhance the quality of content for clients with the readability feature.
  • Writers : Gain confidence in your writing with Originality.ai. Prove false positives are wrong with the free Chrome extension, building trust with clients. Easily share scan results to showcase the originality of your content. Spend more time writing and less time arguing, ensuring you get paid faster.
  • Team Management: Streamline your content creation process with Originality.ai's team management features.Add and remove unlimited team members, manage access levels, and track their activities. Collaborate effectively and maintain control over the editorial process.
  • AI Detection API: Integrate Originality.ai's industry-leading AI detection capabilities into your own tools or workflow. Leverage the accuracy of Originality.ai's AI detection in your applications or platforms. Develop advanced content analysis solutions powered by Originality.ai.

Originality.ai Pricing Plans

Originality ai pricing plans

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Does Originality.ai offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Originality.ai does offer a free trial. By installing the free AI detection Chrome Extension, you can receive 50 credits to test the capabilities of Originality.ai. Each credit allows you to scan 100 words, providing a comprehensive opportunity to experience the tool's AI detection features. Moreover, we have an exclusive offer for you. By using our special coupon code “AFFTWEAKS25”, you can avail of 25% off on Originality.ai pricing options. This free trial, coupled with our exclusive discount, is a fantastic way to explore the tool's functionality and understand how it can benefit your content verification process.

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What are the benefits of using Originality.ai?

Originality.ai offers several benefits. It provides accurate detection of AI-generated content, helping users avoid potential Google penalties associated with such content. It also features a built-in plagiarism check, making it a comprehensive solution for verifying content originality. The tool is compatible with multiple platforms, including email, Google Docs, websites, and WordPress, making it versatile and easy to use.

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Is there any coupon code available for Originality.ai Premium Plan?

Absolutely! If you're considering using Originality.ai, we have an exclusive offer to make your decision even easier. With our special coupon code “AFFTWEAKS25”, you will get a fantastic 25% discount on Originality.ai pricing. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage the power of Originality.ai for your content verification process at a reduced cost. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer, use “AFFTWEAKS25” and experience the difference with Originality.ai today.

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Does Originality.ai offer Paraphrase Detection tool?

Yes, Originality.AI does provide paraphrase detection. It is the only AI currently available that has been specifically trained to detect if the content has been paraphrased using a tool like Quillbot. Whether the original text was written by a human or AI, if it's run through a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot, Originality.AI can identify the content as AI-generated 95% of the time. This advanced feature enhances the tool's ability to ensure the authenticity and originality of content.

Which Languages Does the AI Detector Support?

Originality.AI's AI detection is currently trained and tested specifically for the English language. This means that it is most effective at identifying AI-generated content and paraphrasing in English. However, it's important to note that the tool's plagiarism-checking feature works across multiple languages.

Does Originality.ai offer any affiliate program?

Yes, Originality.ai does offer an affiliate program. Interested individuals can sign up for the program. The commission rate is 25%, meaning if a customer you refer signs up and spends $20, you will receive $5. The commission is recurring and remains for the life of the customer. So, if the referred customer goes on to spend $10,000 on the platform, you will receive $2,500. Payouts are made when the commissions owed to you exceed $50.

What is the pricing plan of Originality.ai?

Originality.ai offers clear and simple pricing; the cost is $0.01 per 100 words checked. This pricing plan includes unlimited team members, unlimited websites, and unlimited scans. It also includes a plagiarism detector, an AI writing tool detector, and the ability to scan any email, document, or website. You can manage team access levels and activities, access the AI detection API, and use the Chrome extension. The pricing and renewal process is straightforward, making it easy for users to understand and manage their costs. Use “AFFTWEAKS25” and Get Originality.ai at Discounted Price

Originality.ai Alternatives

  • GPTZero: GPTZero is an AI content detector that can identify text written by AI with up to 98% accuracy.
  • Undetectable.ai: Undetectable.ai is an AI writing tool that can make AI-generated text undetectable by AI content detectors.
  • INK AI: INK AI is an AI writing tool that can help you write high-quality content faster and easier.

Originality.ai Details

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  • AI Detection made easy
  • $0.1/100 words
  • Keep your content original with Originality.ai
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Avoid plagiarism with Originality.ai

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