9 Best Deepswap Alternatives in 2024 for Face Swap Videos

Getting bored of using Deepswap and want more similar tools?

Deepswap.ai is an AI-powered face swapping tool that's making waves in the tech world. But what if you're looking for something different, something fresh?

Welcome to the exhilarating world of AI-driven photo and video editing. Deepswap, with its high-quality face swaps and advanced algorithms, is just the beginning. There's a whole universe of alternatives out there, each with its unique features and benefits. 🚀

Why limit yourself to just one when you can experiment with so many? The alternatives to Deepswap offer:

  • High-quality face swaps that look incredibly real ğŸŽ­
  • Advanced algorithms that ensure accuracy and precision 🧠
  • Real-time processing for instant results ⏱️

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Deepfake videos can be a fun way to engage audiences on social media, but they should always be used ethically and responsibly.

What exactly is Deepswap?


Deepswap is an AI-powered web-based application that uses deepfake technology to create realistic face swaps in photos and videos. It's a leading tool in the digital revolution of AI-driven photo and video editing, offering a user-friendly interface for a variety of tasks, from basic photo editing to generating deepfake videos. As of January 2024, Deepswap.ai was ranked #8042 in the US with 10.26 million visit.

Deepswap leverages advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze and map facial features, creating high-quality face swaps that have received positive reviews from users and tech enthusiasts alike. However, it's important to note the ethical considerations surrounding deepfake videos and face swapping.

Deepswap's popularity is not just due to its entertainment value. It's also used as an AI content generator for creating memes and other engaging content, potentially driving traffic to social media pages. Despite its benefits, users should be aware of potential limitations such as watermarks on free versions and longer processing times for high-quality videos.

The AI technology behind Deepswap is part of a broader trend of AI and machine learning improving the sophistication of deep learning. This technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with digital content, blurring the line between what is real and what is generated.

Deepswap Pricing:

Deepswap offers a premium subscription at $9.99 per month or $49.99 for the first year, then $99.99 per year.

List of Emerging Deepswap Alternatives in 2024

Ready to learn about industry-leading Deepswap Alternatives, let's understand each Face Swap tool in detail by exploring their key benefits, offerings, USPs, and pricing structure;

1. Icons8 Face Swapper

Icons8 Face Swapper

Icons8 Face Swapper is an AI-enabled tool that brings the power of face swapping to users in an easy and intuitive way. This AI-driven face-swap tool is designed to provide a seamless and efficient face-swapping experience, allowing users to replace faces in photos with other faces of their choice.

The technology behind Icons8 Face Swapper is sophisticated, using advanced algorithms to detect and isolate faces in images, and then superimpose them onto other bodies with high precision. This results in realistic and fascinating face swaps.

This alternative to Deepswap can be used to create new models for projects, enhance image resolution without losing quality, and even remove the background from any photo.

It supports images in JPG, PNG, and WEBP formats, and allows users to replace several faces in the same photo at once.

Key Features of Icons8 Face Swapper:
High-resolution face swapping: Icons8 Face Swapper offers the largest resolution for face swap on the market, up to 1024px.
Multiswap: The tool allows users to replace several faces in the same photo at once.
Versatility: The tool allows face swapping with a wide range of individuals, making it a versatile tool for various applications.
Advanced facial recognition: Icons8 Face Swapper utilizes sophisticated facial recognition for accurate face swaps.

Icons8 Face Swapper Pricing:

Icons8 Face Swapper pricing is available at $19/month for a monthly plan or $99/year (equivalent to $8.25/month) for a yearly plan, both including unlimited swaps, email support, and 60-day storage, with a free 3-day trial available.

2. Faceswapper.ai


Faceswapper.ai is an exceptional Deepswap alternative that offers a wide range of features and advantages to its users. With this app, users can easily exchange faces with others by just uploading their images and can customize the results according to their preferences.

This inventive deepfake app is designed with a user-friendly interface and powerful face recognition algorithms, making it a go-to solution for users.

With its automatic face detection and realistic results, users can achieve impressive face-swapping effects effortlessly.

Key Features of Faceswapper.ai:
High-Quality Face Swaps: AI-powered face-swapping ensures exceptional and lifelike results.
Free and Unlimited: Enjoy unlimited face swapping without any cost.
Easy Upload: Upload photos by selecting the file or dragging and dropping.
Face Comparison: Hover over faces to see the difference between the original and swapped versions.
Accurate Face Detection: Advanced AI algorithm accurately detects faces, ensuring precise and seamless face swaps.
Image Size and Quality Preservation: The tool preserves image quality and size during face swaps.

Faceswapper.ai Pricing:

Faceswapper.ai is a completely free and unlimited photo-swapping online tool.

3. Swapstream.ai


Swapstream.ai is a remarkable tool in the AI Deep Swap tools industry that uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way we interact with live streaming. This cloud-based technology allows users to create face swap live streams directly through a web browser, eliminating the need for any downloads.

Swapstream.ai is designed to be an all-in-one platform that supports a variety of live platforms, enabling users to reach a wider audience and boost their views.

This powerful Deepswap alternative is a powerful and intuitive OBS-based live-streaming app that allows creators to use the content they already have to create new, engaging content.

This is achieved through a simple three-step process: receiving the source video, uploading the face you want to swap, and adding the destination.

Key Features of Swapstream.ai:
Supports multistreaming to any channel at the same time.
Allows the addition of Custom RTMP channels.
Offers cloud-based technology for easy start of face-swap live through a browser.
Provides high-quality live streaming.
Supports different social media platforms.
Attracts more viewers through unique and engaging live streams.
Both streamers and viewers can use it.

Swapstream.ai Pricing:

Swapstream.ai offers a premium membership with a monthly plan priced at $19 per month and a yearly plan priced at $179 per year. Additional credits can be purchased with prices starting at $19 for 100 credits.

4. Pixble Faceswapper

Pixble Faceswapper

Pixble Faceswapper is another alternative to Deepswap that uses AI technology to automatically detect and map facial features from photos, enabling users to swap faces seamlessly.

The tool is built to render faces in 3D, resulting in more accurate and realistic face replacements. It works effectively even when the face in the photo is rotated or tilted, ensuring high-quality results.

Pixble Faceswapper is part of Pixble's suite of AI-powered photo enhancement tools, which are designed to deliver professional-quality photographs.

The Faceswapper tool is particularly notable for its ability to maintain the same size of the source images, ensuring consistency and quality in the output

Moreover, Pixble Faceswapper offers similar services to Editing Agencies but at a 95% lower cost, making it a much more viable option for users.

Key Features of Pixble Faceswapper
3D rendering of faces for accurate and realistic replacements.
Effective operation even with rotated and tilted faces.
Maintains the same size as source images.
95% lower cost compared to traditional Editing Agencies.
Fast delivery with an average time of 1 minute.
High-quality results, delivering professional-looking photographs.
Easy integration into applications with a ready-to-use API.

Pixble Faceswapper Pricing:

Pixble Faceswapper's basic plan starts at $4.99 per month for 11 images, the Plus plan is $8.99 per month for 22 images, and the Professional plan is $15.99 per month for 42 images.

5. DeepAR

DeepAR Face Swap

DeepAR is a robust augmented reality (AR) tool that empowers users to generate and experience real-time face-swapping effects. It utilizes advanced face tracking and animation capabilities to offer a broad spectrum of AR experiences, including face filters, masks, and effects.

DeepAR is compatible with web, mobile (iOS and Android), and desktop platforms, making it versatile and accessible for a variety of applications.

One of the key components of DeepAR is the Face Swap effect, which allows users to swap their faces with someone else's in real-time, leading to amusing and unexpected results.

This technology has a wide range of applications, such as video chat, AR advertising, virtual try-ons, and AR effect apps.

Notably, DeepAR is supported by an active community of over 35,000 developers worldwide, who use the SDK to create AR filters, effects, and try-ons for apps that interact with over 100 million users each month.

Key Features of DeepAR:
Advanced face tracking and animation.
Virtual try-ons for glasses, shoes, and wrist jewelry.
Integration with popular live-streaming video stacks.
DeepAR Studio for creating custom AR content.
AR advertising at scale with the DeepAR Ads SDK.
AR effect apps with 3D face filters and masks.
Background replacement and blur for immersive AR experiences.

DeepAR Pricing:

DeepAR offers flexible plans with pricing starting at $25 per month for up to 1,000 monthly active users.

6. Fotor FaceSwap

Fotor FaceSwap

Fotor FaceSwap is considered one of the best free alternatives to Deepswap as it effectively uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide a realistic face change effect.

This free online AI face swapper can generate 100% real-look AI faces for any purpose in seconds. It's a fun and creative tool that allows users to swap faces in photos, creating super-realistic AI face-swap images.

This impressive Deepswap alternative also provides a face swap App to create face magic anytime and anywhere. The tool is user-friendly, requiring users to simply upload the images they want to replace face into Fotor, and they can get a perfectly refaced AI face photo in a couple of clicks.

Key Features of Fotor FaceSwap:
Ability to swap faces in photos online for free.
Provides a face swap App for on-the-go face magic.
Easy and fast face replacement in photos with just a few clicks.
Supports gender swapping to create new models.
Allows users to reface models for art projects.
Provides AI Face Changer for creating funny and cute memes.
Offers a feature to create professional headshots with your face.
Provides an AI mockup generator for exploring different hairstyles and colors.

7. Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web is an online face swap platform that creates realistic deep fake videos by using advanced deepfake technology. Deepfakes Web provides a user-friendly, cloud-based solution for creating deep fake videos with ease.

The platform operates entirely in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. It places a strong emphasis on privacy, ensuring that users have exclusive access to their data, videos, and images without sharing any information with third parties.

Users simply upload their source and target videos, and the platform's AI learns and renders the video, creating a deepfake. The platform also allows users to reuse their trained models, enhancing the quality of the deep fake and saving time on future projects.

Deepfakes Web is committed to responsible use of deepfake technology. Every deepfake video generated on the platform is clearly labeled with a visible watermark, and traces of manipulation are left in the video data to ensure transparency.

Key Features of Deepfakes Web:
Cloud-Based Operation: The platform operates entirely in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.
AI-Powered: The platform uses advanced AI to learn and render deepfake videos.
Quality Optimization: The quality of the deep fake is directly influenced by the quality and length of the videos, with well-trained AI models yielding superior results.
Imperfect by Design: Deepfakes are intentionally designed with imperfections, making them distinguishable from real content.

Deepfakes Web Pricing:

Deepfakes Web operates on a pricing model of $4 per hour of usage.

8. FaceSwapperOnline


FaceSwapperOnline swaps face in images, providing a seamless and high-quality result. The tool is built on advanced AI technology, ensuring the highest quality model and technology are used to perform the face replacement.

This Deepswap alternative is user-friendly and efficient. Users simply upload their images, click the swap button, and witness the magic unfold. The speed of the process is impressive, allowing users to quickly change faces in their images.

One of the key aspects that sets FaceSwapperOnline apart is its commitment to user security. The platform ensures 100% security by not saving users' images during the refacing process.

Key Features of FaceSwapperOnline:
AI-powered face-swapping: The tool uses advanced AI technology to swap faces in images.
User-friendly interface: The platform is easy to use, with a simple upload and swap process.
Fast processing: The tool offers impressive speed in changing faces in images.
Constant innovation: The company is working on introducing new features, including the ability to create Face Swap Images and Face Swap Videos.

FaceSwapperOnline Pricing:

FaceSwapperOnline offers three subscription plans: Basic at $5.55 per month for 15 images, Plus at $8.88 per month for 30 images, and Professional at $13.33 per month for 60 images.

9. Unboring by Reface

Unboring by Reface

Unboring by Reface is a highly popular deepfake app that offers a unique and entertaining experience for users. With its advanced deepfake technology, the app allows users to swap faces with their favorite celebrities, iconic movie characters, or even historical figures.

The core feature of Unboring by Reface is its impressive face-swapping functionality. Users can upload their own photos and seamlessly swap their faces with the face of their chosen celebrity or character.

The app's deep learning algorithms and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology ensure that the face swaps are incredibly realistic and convincing.

One of the major advantages of Unboring by Reface is its extensive library of celebrities and characters to choose from. Users can find a wide range of well-known personalities and famous movie roles, making the app a popular choice for those who want to see themselves in the shoes of their favorite actors or be part of iconic movie scenes.

Key Features of Unboring by Reface
AI-Powered Face Swapping: Unboring by Reface uses artificial intelligence to create realistic face swaps, allowing users to easily switch faces between people in photos.
Family Photo Creation: The face swap tool can be used to create unique family photos, adding a fun twist to family gatherings and creating unforgettable memories.
Vintage Photo Matching: Users can browse through a catalog of vintage photos and find the perfect match for their faces, creating a unique and nostalgic experience.
Content Requirements: For face swapping and animation, make sure your content has faces. Images should be in jpg/jpeg format and videos should be in mp4/mov format.

Unboring by Reface Pricing:

Unboring operates on a token-based system, with tokens serving as the virtual currency that can be used across all services. The platform offers a free starter package that provides 5 free tokens for 2 days. Paid packages start at $7.79 per month for 100 tokens.

How Face Swap Technology Works?

Face swap technology leverages advanced deep learning algorithms to accurately map and manipulate facial features between faces. It analyzes datasets of facial images to understand key elements like shape, texture, and landmarks. These algorithms can then swap the identity of one face onto another while preserving attributes like pose, expression, and lighting.

The process involves extracting information about the faces, aligning and blending facial features seamlessly, and generating a new synthetic image. Recent advancements in computer vision and deepfakes have significantly enhanced the realism of face swaps.

While the entertainment value and creative potential is clear, ethical concerns around consent, misinformation, and privacy exist with the advancing sophistication of face swap tech. Still, innovative applications in film, healthcare, and interactive media highlight the versatility of this rapidly evolving technology. Careful governance and responsible usage will be key as face swapping continues to reshape visual media.

Face swap, or deepfake technology, raises safety and legal concerns due to potential misuse. It uses AI to swap faces in images and videos, creating realistic but fabricated content. This can lead to misinformation, privacy breaches, reputation damage, identity impersonation, and influence on public opinion.

Safety is a debated issue. Popular apps like FaceSwapperOnline and more, claim data protection, but changes in privacy policies have raised concerns. Deepfakes can also be used for harassment and misinformation, particularly affecting women.

Legality varies by jurisdiction. Creating and publishing unflattering face-swapped content could lead to emotional distress, potentially making it illegal. Unauthorized use of someone's likeness, especially for profit, may infringe on the right of publicity.

Ethical concerns surround deepfake technology. Unauthorized use for sexual or reputational harm is seen as morally wrong. Misinformation, especially for political purposes, is a significant worry. Responsibility is debated among developers, policymakers, and platforms.

By evaluating these concerns, we can say that face swap tech has entertainment potential but comes with substantial safety, legal, and ethical risks. Users should be cautious, and policymakers and developers should address these concerns for responsible and ethical use.

Are Deepfake apps legal?

The legality of Deepfake apps and websites varies by jurisdiction. While the technology itself is not illegal, the misuse of Deepfakes, particularly for non-consensual purposes, can violate privacy laws and lead to legal consequences.

How can Face Swap tools be misused?

Face Swap tools can be misused for various reasons, such as spreading disinformation, creating fake news, or using someone's likeness without consent. Unethical use can harm individuals, damage reputations, and undermine trust.

Are these Deepfake tools used for good purposes?

Yes, there are Deepfake tools and websites that have positive uses. They can be used for entertainment, artistic expression, and creative content production. For example, they can allow users to create funny videos, and artistic images, or simulate actors in famous movie roles.

Can you use Deepswap without paying?

You can use DeepSwap for free, but with limitations. As a non-premium user, you get two swaps and 1 credit. This means you can swap two faces and create a 15-second video. However, there may be watermarks, and upload frequency and output quality are restricted.

What are some popular Face Swap apps and their features?

There are several popular Face Swap apps available other than our list. Some of them include Deep Art, Deep FaceLab, and Doublicat. These apps employ advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to create convincing deepfakes.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Deepswap Alternative tools, there are several tools available that are worth trying in 2024. However, it's very important to evaluate and examine each Face Swap tool before putting your photos in it.

Just for you, Aimojo brings a well-examined list of the best Deepswap Alternatives that can enhance the whole process of Face Swapping with their extensive features.

The tools mentioned in this article are tested by Aimojo experts and ensure that all tools we have discussed meet your expectations.

We encourage you to take a step further and test these Deepswap alternatives to take your face-swapping game to the next level.

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